As I am typing this, my blog has been “hijacked”. This morning, I was having my breakfast and thinking of what to write on my blog. I went to my blog and found this instead.

I sent sms to my sponsor and said, “Something is very wrong with my blog. It has been hijacked!”

Fertility herbs?? Absolut Prague hotel???

Apparently, there was no hijacking whatsoever. The domain has expired! Hahaha!

This blog better make some money this year!

6 thoughts on “Hijacked!

  1. Hahaha, that’s a funny story of “hijacking”! I really got worried for you a minute there.

    I was wondering why I haven’t heard from my host to renew my blog for so long di myself. Over a year already what… Then I checked and realised he paid for the domain for 3 years (just like how we pay for our driver’s license — 1/3/5 years).


  2. 😆

    I tot betoi betoi kena hijack… funny entry… was contemplating getting my own domain for a while budden decided I don’t really update dat much anyway so no point gettin it… I figured watever measly readers I hv wud’ve prolly disappeared when I did…😛

  3. LFB: Lucky nya! Apparently there was some sort of problem lah concerning this blog.. but my friend got it all ironed out.

    asstha: Not worth it lah.. seriously.. unless you get a lot of hits and people click on the advertisements.

    ai shiang: Erm.. I think the domain is renewable every year.. so renewable means, have to pay lor. I don’t know what happened actually. Normally this kinda IT stuff, I am very phobic to find out. Haha!

  4. gosh thank goodness your blog hasnt been hijacked!! wouldn’t want to be reading about fertility herbs!!

    oh and thank you for sending me a photo of that diabetic plant. have been so busy i forgot to thank you.

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