Sunday Incident

As I was chatting with my cousins and mom in the kitchen while eating heong peah bought from Taiping, I heard a soft knock. It sounded like someone opened the window. Since cousin sis was sitting next to the window, she opened the curtain to look but didn’t see anything. We continued chatting briefly till our Indian neighbour shouted at us. We quickly ran to the wet kitchen to see what’s going on.

There were three Malay teenagers slowly cruising away on one motorbike while waving and laughing happily at our Indian neighbour, as if they were taking a slow evening stroll. Thinking they might be some teenage boys playing the fool, we didn’t suspect much. But our neighbour kept talking non stop and pointing their fingers. So we thought they must have scratched our neighbour’s car so we went out for a look.

We were shocked when we saw pieces of glasses strewn all over the road. It was our neighbour’s Vios. Our Indian neighbour’s grandson ran out with his late grandfather’s cane and ran after them.

The small commotion had many neighbours curious. They came out to check what was going on. Some of them shared stories with us that they suffered the same fate too. Those who are living behind my house, facing the playground are living in fear. 3 of their lorries’ batteries were stolen within a year. So much for buying the property for peace and quiet, huh? Just last week, a family was held at parang point when they came home. They gave everything to the robbers they claimed, one of them even have a gun! Lucky they were not hurt.

The police came after 10 minutes of report. I was surprised. So, I went out to chip in to the police report of what I saw.  Our Malay neighbour saw them first actually. He was strolling along the road when it happened. He saw one of them opening the locker in the car and started shouting at them. Instead of speeding off, the three of them nonchalantly rode on their motorbike, slowly and passed behind our house. We could hear them laughing. That was why we thought they were playing the fool. It was then, the Indian neighbour’s grandson ran out with a stick and chased after them. The three juvenile waved at him and said BYE BYE to him as they laughed and sped away. Criminals are getting bolder and bolder by the day because the police cannot do anything about them!!

When the police came, I went to talk to my Indian neighbours to ask if they saw the faces of the three youngsters and also to check if one of them is the Malay guy we saw masturbating beside our house last weekend! Then, a Chinese man who helped the victim to call the police came over to me and demanded me to talk directly to the police. He asked me to SCOLD the police and demand for more surveillance patrolling. Hello? If you are so smart, you go and scold the police lah. Why ask me? Chibai! You think by scolding the police will do any good?

I told the police what I saw – the three guys and at the same time, also informed them, there was a pervert who always walked by my house. The police asked me what did the pervert do? I said, “Masturbate”. A few of my neighbours laughed except the police because he doesn’t know what “Masturbate” is. I should have said, “Melancap!”

My mom saw the pervert lurking at our back lane many times already. The worst part is my mom didn’t want to call the police. She explained, “What is the point? They cannot do anything other than stopping hapless Bangladeshi who is collecting refuse and old newspapers and demand for money!” My mom saw the police stopping Bangladeshi many times behind our house. She is very angry with the police and whenever she sees this happening, she would open our house window on purpose and stares at them! That would usually stop the police from asking for bribes from the Bangladeshi and pretend to scold the Bangladeshi and let him go.

It’s really sad what our country is reducing into. The police are supposed to protect innocent civilians. I was very devastated to read about the lady who knocked down and killed the snatch thief who robbed her; prosecuted for causing the death of the perpetrator. Instead of being glorified as a heroin for doing the useless police a favor by snuffing the life of one criminal – who might have killed many by snatch theft, she might be put behind bars.

So what did the police do? They took report on the spot. Just took 30 seconds’ look at the broken window. The two boys – the Malay and the Indian heros looked at the car and saw many finger prints. We demanded the police to lift the finger prints but they did not, of course. No cameras to take the photos even. Nothing. Just look. They dare not give their standard reply, “Oh, ini sudah biasa berlaku. Biasa lah tu,” because there were a mob of people there looking at them.  Tahu nahas pun! They just took down a report and made a few calls. I hope they call their counterparts to look for the vehicle as soon as possible and try to nab them before they go out on a smashing spree again.

We could only hope.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Incident

  1. Talking about perverts. I recall that a person used to hide behind a big tree in front of our house. Sometime in the dark, not really sure what he was up to, but can slightly tell he was touching himself. So yucky! We always have to close the curtain and he would leave.

    We even contemplating cutting down the tree so no one can hide there, but that never happens.

    It’s frustrating that thing like that the police can do nothing. Maybe if they really want do to something, it can be done, they are just too lazy I guess.

  2. ai shiang: Luckily by closing the curtains, you are still able to get rid of the pervert. A friend once lived in this apartment, the pervert masturbated on her door till she had to clean the door every morning! Damn disgusting! So, has the censorship of porn do any good in this country? I don’t think so. Yes.. now they want to investigate on a harmless song that Namewee created as “complaint” to TNB because he caused “disharmony”. And they didnt even bat an eyelid when Utusan Malaysia is publishing and promoting racism every other day. The 1 Malaysia govt is not doing anything about it coz they are too busy arresting bloggers and rappers. What a fucking moronic government!

  3. I’m appalled that the police refused to take pictures & fingerprints on the car ….. … I guess they only reserve that for when there’s bodily harm or if someone’s killed or if its a high profile neighbourhood or if there’s media presence ……… ???? SHAME ON THEM!!!!! Tsk Tsk Tsk😦

  4. shorthorse: Yes… they only take action when it involved rich people – the recent fall-to-death incident in Bangsar? They going to have a task force for it. Imagine.. a “task force”. The neighbour who lived opposite my house got both her hands chopped and her son hit on the head by a hammer, there was no task force. They are now living in fear, forever.

  5. OMG, your poor neighbour ….!!!!! Yes, read about Datuk Patrick Lim …. a high profile character but then again, money talks…. & ‘location, location, location!” … Maybe that’s why the socialism model might not be such a bad thing after all ….. but then again, look at what China & Russia has become today … $ rules!

  6. shorthorse: Was it Patrick Wong? Anyway, yeah.. like when I was in Taman Tun, I saw police patrolling one lorong a few times a day. I guess it’s really MONEY TALKS! And wads the nonsense about ending corruption? It’s been there since medieval times.. probably since the creation of barter trading!

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