Hom Mama Hom

After open heart surgery, one has to lie down flat on the back to sleep. I cringed at the thought. My friend who had just underwent the replacement of the valves, said she cannot sleep on either sides in order not to crush the ribcage. Yikes! Pretty scary! Lying back flat can be quite uncomfortable.

I told her, if I ever have a heart surgery, I don’t think I can survive the aftermath. I cannot sleep straight on my back. Somehow or rather, I would end up sleeping like this.

Or this…

Or this…


I am a cross between these three positions.

Then I recalled that I started to sleep on my side religiously ever since  I was  pounced by those “things” once when I was staying in a college student’s house. I dare not sleep on my back and facing upwards as this would somehow make it easier for the “thing” to get on me – well, that is according to my friends lah. After consultation with friends who experienced the same, I decided to place a knife under my bed. I have been sleeping quite peacefully ever since. Isn’t it wonderful to have many friends to look up to when there was no internet? LOL!

Recently, a colleague went to one of our branches and stayed at the staff quarters. She too suffered the same incident. She couldn’t breathe and then, couldn’t get up and felt something was pushing her down. She couldn’t even open her eyes to see what was on her. So she silently chant a prayer, “Hom Mama Hom Ni Sor Har”. Then miraculously, the thing left her instantaneously.

She was trying to convince herself that, it was merely stress that made her entire body paralyzed and couldn’t get up. But then, if you think about it, if it was really stress and your body was somewhat suffering temporary paralysis, do you think you could get up that instantly after the chanting?

The funniest part is, part of the chant rhyme with another colleague’s name. That is why it made it so easy to remember the chant! So people, chant this now with me, “Hom Mama Hom Ni Sor Har”.

10 thoughts on “Hom Mama Hom

  1. when i feel unable sleep then i sleep other positions, otherwise, i can usually sleep with my back lying flat on the bed..that’s actually my most relaxed happy sleeping position now. whereas when i cannot sleep easily, i find i have to sleep in curled up foetal positions on the side more..hehe..

  2. hcpen: I am glad that these days, I don’t have trouble sleeping.. in fact, sometimes sleep till the alarm went off, I would think it’s part of a dream. LOL.

    Ann: Err… you can check it out here lah.

  3. im partially 1 & 2 but i like to hug a pillow when i sleep. So if i don’t get to do that, then i’ll end up hugging myself…..lol….funny ya.

  4. cee: At least you hug yourself.. I go hug my sister and think she is a bolster. That is why nobody in my family sleeps with me.. imagine.. a gigantic leg goes over you and you would be trap the rest of the night. LOL!

    unkaleong: Wah… lol! I think so too. Sometimes I ended waking up with my head on the opposite side of the bed. I am quite a tragic sleeper.. that is why I never share my bed when I go on holidays.. once, I even resorted sleeping on the cold hard floor in Hong Kong to avoid some unconscious “kung fu” in the middle of the night, and my travel mate getting bruises all over the next morning. I can’t imagine what will happen if I have one of my very creative dreams.

  5. When I am in extreme deep sleep and start to dream away. I feel that I cannot wake up. That’s my “overslept” syndrome. I always tried to open my eyes too but couldn’t. Normally a loud noise can help or if I struggle a bit harder I can come around.

    Maybe that’s the “things” most people talk about. They think that’s the ghost or something, right?

    I am afraid of a robber more than a ghost, honestly.

  6. Gina..how could you end up waking up with your head on the opposite side of the bed? 180 degree turn during the night? That’s funny..

  7. Ann: I have to ask my semi-conscious self that question! It bound to happen when you are dreaming fighting crocodiles – stories within this week. LOL!

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