Colors of Batu Caves

Batu Caves as at August 2009

I’ve been living nearby Batu Caves for almost two decades, this place never fails to impress me. I have watched the holy worship place transformed from having ordinary staircases to having numbered staircases and saw bit by bit of the much controversial installation of the very beautiful golden Lord Murugan.

I still remember going to this place to take picture with my dad’s old Yashica and did a write up about the places of interest in Selangor for my Geography paper when I was in form 3.

I made some offerings to Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God and a collective nine gods before I proceed to take some shots of this place. I had a chat with my colleague earlier on, and found out that, we should not even mention the names of the gods as you only go to these collection of 9 gods if you were instructed to, in order to “wash away” your bad luck. Well, I sincerely prayed for peace and safety for my family and friends.

I had quite a full day yesterday, taking photos in the morning, then going to the wedding shop to accompany my sis to select her wedding gown and then, off to the malls to look for a dress for her registration day. I leave you with some shots of the very colorful Batu Caves.

Ah.. my back hurts!

The Belly of Hanuman

Watching the days go by the Window

Friend of the Birds

Earnest Devotee

Offerings for the Gods

One of the many Gods

Not an easy feat

14 thoughts on “Colors of Batu Caves

  1. hi inaesb. gina uses a Nikon D90 semi professional camera. She also got a 50mm lens as an alternative…this girl is no more a “beginner”…lol.

    like u, i enjoy looking at her pics too, but i hv reservations to a few shots …. hehehe.

  2. inaesb: See, my secretary Takeshi already told you everything you need to know. LOL!!

    takeshi: Please lah. Tell the whole world for what. How many times must I tell you… it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. :p By saying that, I am not a professional lah. Edmund JP is.

  3. Hoi fren………. instant faves again la………. Your pics are so unconventional & filled with character la …. & I’m not being too generous with my compliments…. I really do like them!

  4. shorthorse: Thanks! I think ah.. if I open gallery, you are probably my only fan. Haha!

    Wai Ling: Thanks! What if you ever.. you will get married! Yip, what are you waiting for??? Haha!

    takeshi: Yeah yeah.. I know you boh song coz I used only Ixus50 to take your wedding pics. You nak kahwin sekali lagi pun boleh. LOL!

  5. Edmund: I wonder why were you obsessed with the belly of Hanuman. LOL! I was thinking of the window also. Hahahaha! It was a trial shot when I first gotten my camera.. and wasn’t sure what to do with it.. so..I posted it now coz I didn’t have the chance to do so earlier… so…… LOL!

  6. Oh gosh, I love this post… so many gorgeous photos. I especially love “Watching the days go by the Window” — just one of those moments you manage to capture.

    I love the Batu Caves. Used to go there every Sunday I was free to hike up and down the steps for exercise, then some unhealthy but O so delicious roti pisang afterwards for brekkie.🙂

  7. Thanks, Kenny.😀 I love your post on Batu Caves too! Great shots and write up.😀

    I have to admit, that was a lucky shot. So happened that, when I was there, they left the saree there on the window, or else, I wouldn’t have gotten this shot.

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