2009 in Chronological Order

2009 has been a challenging year. It moved on really fast – totally like in a blink of an eye. In just 365 days, I have put on more weight (geez!), traveled to a few nice places with family and friends, celebrated a new beginning for my sister, so on and so forth. Decided to come up with a short chronology on how the year came and gone.

16th January – Became witness and photographer for a dear friend’s marriage registration at Putrajaya.

14th February – Datin cooked me a fantastic lunch for my birthday. Invited several friends to join and May baked me a nice oreo cheesecake.

27th February – Went to Macau/Hong Kong the second time. Visited long lost friend. Vincent.

5th April – By-election for Bukit Gantang – Changkat Jering where PAS won the votes in Chinese majority village – Kuala Sepetang, my late grandma’s hometown.

11th April – Ryne and Curly came back from Melbourne and we had a blast.

21st May – Kris Allen was crowned winner of the 8th American Idol, but we knew who the true winner was. Hehe! Glambert mania is on!

25th June – King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed on. May his soul rest in peace.

23rd July – Birth of little Terence – baby to the one who got hitched on 16th January.

25th July – Another great personality passed on. Rest in peace, Kak Yasmin.

6th August – Lenny finally sold off her house we went to Vietnam Kitchen for a feast.

9th September – My only sis got registered at Thean Hou Temple along with 239 couples in the afternoon session.

10th September – A dear friend underwent double heart valves replacement. This girl is a hero!

20th September – The chaotic yet, blissful wedding reception of my sis and bro-in-law. Thanks to my friends who shared with me this memorable event.

21st September – Yip proposed to Wai Ling in Japan.

26th September – Made a short trip to Bangkok. Was turned into a shopaholic overnight! You can get crazy over there!

9th October – Dimple returned to Malaysia for a short break. We went out for a chat over a great dinner and bid good bye to another year.

20th October – A short trip to Eastern China. Super impressed with the infrastructure and cleanliness.

29th October – My only uncle from my dad’s side who lived in Penang passed on.

23rd November – Adam Lambert launched his debut album, For Your Entertainment and got into trouble for simulating oral sex with a male dancer and sticking his tongue into his straight keyboardist’s throat. Scandalous!

5th December – Lenny, my buddy who now resides in Singapore with her lovely son and husband completed her first full marathon (42.2 km!!) in 6 hrs 17 mins. Way to go, buddy!

5th December – Visited Carcosa Seri Negara for the first and last time.

18th December – Despite all the differences we had for the past few years, I attended Sam’s wedding at Imbi Palace. Here’s wishing him much happiness and love.

19th December – My cousin brother in Penang welcomed a healthy baby girl to his family. Congratulations!

20th December – Brittany Murphy – (I loved her in Little Black Book), died of cardiac arrest. 2009 is indeed a bad year for celebrities!

25th December – Watched the must awaited movie, Muallaf.

29th December – Posted my first story in City of Shared Stories, Kuala Lumpur.

31st December – High Court decided to allow a Catholic weekly to use the word “Allah“. Probably the fairest news all year.

Chronology aside, this year I learn to truly appreciate true friends. I was very touched when a friend helped another during the passing of the latter’s dad. She helped without being prompted. She assisted a friend right throughout the whole process – from releasing the deceased from hospital till the day he was laid to rest. May he rest in peace. This friend, without complaints – lacking sleep,running back and forth with the family, helping the friend when she was at the most vulnerable state. This friend is a real champ. I am glad to have met this person.

I have met the kindest soul too. She raised RM10k for charity to assist children with congenital heart diseases to have a new lease of life and even climbed Mount Kinabalu as a tribute to friends and strangers who helped her to raise the fund! What a brave and determined young lady!

2009 is also a year of diseases. Firstly, the H1N1 outbreak in Mexico which took many lives sometime in April 2009 and spread all over the world. We were all told to be aware of second wave which might be even stronger than the first. I first heard of helicobacter which affected my colleague and also Kawasaki disease which affected a colleague’s 2 year old daughter. Diseases are getting more and peskier and there seemed to be a mutation pattern. This is really scary.

I think 2009 is probably the worst for politics. I foresee much worse to come. What to do if you have clowns running the country. There are infighting within parties and those idiots are too blinded by greed for power and money that they ignored the important things like economic crisis, climate changes, escalating crimes, brain drain etc.

Seriously, it’s all rhetoric when they want to implement “unity”. 1M this, 1M that. Kiss my ass. For God’s sake, if only they could just open their eyes wide and see that, actually most Malaysians are rather unified lot, save for a handful of idiots who think this country belongs to themselves only and probably can carry all their wealth and material things to the grave. What a bunch of morons. I think if only the government would put things into perspective and start to improve on infrastructures, safety, health care, education, prevent brain drain etc, this would directly affect the sentiments of the everyday people. “Unity” would eventually take place because everyone is happy.

Let’s hope 2010 will bring in more hope for the otherwise downward spiral running of the country. My dear loved ones and readers alike, I pray for your safety, peace and most importantly, good health. And as for myself, in addition to the three things, I am trying to learn to be less judgmental.

Happy Blessed New Year 2010!

11 thoughts on “2009 in Chronological Order

  1. happy new year gina!

    i love that ‘a city of shared stories KL’ page! thanks for sharing and thanks for putting up that cute story abt your parents! lol

    here’s to a peaceful, joyful and successful 2010!

  2. ai shiang: Oh.. I just checked back my blog and I have this folder with pictures and dates, so I could write a chronology for the year. Hehe! Happy new year!

  3. A full year indeed for you! Amazing how time flies …. & now it’s the start of a new year, a new decade … to tell you the truth, I’m a bit daunted by it …

  4. shorthorse: I think everyone would come to a point where transitional stages would take place. I guess, 10 years or a decade can be pretty daunting to people, especially when we are growing old. The past 10 years have been good to us.. but then environmental wise, it’s getting worse. Governance also getting worse. So, everyone would be feeling the same thing.. have no fear. I think somehow or rather, some miracles might just happen. We gotta have faith.

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