Kreative Blogger Award

Got this from Javapot who owns a lovely blog on delicious home made bentos, recipes and all things nice! Isn’t it everyone’s wish to always have a cup of hot caffeine laden goodness with best company and watch the days go by.

Well, this award requested seven things about the recipient.. so here goes… (since it’s called “kreative”, I guess I am going to list something on the creative side of me.. well, I’ll try.)

List of seven “kreative” things about myself

1. Creative blogger, huh? I think I owe my creativity to my dreams. I have always been a dreamer. I dreamed a lot when I was in primary/secondary school till college. Since I started my permanent job way back in 2000, I haven’t been having a lot of dreams till.. say, 7 years later, 2007. I wonder why people dream. Subconscious worries? Suppressed needs? LOL! I wish my dreams can be translated into some creative writing? Maybe a short movie script? Fat chance.*

2.  I blog to keep a piece of my life and share it with people I care. It’s never about money. It’s never about fame. I do get a few friends from here for which I remain grateful.😀 Sometimes, I just want to quit blogging because it’s getting a little crowded in here. But thanks to readers like you for encouraging words and keep me motivated.

3. I rather talk to a cat than to be stuck in a meaningless and boring conversation with a fellow human.. and speaking about pets, I always wanted a dog and named him Murphy (after Robocop’s human name – I was so damn impressed by the movie when I was little).

4. Once, I hand painted 30+ Christmas cards using water color as gifts for my church mates and friends. That time, I wished I had a camera to take pics of the 30+ cards. They were all from different sizes, designs, etc. Not one is the same!

5. I am very bad at taking pictures of people. Somehow, I just could not master portraits. Speaking of which, I am getting rather rusty now for not picking up my camera… I am super LAZY!

6. When I was involved in a church many years ago, I wanted to be a missionary. Somehow, college life woke me up. I am not sure if this is a good thing.

7.  I want to learn oil painting. When I was 15, my art teacher said my techniques were good enough to do oil painting. He wanted to give me classes but then, he migrated to the USA. I think when I really have nothing to do (i.e. not feeling lazy), I would pick this up as a hobby.

*By the way, I had a short dream on Saturday. I dreamed that I was going for my form 6 exams (I did A levels in real life, though) and we were supposed to bring our own animal to dissect for the subject Biology. Instead of the usual white mouse, frog or cockroach, I brought 7 little yellow chickens. On my way to the lab, to my horror, 5 chickens out of 7 suffocated and died! I was frantic and scout around for replacement. I was fortunate enough that the lab was situated near a village. I was relieved to be able to see a few chickens roaming around freely. Then I saw two great specimens – one small little yellow chicken and a slightly bigger chick in orange hue. I ran after them. The two chickens ran back to their pens. When I got to their pens, I saw mother hens protecting their respective offsprings. They looked somewhat mutated – they have elongated, rectangular bodies. When I was about to catch the two little buggers, a man came to stop me and said, I could not take those chicks away. I asked him why? He said, these two are celebrity chickens! I was shocked and asked again, what did he mean by that?

“They have facebook profiles! They are called Nie and Amie!”

My jaw dropped. Then I woke up. And for the record, I don’t even play the ^lame games (Farmville/Barn Buddy) on facebook.

^ I mean the game is lame, not the people playing it, okay?

Well, for those who are interested in this meme, please feel free to do so and remember to put your link here! I would like to read them! Have fun!

7 thoughts on “Kreative Blogger Award

  1. I like cats🙂 I liked Robocop as well. His Data Key “finger” damn kewl…I oso cannot take potrait shots wan..but landscape = not bad🙂

    Keep on writing lar, many a time I have wanted to stop blogging. My sis thinks I am, “too out there”…

    Comments help. Reading older post help even more. Damn I was angsty a number of years back.

    *pats shoulders* Keep up the good work!

  2. please dont stop blogging gina!
    you’ve always got a fan here🙂

    and speaking of pet names…. my friend just told me last nite her mom wants to get a jack russell terrier and name him Jack Sparrow!! lol!!

  3. tks for sharing 7 things about u. Earlier from reading your blog i knew u were one person who has a lot of dreams (i meant it in a good way cos i don’t dream much these days, perhaps its becos i’m just too boring or sleeping too soundly??), takes great pix, likes food, filial daughter, dependable friend, creative in writing (esp. enjoy the office teasers and satire) and likes to travel?

    besides, u’ll probably be too bored being lazy if u dont blog so keep it up!

  4. Love your blog … don’t stop to talk to your cat ok?😀 …..

    Wow.. I can’t imagine hand painting 30 X’mas cards …. what a phenomenal feat! Yes, you’re right … too bad no pics of it …. Well, I’ve got a solution for you … Produce another 30 hand painted cards for X’mas this year & document it in your blog… who knows… it can be the start of a home biz ….. ahahahaha…. start squeezing the creative juices out of your brain Gina!!!!!!🙂

  5. LOL! I’m reading this at 1:46 AM. I was laughing loud!!

    Note #2 – definitely don’t quit blogging lah. You’re too funny.

    The chicken dream is also funny!

    Ciao! Have to go to bed now.

  6. unkaleong: Haha. I guess we are veteran bloggers liao huh? Surpassing 6th year soon! Yes.. I agree with your sister – you memang too out there. Hahahaha. With pics of abs… aiyoyo! Haha!

    Lingzie: Jack Sparrow is a really nice name! Maybe I should change my future dog’s name to Captain Jack.

    javapot: Haha. Thanks for thinking so “highly” of me. Haha! When my blog is less known, I used to be more filled with angst and would write anything just to vent anger. But then, I think, people don’t want to know what shit hits you! They just want positive stuffs. Positiveness attract people! I am glad most of the time, I am happy more than sad.

    shorthorse: Who knows? I might get more ideas talking to cats. Hahaha! I think I do have some entreprenuer blood in me. When I was in primary school, I hand drawn some book marks and sell them to raise money of RM15, so I could go for the school break camp and I don’t have to ask from mom. Cool eh? Haha.

    ai shiang: Haha! I probably written this when my funny bones are highly active. Hahahha!!

    Thanks, people, for such encouragement! I couldn’t have kept writing so long without you guys!

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