Skinny Men in Small Gondolas

I couldn’t really recall this dream in its entirety as everything was rather fast moving and chaotic.

I was making a trip to somewhere on a flying chair. It was something like chair lift, the one you sat on before you jump off the slope to ski?

I was with a friend and we were flying passed bridges, rivers, fields, caves, tunnels, etc with refreshing wind caressing our faces. It was really wild and fun. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Then we passed by a canal occupied by small gondolas.

There were many, many small gondolas moving in unison towards one direction. Since the gondolas were very small, it could only occupy one man each. They were very skinny men dressed in traditional Vietnamese costume, the áo dài and were all wearing straw conical hat, Nón lá as well. Their áo dài were exclusively in shades of blue or red, no other colors. They were not paddling. Their mini gondolas were making way on their own rather swiftly.

I chuckled at the sight as I remember the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean whereby there were many single occupant boats moving towards one direction to the Death Valley.

Then, my friend warned me not to laugh at the dead people as it would stir their souls into unrest. The warning came too late. As soon as he finished warning me, I felt one of the men grabbed my right leg. We were almost thrown off our chair lift. The grip was strong and he didn’t want to let go.

My friend then told me to shout in order to frighten the dead soul so he could let me go. I shouted once but he could not hear me. Then, I shouted the second time, “OI!!!” at the top of my voice.

I woke up, startled by my own scream. I was glad it was merely a dream.

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