Your Parents Miss You

As I was folding clothes while watching tv, mom came upstairs wheezing heavily. She complained shortness of breath and the need to rub ointment all over her joints when she finally settled down to rest after a laborious day. I told her to leave the clothes downstairs and we will help her to carry it up whenever we are back from work. I told her not to carry the pail of clothes upstairs but she wouldn’t listen. In fact, she never listens.

Yesterday was the first time I heard her genuinely complained about being tired and old. Most of the time, she refused to acknowledge she is aging and would do all things as if she were still in her 40s or 50s.  She’s 65 this year.

Since she sprained her left arm some five years ago, she no longer able to carry heavy things with her left arm. Even stirring the wok causes her pain. Thank goodness for my cousin brother who is the “executive chef”at home – he coined this for himself. He likes to cook, so he helps out a lot during weekends whenever he comes to my house to stay for the weekend. I am very bad at cutting things, so my mom or aunt always shoo me away from the kitchen. So, I made it a point to sweep and mop the floor on weekends whenever I could and do the laundry. And also, try to spend less time on the computer to talk to my mom.

As both of us are watching X Men on tv, she asked me questions – why is Storm’s hair white? Is Magneto the bad guy? Why is Cyclops wearing the sunglasses at night? I find her questions hilarious but it’s better than having no conversation at all. Then, both of us doze off in between the scenes and let television watched us instead.

I think I am the very few people who are lucky to be still staying together with parents. In fact, Time Magazine said, one of five things the U.S. can learn from China is, looking after the elderly. In China, children are still staying with the parents even when they are all grown up and being married. This has cultivated virtues of filial piety. How does filial piety help China’s economy? It was said that, they have a self funding system for the elderly i.e. home care as opposed to the U.S. whereby most senior citizens are cared for in old folks’ homes which are getting too expensive to be administered.

Okay. Before I deviate, what I am trying to say here is, I am fortunate enough to be witnessing the aging process of my parents’ everyday. Dad – despite his eccentricity at times, I think he had been quite a responsible father. Mom has always been there for us when we were young till today. She still worries for us constantly even when we are all adults now, making our own money and taking care of them. A slight change of routine would put her on edges. Even contemplation of getting a new job worries her. What if the new boss is an ass? What if it rains so heavily, you might get caught in the flash floods? Mom will always be mom, I guess. She will never cease to worry till her last day on earth.

Ask yourself this question – When was the last time you visited your parents?

12 thoughts on “Your Parents Miss You

  1. It’s indeed nice of you to spend time with your parents. A lot of times we get caught up in the rat race that we forget to take notice of our parents’ well being. Taking for granted that they’ll be around for a long time. Sometimes we think their concern towards us overbearing. It’s when they are gone, that we miss their presence and wish that we could have done more to appreciate their unconditional love. Keep writing and keep spreading such good messages in your blog.

  2. Ann: Yes.. it is.. Isn’t this sad? That we need reminders to go see our own parents? The ones that brought us up with their blood and sweat throughout these years, only to be cast aside when we no longer need them?

    javapot: Wah. What an honor! I will get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for dropping by my blog.😀

    Melody: I suddenly felt compelled to write this post after mom complained about her joint pains yesterday. I know I have been taking my parents for granted. Sometimes, even when we live in the same house, we didn’t talk much. I saw them aged by the day. Everyday I will look at my mom’s face and count her freckles. She looked shrunken over the years. I am glad I have the opportunity to be with her at this age. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. “This is a community service message brought to you by Absolut Ginger”

    Anyway, dunno why your last sentence reminded me of “It’s 10pm, where is your child?” (Something along the line…saw on TV last time)

  4. zewt: Yes.. so sorry to hear about your mom. It’s sad that some people whose moms are still around, still do not know how to appreciate them. sih.

    Ann: I think I heard of that ad also. It’s about kids going out and popping pills?

  5. Sorry hor. Didn’t notice. Must clear my browser cache more often😛 Fills up automatically wan😉

    I do try to see my parents at least once a week😉 While clearing the house, I came across many a picture taken when I was growing up. Heh, we do take them for granted a bits nowadays

  6. unkaleong: Tak payah sorry lah. Just to let you know only.😀 Yeah.. I know you are busy, new house, new car.. perhaps, a new lady boss in your house? Haha! We have to tengok-tengok our parents as much as we can.

  7. Touching post ….. I always tell myself our parents never think twice about sacrificing their lives & time for us … so it’s really not asking too much to take them out for a meal, a movie, a short drive … or even a walk in the park … Thanks Gina for reminding us the importance of this!

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