Good Eating

Well, I have been meeting up with friends to catch up for the past two weeks, it was hectic. Food then, was inevitable. So, here’s a summary of the good eating I had for the past two weeks, most of which are my favorites.

Hawaian Teriyaki Beef Burger, New York New York Café, One Utama

I love this burger! The beef is tender and succulent with juices oozing with each bite. The slice of pineapple adds zest to the beef patty. Fries portion is a little big for me, so I didn’t finish it. Apart from this burger, the beef eater sandwich also comes highly recommended – you can have it with plain white, whole meal or foccacia bread.

Beef Glass Noodles, Fong Lye, the Gardens

I always avoid this restaurant because it is always crowded till one day, a friend finally persuaded me to try. We were given a number and then, within 10 minutes, we were ushered to our seats. And I finally know why it is always packed!

I like this dish because of the little side snacks that came with it. Sometimes, you will get shredded jelly fishes or baby octopus. This time, I had the main bowl of beefy goodness with stir fried waxed meat, fishball with sausage and lotus root.

Butter Cake Anglaise, Cristang, PJ Avenue 8

The gang celebrated Datin’s birthday with this butter cake Anglaise at Cristang. We also had the famous pork burger, tandoori burger, nasi lemak goreng (two thumbs up!), pork vindaloo, pork rib ambilla, 4 season stir fried vege, honey chilli chicken. As if all these were not enough, we went on to Jalan Tengah, PJ for a round of lor ngap!

Lor Ngap, Jalan Tengah, PJ

Even though we were quite full, we still had some space to stomach this lor ngap. We also ordered other side dishes – ham choy, lor egg, mushroom and porridge.

Mushroom, ham choy, lor egg, Jalan Tengah, PJ

I think this group is the epitome of all gluttons! One old lady couldn’t resist giggling at us upon seeing our giddiness over the lor ngap.

Lor Mai Kai with chicken floss and char siew, Mandarin Oriental

Mango Pudding with tangy mango sauce, Mandarin Oriental

Durian pancake, Mandarin Oriental

I used to go to Mandarin Oriental for dim sum when I was working somewhere around KL. The dim sum used to be good. This time round, I find the dim sum a bit of a let down. However, the egg tarts still taste great. Since a friend has RM100 vouchers to dine at any restaurant in Mandarin Oriental, she asked me and other girlfriends along. We chose Lai Poh Heen Chinese restaurant. I quite like the lor mai kai. The mango pudding is still as good as old times and this is the first time I tried the durian pancake. Not earth shattering, but it’s worth a try. It was rich with durian flesh wrapped with a thin slice of pastry and generous dollup of whipped cream. Yes, utterly sinful!

There you have it.. it was seriously a gluttonous two weeks of my life.

P/S And I wonder why I am still coughing.

13 thoughts on “Good Eating

  1. ~drooooools~
    now my sandwich for lunch looks so sad la.😛

    i’ve read quite a few negative reviews abt new york new york which is why i never tried it… but that hawaian teriyaki burger looks REALLY good. how’s the service?

  2. oh yeah and i suspect that durian pancake at mandarin oriental comes from the same supplier that supplies to the lil kiosk in mid valley (lower ground floor on the walkway from midvalley to the gardens) looks very similar. aparently tastes the same too😛

  3. Gina, everytime when I read your blog bout food…. i feel damn hungry…

    When can we have a makan trip together ar? We can make it a makan cum photography trip… you be the “makan-tour-guide”. how? how? Our rombongan incl Steven & Jen too.

  4. unkaleong: Well, it’s time to eat a duck! LOL! I think Sek Yuen serves good pei pah ngap and patt pou ngap. This lor ngap in Jalan Tengah PJ is not that bad either… but after you eat goose in Hong Kong, ngap is second choice liao…. but have to make do with it.. till my HK trip (again) next year!

    lingzie: The service is quite ok. They serve plain water without you asking, and bring out plates for you if you bring your own bday cake. I think that is very nice gesture on their behalf.. so far, I had only mostly beef sandwiches, burgers.. and I saw my friend’s big breakfast set (can eat anytime actually) and it sure looks good too! You can try it yourself. I love the beef burgers. It’s better than Chilli’s Old Timer. Maybe it’s the same durian pancake? LOL… but this 3 biji costs me RM18!

    Edmund JP: Wah… can can.. but I am only ok as makan guide for selected places only – Taiping, Port Weld, Tg Sepat, Sg Pelek, Melaka, Sitiawan (with Meehoon Queen), Selayang. Other places, I am not too sure lor. And I am quite familiar with Macau also. Heheheh!

  5. man,i am sooooo missing old malaysian fare…the kopitiam dishes in your PJ photos look good..and the duck…hhhmmm…i hate living in australia sometimes bcos the food here is not as good, but more importantly, so expensive larrr!

  6. hcpen: Haha! Yeah… I agree.. the food in Australia ah.. not particularly nice. I think, Malaysia probably has the best selection when it comes to food! It’s a food haven! And I find the pork in Australia very smelly lah!

    jasmine: No lah.. this picture taken some weeks ago. Remember? I went to NYNY 3x in 2 weeks. The last one was with you… then I decided, I had enough of beef burgers. Haha! Macau – well, I know what to avoid eating lah, at least. Haha!

  7. yuin: I think the heart now is revolting already. So have to jaga sikit. LOL. If it really pack up and move, the nasi lemak goreng is worth it. LOL.

    Stanley: Go eat lah. Haha!

  8. ai shiang: Most pics here are taken with my handphone camera, Sony Ericsson K770i, except the butter cake and duck picture. I don’t really edit my photos, other than adding light or shadow to them. These pics are as they are – I didn’t crop them either.

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