Poor Old Woman

Yesterday as I got home from my facial session, I was locking the gate when Sasha called out to me in anxiety, “Faster come in ah!!! Quickly lock the gate!”

I was quite alarmed because anything might happen these days that one could not afford to slack. I quickly closed the gate and got my things from the car. Lok Lok chipped in to the story telling and said, “Her head is full of white hair and we saw her tail!”

I didn’t know why but when he mentioned about the tail, there were goosebumps all over my body. Further, I remember that night was the first night of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar – the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Lok Lok pushed his imagination further. “The old woman has a face of a tiger!”

Then, I stared at him in annoyance and said, “If you lie again, I am going to leave you out there to be with the Tiger face woman.”

Both Sasha and he were adamant that it’s the truth. Even the youngest boy, QQ tried to chip in stories with his almost half past six speech skills.

I asked my mom for the true story.

My mom said, the old lady with head full of white hair came by about 8 pm at night while the kids were just out from shower and my mom was busy clothing them. The old woman knocked at our gate and called out to my mom, “Aunty! Aunty!”

My mom was apprehensive and told her, she doesn’t know her and closed the wooden door. Seriously, it is not advisable to help anyone right now. They might hypnotize you and relieve you from all your belongings! So, my mom quickly ignored her and closed all doors.

Then my mom peeped through the window and noticed that the old woman walked to our neighbor’s house instead. Since the daughter came home around that time, the autogate was opened for the daughter’s car to get in. The old woman took this chance and walked into their house compound instead! Our neighbor was in shock.

This morning, my mom went to find out what happened after the old lady went into their house compound. The old lady simply gestured for food but was sent away. I wasn’t too sure if we should help her but, she could have asked for food at nearby restaurants instead of going from house to house.

With the current worrisome rates of crimes, more and more conmen, con artists, malice, etc one could not be blamed if one chose not to help. Well, my relative fell into trap of some elderly women she met in the market. They convinced her that her son would be in trouble or fall gravely ill if she didn’t do what they say. They followed her to her house and this relative handed all her jewelry and cash despite her son’s protest. When the three ladies had left her house, then only she woke up and realized that she had been hypnotized into giving all her belongings worth RM30,000+ to them.

My mom or my neighbor could’ve given her some money and sent her away.. but then, if money were given, would she return the next night? What’s next?

What happened to the old woman’s family? Where were they? Was she another victim of her own ungrateful children who ruthlessly abandoned her like what we have been reading from the newspapers lately? What happened to the morals of the younger generation nowadays? Sigh. It’s no wonder the world is coming to an end.

9 thoughts on “Poor Old Woman

  1. This reminds me of an incident many years ago. A man turned up at the front door asking mom to buy something from him. But mom didnt want and asked him to leave. He held mom’s hand and kissed her. She got so shocked and yelled loudly. That man left.

    I think these days it is better not to help than to help. Unfortunately.

  2. Kenny: Yeah. I get what you mean.. but the instinct to survive in us are getting stronger with the emerging mess the society is facing now.

    Ai Shiang: Aiyoh.. why so siau one? I remember once, a man came right to our door because my dad left the gate unlocked and he was pestering us to buy tooth paste or else he won’t leave the house compound. We left him out there for 20 minutes, then he eventually leave.

  3. Hello Gina, was at Ai Shiang’s place noticed your callsign….used to know a lady by that name old days (’70s)….but nope, wrong number.
    But glad I busybody over. Nice blog and enjoyed your posting, ha ha. Very interesting.
    Have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  4. it is sad… in dis day and age… it’s a lose/lose situation all these… we worry if we lend a hand they;
    (a) return the next day asking again
    (b) as you mentioned, hypnotize us n take all our belongings…

    but on the other hand… we worry that if we didn’t help her, n she genuinely needed help and we turned her away and that she’d starve to death bcos no one else would help her… sticky situation indeed… wat has society come to…😦

  5. asstha: Yeah.. it’s not just do-or-die. It’s like do-might-die, do-might-not-die-but-better-not-for-safety-sake.

    Tony: Yeah.. I think so also.. that is why it gave me the creeps.

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