Remedy for Coughs

My cough lasted for about 1.5 months. Thank God it has subsided, even when occasionally, I still cough at night because I don’t watch what I eat. I was lucky enough that I still could sleep at night without interruptions.

I’ve seen several doctors but couldn’t seem to halt the cough. Friends even suggested I take manuka honey, boiled coke with ginger, durian, nangka, ubat batuk chap ibu dan anak, etc but to no avail. I have yet to try bird nest. When all remedies fail, I actually stop eating chillies, sambal, oily stuffs, eggs and chicken. Since 1.5 months of cough is no joke and who knows, it might develop into something much worse, I decided to consult a Chinese senseh in Jinjang.

Miraculously, after 3 days of taking the cough mixture he brewed, my cough subsided instantly. We met two Indian ladies who visited the good senseh and the elder one claimed that the senseh is very good and he pretty much knows what is wrong with you by only checking your pulse. She said, she always visit this senseh and even brought friends and family members to him. He’s that good.

So, for those who are still coughing endlessly, here’s the particular of this senseh, in case if you would like to try alternative medicine.

Lai Siau Lim, Chinese Physician
Kedai Ubat Kwong Foh Onn
462, Jalan Jambu Air Mawar,
Jinjang Selatan, 52000
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6258 0486
Opening hours: 9.00 am to 9 pm (Monday to Saturday)
10.00 am to 1.00 pm (Sunday)

Here’s the map on how to get there.

I will be trying some bird nest as well to ensure the cough doesn’t return. For dry cough, it’s been advised that, bird nest should be brewed with rock sugar. As for coughs at night, the bird nest should be brewed with dry longans or red dates for 3 hours, 4-5 biji with each nest. Thanks, Jasmine for the tips.

6 thoughts on “Remedy for Coughs

  1. all i can understand frm the above map was “little ___ centre”.

    u coughed for 1.5 months….gosh…i thought u only coughed for 1.35 months?? wow! lol.

  2. Wow – it’s a good thing u managed to get your troublesome cough cured by this sinseh! Ahahaha , looks like I won’t be able to pass off as a quack doctor since my ‘petua’ didn’t help u😀 …. Important thing is you’re better! Hey, thanks for sharing the sinseh’s info… Might come in useful one day!

  3. Shorthorse: I still have some intermittent coughs now. I think I must really stay off chicken and sambal.. I haven’t had nasi lemak for three weeks now!

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