Hari Hujan


Crawling plant, taken in Kg. Baru, Hulu Langat, Selangor

After bouts of weird dreams, taking the elevator (made in see through glass!) to 59th floor, realizing I under packed for a trip – it was a 4 days trip, and I brought only one t shirt, buying cigarettes for my dad – having problems remembering what my dad likes, I bought Lucky Strike instead of Kent, asking an Indonesian man what nasi lemak he sells – sambal udang or sambal ikan bilis and he couldn’t understand my question – I woke up.

I simply don’t want to get out from the bed these few mornings! The rain this morning was particularly soothing and fresh. I just wanted to stay in bed for as long as I could!

The rain reminds me of my primary school song. It’s funny whenever there is rain, this song would somehow automatically play in my mind.

Angin bertiup, awan berarak
Itu tandanya hari nak hujan
Kilat meyabung, guruh berdentum
Itu tandanya hari nak hujan
Hujan pun turun
Membasah bumi
Penghuni alam
Rasa bersyukur

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

Remedy for Coughs

My cough lasted for about 1.5 months. Thank God it has subsided, even when occasionally, I still cough at night because I don’t watch what I eat. I was lucky enough that I still could sleep at night without interruptions.

I’ve seen several doctors but couldn’t seem to halt the cough. Friends even suggested I take manuka honey, boiled coke with ginger, durian, nangka, ubat batuk chap ibu dan anak, etc but to no avail. I have yet to try bird nest. When all remedies fail, I actually stop eating chillies, sambal, oily stuffs, eggs and chicken. Since 1.5 months of cough is no joke and who knows, it might develop into something much worse, I decided to consult a Chinese senseh in Jinjang.

Miraculously, after 3 days of taking the cough mixture he brewed, my cough subsided instantly. We met two Indian ladies who visited the good senseh and the elder one claimed that the senseh is very good and he pretty much knows what is wrong with you by only checking your pulse. She said, she always visit this senseh and even brought friends and family members to him. He’s that good.

So, for those who are still coughing endlessly, here’s the particular of this senseh, in case if you would like to try alternative medicine.

Lai Siau Lim, Chinese Physician
Kedai Ubat Kwong Foh Onn
462, Jalan Jambu Air Mawar,
Jinjang Selatan, 52000
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6258 0486
Opening hours: 9.00 am to 9 pm (Monday to Saturday)
10.00 am to 1.00 pm (Sunday)

Here’s the map on how to get there.

I will be trying some bird nest as well to ensure the cough doesn’t return. For dry cough, it’s been advised that, bird nest should be brewed with rock sugar. As for coughs at night, the bird nest should be brewed with dry longans or red dates for 3 hours, 4-5 biji with each nest. Thanks, Jasmine for the tips.

Moving On

I was watching a repeat of “The Heartbreak Kid” on HBO on Friday night. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why men always don’t want to be the “bad” one in breaking up a relationship?”

In this movie, you have Ben Stiller trying to break up with his newlywed wife when he found out that he couldn’t get along with her (secondary reason) and of course, he met another terrific girl during his honey moon (main reason). He gave all kinds of reasons not to be with his wife – she should take the job in Rotterdam, he’s not a very nice guy to be with, there is nothing wrong with her, it’s all him, blah blah blah! And he couldn’t simply tell her – Sorry, but I just don’t love you anymore.

Then I thought of a friend who is getting married end of this year. He’s getting married not because he wants to. He’s getting married because his girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

He said he tried to get rid of the girlfriend in many ways but could not. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that it’s over. He is really a jerk and he even let her wait for him for 3 hours a few times for a date. He tried very hard to be as aloof and as irresponsible as possible in hope that, the girlfriend would think he’s a douche bag so she would leave him. The poor girl, even after being stood up for 3 hours, was not even angry at him and even tried to be nicer to him, and asked him what did she do wrong to upset him?

I told him, he must be damn lucky to have a girl who loves him that much and so blindly! He should treat her with utmost respect and love her in return!

Is it very hard for men/women to open your mouth to tell the person, “It’s over!”

I think it’s very cruel to drop hints, in order to “save face” or to minimize hurt by “direct” approach. I think as adults, it’s better to talk things over, to see if the issues affecting the relationship can be solved, giving it some time, etc. Seriously, if your guy or girl promised to do something for the better and if the promise was made some 10 years ago or so, believe me, they never will. It would always remain an empty promise.

If all these fail to save the relationship, then by all means proceed to splitville.

It’s better to get out than being stuck in a loveless relationship. It’s not good to let one hanging by the thread every day, creating false sense of hope for the relationship and being totally delusional. It’s more practical to let the person know that you don’t love him/her anymore and move on.

Poor Old Woman

Yesterday as I got home from my facial session, I was locking the gate when Sasha called out to me in anxiety, “Faster come in ah!!! Quickly lock the gate!”

I was quite alarmed because anything might happen these days that one could not afford to slack. I quickly closed the gate and got my things from the car. Lok Lok chipped in to the story telling and said, “Her head is full of white hair and we saw her tail!”

I didn’t know why but when he mentioned about the tail, there were goosebumps all over my body. Further, I remember that night was the first night of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar – the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Lok Lok pushed his imagination further. “The old woman has a face of a tiger!”

Then, I stared at him in annoyance and said, “If you lie again, I am going to leave you out there to be with the Tiger face woman.”

Both Sasha and he were adamant that it’s the truth. Even the youngest boy, QQ tried to chip in stories with his almost half past six speech skills.

I asked my mom for the true story.

My mom said, the old lady with head full of white hair came by about 8 pm at night while the kids were just out from shower and my mom was busy clothing them. The old woman knocked at our gate and called out to my mom, “Aunty! Aunty!”

My mom was apprehensive and told her, she doesn’t know her and closed the wooden door. Seriously, it is not advisable to help anyone right now. They might hypnotize you and relieve you from all your belongings! So, my mom quickly ignored her and closed all doors.

Then my mom peeped through the window and noticed that the old woman walked to our neighbor’s house instead. Since the daughter came home around that time, the autogate was opened for the daughter’s car to get in. The old woman took this chance and walked into their house compound instead! Our neighbor was in shock.

This morning, my mom went to find out what happened after the old lady went into their house compound. The old lady simply gestured for food but was sent away. I wasn’t too sure if we should help her but, she could have asked for food at nearby restaurants instead of going from house to house.

With the current worrisome rates of crimes, more and more conmen, con artists, malice, etc one could not be blamed if one chose not to help. Well, my relative fell into trap of some elderly women she met in the market. They convinced her that her son would be in trouble or fall gravely ill if she didn’t do what they say. They followed her to her house and this relative handed all her jewelry and cash despite her son’s protest. When the three ladies had left her house, then only she woke up and realized that she had been hypnotized into giving all her belongings worth RM30,000+ to them.

My mom or my neighbor could’ve given her some money and sent her away.. but then, if money were given, would she return the next night? What’s next?

What happened to the old woman’s family? Where were they? Was she another victim of her own ungrateful children who ruthlessly abandoned her like what we have been reading from the newspapers lately? What happened to the morals of the younger generation nowadays? Sigh. It’s no wonder the world is coming to an end.


As I am typing this, my blog has been “hijacked”. This morning, I was having my breakfast and thinking of what to write on my blog. I went to my blog and found this instead.

I sent sms to my sponsor and said, “Something is very wrong with my blog. It has been hijacked!”

Fertility herbs?? Absolut Prague hotel???

Apparently, there was no hijacking whatsoever. The domain has expired! Hahaha!

This blog better make some money this year!