Random Notes

Ms Kai

There is a new receptionist in my office. She addresses me by my middle name – Ms Kai. I am not sure if she has any Chinese friends. We don’t address people by their middle name! I told her not to call me Ms Kai and please address me by my surname. Then, she has the nerve to call my boss directly to let him know there are guests looking for him. It was a good thing I always take my boss’ calls whenever he’s busy or he is on the other line. I guess she just made my job redundant! Also, she doesn’t ask for the names of the guests and to her, everybody’s name is “Somebody”. Somebody is here to see your boss. Somebody is looking for you. Receptionist’s job is the EASIEST in this world, yet there are people who just like to spice things up.


Most likely, only those living as teenagers in the 1990s would remember the acronym NKOTB. It stands for New Kids On The Block. They were something like Jonas Brothers back then, except they were more clean cut and could get away with singing like a girl. It was a total craze back then.

Last week as I was walking in Mid Valley shopping for grandma panties (lol), the song “I’ll be loving you (forever)” was played. At first, I thought the song was rather familiar. Then, I was shocked that it was NKOTB. I was even more perplexed that I could actually remember the lyrics! Omigod! Haha! So, Curly, let’s go for another round of karaoke and let’s sing the 80s and 90s boy band songs!

Big Tikus

Apparently, there is a big rat in my office. Whenever there are gifts or food courtesy from the company, half of them would be gone mysteriously. During the recent mooncake festival, we noticed half of the company allotted mooncakes mysteriously went missing. When they finally caught the culprit – the one with the trinity diseases – diabetes, hypertension and coronary disease, she was let go with a stern warning. I guess, eating all those stolen stuffs herself would somehow shorten her life so, why would the company risk being sued for “unfair” dismissal?

Awhile ago, I went into the pantry and I saw the Tikus reading a book. I almost fell on the floor and laugh till tergolek golek when I saw the book title – “Panduan Menghapus Dosa” (A Guide for Repentance). LOL!

The Reader

I watch the Reader again for the second time. My favorite scene is when both the lovers went cycling into the country. Hanna chanced upon an old building which functioned as church. There was a choir singing beautifully and she cried tears of joy. The contented look on Michael’s young face when he saw Hanna ‘s genuine happiness was simply heartwarming and priceless. It was utterly romantic… and yes, I wept the second time too watching this movie.

The Best News for Year 2009

Beginning next year, Sept 16, which is Malaysia Day has been declared a public holiday.

6 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Wah..still got ppl play NKOTB’s song in shopping centre ah?

    My office’s receptionist is very blur, long winded and got excuses for everything. But luckily she don’t call us by our middle name.

  2. Don’t malaysians have enough public holiday already?!?!?!
    Pity me over here with just 8 days a year and we don’t even have a national day. Maybe we should swap prime ministers hehe

  3. Ann: LOL! Yeah.. I think you should appreciate your receptionist!

    Kat: Hahaha! Come back to work in Malaysia lah. LOL! I don’t think it’s a good idea.. I rather have ministers who know what they are talking about and do what they say.

  4. NKOTB!!!….wah i remember still how everyone would buy notebook, pin badge, anything related them to. Calling themselves Mrs Joey or Mrs Jordan…etc. It was the craze back them…..lol…..can still recall their songs🙂

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