Vege Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Cheras

Yvonne has been telling us about this place, so we decided to make a trip down to Hulu Langat over the weekend for delicious Thai food. Further, the lunch is going to be on a friend who had just won RM1,000 cash during her recent company annual dinner lucky draw.. so, it’s pigging time!

The very obscure signboard

The place is indeed out of civilization! If you miss the small sign pointing leading to the restaurant, that’s it. You probably would not find it. Even Yvonne who has been there a few times with her family and colleagues also slowed down to look for the place. I think we passed by this place during one of my photography trips.

When we made a turn into the place, we were greeted with greenery and lalangs. LOL. It was indeed a very sangkalah place. The moment we reached the restaurant overlooking the pond, we were excited. We were amazed that such place could be found in the middle of nowhere. We went “Wahhh…” and were delirious even when we got down the car and couldn’t wait to sample the food.

Since we were early, there were still many empty tables. We decided to sit at a corner overlooking the pond. The ordering process started with ordering of tody (fermented alcoholic coconut drink). Haha. I felt like we are hard core drinkers. Anyway, stout in cans were out of stock, we didn’t want to order one whole bottle and couldn’t finish it. Stout is nice to go with tody. So we just ordered one small bottle of tody to be shared among us.

We ordered the seafood tom yum, grilled salted fish, spicy chilli lala, grilled cockles, kerabu sotong, black pepper crab, grilled crab and a plate of vege. The seafood is quite fresh here, so I guess that’s the main factor that brings in the crowd, despite being located in such a secluded area. For so many dishes, the damage was about RM160+. Quite ok lah for fresh seafood. (Ratings applied from 1 to 10 – 10 being very yummy! Based on consensus’ taste among 4 of us)

Tom Yum Seafood (6/10)

Grilled Salted Fish (6/10)

Spicy Chilli Lalas (8/10)

Grilled Cockles (3/10)

Kerabu Sotong (4/10)

Black Pepper crabs (9/10)

Grilled Crab (7/10)

A quick search on the internet shows there are many listings pointing to the restaurant. So, this is nothing new. Here’s a blog with pretty decent pictures and write up. If you would like to know how to get there, perhaps you can try using a map here.

My take/tips on this place.

1. The seafood is fresh. So it earns many bonus points here.

2. Price is quite reasonable.

3. Not advisable to visit during rainy days, I guess the tracks could be slippery and dangerous.

4. Not advisable to visit at night. My friend said, this place is infested with mosquitoes at night. And the drive there could be treacherous as there is no road light leading to the place.

5. Paku pakis – the favorite order for vege is always out of stock.. so perhaps you should try coming on weekdays instead of weekends or maybe, bring your own paku pakis? Haha!

6. Tody has quite an interesting taste. Perhaps, should try one with stout next time.

7. Kids will love it here! You can buy fish pellets and feed the fishes in the pond.. before you eat them. Haha!

8. The black pepper crab is a must order! So is the chilli lala! The grilled salted fish is so so to me. The cockles were overcooked. My mom makes better kerabu. They have this really good condiment for dipping though – made from chilli, garlic and sour plum.

9. The down side is probably the presence of flies. I was told by a friend during his visit, it was infested with flies. We did too, but a few flies here and there, nothing major though.

10. I think there are many better seafood restaurants in KL, but what makes this place special is probably its ambiance. Lau Heong is STILL my favorite in terms of price, location, service, taste and quality of food.

9 thoughts on “Vege Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Cheras

  1. well i guess for some city dwellers, this type of restaurant setup would be appealling…..among the nature. As for food vise, sometimes it can be abit overrated.

    hey did u know, I’ve had my freshes and sweetest tody in Taiping… fresh it’s like drinking fizzy coconut water🙂 …same comment also from seasoned tody drinkers.

    hmmm, i have yet to try out LH…soon soon :p

  2. Cee: Yeah.. I think so lah.. I think if they go to Kuala Sepetang for seafood – it would change their life forever. LOL!! The food is quite overrated. Mana itu tody kat Taiping??? Gua pi Taiping next weekend!

  3. tats y……no need drive so far n food is good. If not enuf boleh continue with yam char in siang malam lagi….hahaha

    eh is it the 12/13 weekend?….i oso might be going back. My daddy’s friend supply near Tupai Road. If mau i call to ask if ada stock, kalo dpt fresh one, no need drink with stout…lol

  4. Cee: If order also, I don’t think I will be drinking a lot also. Maybe saja want to taste one or two bottles max. Haha! Yes, I am going back to Taiping on 12th to 14th Dec. Maybe we can meet up there lah to makan makan, if we have some time to spare.😀

  5. unkaleong: The night view is great. Don’t eat the things there though… sucky! Maybe can just get a drink and spend the entire night overlooking the gorgeous scenery.

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