For the past few days, I have been asking and asked a lot of questions related to “Why?” it’s not negative things though…

Why #1

We were at karaoke and we sang a few numbers in Malay, bahasa jiwa bangsa. Why is it that we pronounce the now defunct bahasa baku in the songs? For example, instead of tiade, we pronounce tiada? Why is it that the word sounds good in baku during songs but not when we speak?

Why #2

A friend asked me to join her for new year’s celebration on 31st December at Desa Park City. She said, she hopes to celebrate it big this time to usher the new year and hope year 2010 is a better one. I asked her, why do you celebrate something that you don’t even know what’s going to happen? Maybe year 2010 isn’t going to be that great after all. I know I am being a wet blanket here.

Why #3

Why is it that we feel insecure whenever we forget to bring our handphones when we go out? More than 12 years ago, before I own my first handphone, everybody was on time to meeting friends in Sg. Wang or Central Market.  It was just fine and dandy. But not now.. even with handphones, people always give excuses to be late and sms each other to inform of their lateness… and sometimes didn’t even bother to show up.

Why #4

Why was the cinema not full with people watching Muallaf on Christmas’ morning? Late Yasmin Ahmad’s fans were too busy partying? I almost took a bus down to Singapore when it was announced that, it won’t be shown here in KL due to some censorship issue as well as… you know lah. Well, I managed to catch it on Christmas’ morning and enjoyed it.

7 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I use bahasa baku all the time. We were taught that way, didn’t we? When some older generation people spell some words differently, I know they are most probably way older than me:)

    this reminds me of something. Once, a friend asked if I was from Malaya! I said “wah lau, why are you so out-dated?” hahaha! Sometime, it’s like so many people don’t know where Malaysia is. All they know is still “Malaya”.

  2. hcpen: You are probably too young to know. Hahaha! It was introduced by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim during his tenure as Education Minister and everyone hates it. Haha! Even the news on tv had to pronounced everything in baku. Then a few years later.. it got canceled. Reason unknown.

    ai shiang: I only use baku during exams. Hahaha. Jesus.. had to do oral test some more… sien. Many people don’t know where is Malaysia till the Twin Towers were built.. and now.. Malaysia is infamous, not famous for its news…unfortunately, negative things.. Sigh.

  3. I thought of your “why #3”. Because I just encountered this problem today, friends got lost and late.

    People get lost and late more often, maybe they think aiyah, got mobile, just call lah.

  4. unkaleong: Wah.. a bit too much detail leh… hahaha! Some more your house no curtain yet.. beware!

    lingzie: I am used to watching movie alone.. sometimes when people just couldn’t find the time, I went on my own.

    aishiang: Haha! It’s actually something we faced everyday, just that we never thought about it consciously.

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