Hari Hujan


Crawling plant, taken in Kg. Baru, Hulu Langat, Selangor

After bouts of weird dreams, taking the elevator (made in see through glass!) to 59th floor, realizing I under packed for a trip – it was a 4 days trip, and I brought only one t shirt, buying cigarettes for my dad – having problems remembering what my dad likes, I bought Lucky Strike instead of Kent, asking an Indonesian man what nasi lemak he sells – sambal udang or sambal ikan bilis and he couldn’t understand my question – I woke up.

I simply don’t want to get out from the bed these few mornings! The rain this morning was particularly soothing and fresh. I just wanted to stay in bed for as long as I could!

The rain reminds me of my primary school song. It’s funny whenever there is rain, this song would somehow automatically play in my mind.

Angin bertiup, awan berarak
Itu tandanya hari nak hujan
Kilat meyabung, guruh berdentum
Itu tandanya hari nak hujan
Hujan pun turun
Membasah bumi
Penghuni alam
Rasa bersyukur

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

7 thoughts on “Hari Hujan

  1. Shorthorse: Hope to see more hiking pics in your FB!😀

    ai shiang
    : Well, I think whenever there is rain, we always want to sleep longer or don’t go to work.. is because.. whenever it rains, there will be some horrific jams or flash floods.. haha! So, it’s better to stay longer in bed.

  2. Edmund JP: Well, “happy” “independence” day to you. I wonder what “independence” here means when the country is still being run by the devils.

  3. Gina, well, despite all the idiots are running this country that always stir shit about racial tension and religion disharmony, but I still think it is an event that we should always remember. Our grandparents or great grandparents fought for it.

    Unlike when I was young, I no longer celebrate Merdeka and do not blog happily about it anymore coz am sad to see how these idiots are running the country.
    ohh… since the MAINSTREAM MEDIA refused to report on this, take a look at this: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/36272-protesters-threaten-bloodshed-over-hindu-temple
    Am utterly disgusted by it… what a way to mark the upcoming Merdeka Day.

    Nonetheless, to all the SENSIBLE and LOVELY Malaysians who live in harmony and love each other regardless of race/religion, HAPPY MERDEKA & GOD BLESS MALAYSIA!

  4. You have a good point there, Edmund.😀 Seriously, any religion is good because it always teaches you facts of life and good way of living. I am sure this group of despicable people do not reflect Islam, eventhough they appear to be. I hope karma would takes it rightful course. Happy Merdeka to you and may God have mercy on Malaysia.

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