Human Eater

Last night, I had another dream about fish again. Many, many fishes in a few series of dreams.

This time round, a friend asked me for feng shui advice and I told her to get a bowl of 8 black colored goldfish. It’s good to ward off evil spirits (I don’t know how true this is, it was said like that in the dream). As we were busy preparing the big and round crystal bowl used for the goldfish, I saw another aquarium nearby. There was an arowana inside. I remember we used to rear arowana at home many years ago.

The aquarium was the same aquarium in my house many years ago, except I remember that the aquarium was leaking. I asked if this was the same aquarium found in our house, somebody answered me yes. Then, I walked closer to the aquarium to find that, it was used upside down. Miraculously, the water did not spill out. There was a slight gap on the right hand side of the aquarium functioned as the entrance to feed the giant fish.

I saw two “fishes” swimming in the tank with the ferocious looking arowana. In my heart, I pitied the poor fishes which would be the next meal for the arowana. I took a closer look. Those two “fishes” were not fishes at all! They were actually miniature human swimming frantically in the water. They didn’t appear to be drowning. They swam as if they have gills.

I wanted to save the two miniature humans as the arowana suddenly started to chase its dinner. The two small humans were kicking the arowana like crazy. That didn’t deter the arowana from going after them, in fact, it angered the arowana even more. I couldn’t imagine the horror so I closed my eyes and prayed that I was only dreaming. I could hear splashes of water which then led to a loud sound of bones snapping and crushing. I could tell that, it was the human’s back bone snapped into two. I almost threw up in my own mouth.

I chided the owner for such barbaric act and frantically looked for a pump. I went on to pump up all the water from the aquarium in order to save the remaining mini human and let the arowana die. Before the water was all pumped out, the arowana looked increasingly helpless and dying a slow death. I didn’t feel relief whatsoever. I was indifferent.

Sometime last week, I dreamed that I was in the water of shallow seashore. The water was crystal clear and clean. I was hopping from one stone to another then accidentally stepped into the water. I stepped into a leopard skinned sting ray. Damn geli! Then, I was told that it’s good luck to step on a sting ray. But you could only step on it once and not twice. Otherwise you would die. So, I was careful not to step on sting ray again. Then, my family members were also going to the sea and I told them to be careful and not to step on the stingray twice or else, they would die.

Some weird dreams, huh?

5 thoughts on “Human Eater

  1. Stepped on a sting ray?! That sounds dangerous, but at least that’s a dream. An Australian celebrity got killed swimming with sting rays. Its tail went through his heart. How unlucky. Even so, I heard people say that sting rays are not dangerous, but only react when it feels threaten.

  2. ai shiang: In the dream, I felt light.. so the sting ray was not squashed. LOL! Yes.. Steve Irwin right? I don’t really like watching his show. I find sometimes, he’s looking for trouble by meddling with wild beasts and nature. Sigh. May he rest in pace.

  3. hcpen: Last night, I dreamed of my toilet sink was filled with a layer of dark powdery substance, looking like burnt rice husk. Then I took a closer look, it’s actually swarm of black ants! Then I pour water on them, hopefully they drowned and I could just flush them out from the sink.. then I opened the tap too fast, that my whole room was flooded.. I was very upset that, my entire book collection was wet!

    ai shiang: He’s quite a celebrity here in Malaysia as well, if you have Animal Planet channel on Astro. Haha. Kids love him!

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