Random Notes

Rules of this Country

There is a new segment in the MIX.fm morning show called “Trumours”. I caught the repeats during drive home when some officer from Pizza Hut called in to clarify the use of race solely for survey purposes to check market response. When asked by Serena C about charging accordingly to race, the guy refuted the claims and said, “We follow the rules of this country.” Pray tell – since when Malaysia has rules on racism?

Clean towels

The tea lady in office did it again. Despite telling her to replace hand towels on daily basis in the pantry and also the washrooms, she didn’t. It has been a week that the same towels remained where they were. Sometimes, if we are lucky, she would change two towels a week. I thought of using my own handkerchief to wipe my hands or tissue paper and not to report this to HR but, I couldn’t help it anymore. For someone who expresses disgust when people use the wash basin to spit, she didn’t find it disgusting that 40+ people use the same towel to wipe their hands for a week. I am not going to touch the towels ever again.

President Obama

There has been speculation that President Obama is born in Kenya and hence, he’s not eligible to be the president of United States. If you ask me, I would like to quote Deng Xiaoping’s very insightful statement, “It does not matter whether they are black cats or white cats; so long as they catch mice, they are good cats.” Seriously. Democracy is at work in USA so, let’s get over with it! Focus on more pressing things hitting the country and globally! I felt utterly frustrated and disappointed when I look at who is manning our own country. Haiz. President Obama is most welcomed anytime here!

All the more reason for English language to be taken seriously

The “communication” department wrote the following e-mail yesterday:-

Dear All,

Hope everyone had enjoyed our Family Day last weekend… for more your memoir (baca terlalu banyak Memoir of the Geisha kot) and safekeeping, do visit the below*. We have safe (selamatkan? Bahaya nya!) the photos captured by our Professional photographer (err? Professional? You gotta be kidding me!). You may copy and download. (copy is never enough, kena download jugak)

Happy viewing !!

*and the link provided by the Chumak is not even working.

I foresee future correspondences using more garbage grammar than this. The best part is, of all people in the office, they sent me for basic writing class (English).

7 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Speaking of good english, check out the e-mail I received from MyEG.com:-

    “If you are interested in renewing both road tax and insurance with MYEG, I am gladly to help you by doing a quotation on both road tax and insurance price. As by doing so you will entitle on discount up to 30% on your road tax and free delivery of your road tax and insurance policy.

    For your information here are three panel of insurance company which are MAA, RHB and ETIQA TAKAFUL.

    For further inquiries please don’t hesitate to email me or just call me at 603-XXXX XXXX ext XXX

    And do include your phone number as it easier for me to contact you.




    and we are supposed to use less english?

    *sigh*, in Cambodia, even kids aged 3 can speak perfect english with an american accent no less. Of course, they do it out of neccesity to live and not because of some government policy..

  2. Yip: LOL! Sorry ah! I kena censor the officer’s name and address, in case they sue me pulak. LOL! From the way I see this e-mail, I think it’s better than the one in my office – “safe” photos… no edison chen here. LOL

  3. zewt: So your Cantonese didn’t fail you. Hahahah! Eh? You know the fler who said, “We follow the rules of this country”? He sounded like some dictator.

    lingzie: LOL! Well, I must admit, my england is not good enough! Chumak.. ask Zewt. LOL!

  4. Ah well, this can only worsen our England. Or do I mean worser our England?😛

    Such an act of regression for our education system, really… If only their minds could be stretched and made to grow larger, as with the Seussian heart, they may never return to their original itty-bitty sizes again.😦

  5. LFB: It seems our country is moving backwards… probably they would like to see the economy be like Zimbabwe’s and probably everybody goes back to wear loin cloth made of leaves and live on trees.

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