Short Stories

Since I will be away for a few days, I decided to put up stories I wrote in City of Shared Stories – Kuala Lumpur here to entertain you guys. Feel free to write your own stories and remember to share it with us here as well!

September 2006: Toothpick – Actually, I wrote this one in my old blog sometime in September 2006.

The Lioness and the Hyenas – I noticed some grammar mistakes… *cringe*

Who’s Your Daddy? – Evil me!

Thank God for Night Blindness – Ah… the innocence of youth.

Milo Fear Factor – If I can do this, I can do anything! Haha!

Enjoy. If you like them, just click I like the story too. Let me know which one is your favorite.😀

8 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. I clicked for all … kakakaka…. cos i loved em all.. but my favorite of the lots has to be “Thank God for Night Blindness” for ur blurness… I did dat a few times too during my secondary school days.. there’s this cyclist who’d wait outside our school’s bus stop for innocent shoolgirls (like myself) n den pretend to ask us for direction… n his ding dong wud b hanging out his cycling shorts (dis is intentional cos a couple of my frens caught d same guy with d same act everytime he pulls d same ploy)… i blur sotong wudn;t notice it cos obviously i’m looking at his face whilst talking to him n not anywhere else… so u shud as ur fren dis… “what the heck were u doin looking at his crotch… hamsup”… LOLs

    And “Milo Fear Factor”… OMG… ew ew ew ew ew… I wud’ve screamed n run crying n brushing everything in dettol (which wud prolly end up poisoning me in d process)

  2. hahahahahah i really couldn’t stop laughing at milo fear factor (however evil that may be)

    seriously though if that happened to me i would be seriously traumatized cos i absolutely ABHOR lizards and i’m deathly afraid of them!!! i had a nightmare about lizards too which happened when going to sleep after eating too many sticks of haji samuri satay at damansara…. hmmm could that be a city of shared stories story? 😛 (wait, damansara considered KL ah?)

  3. ai shiang: Haha! I never say I am an angel.😛

    asstha: Haha! Relax lah. I think after the episode I am not afraid of lizards anymore. I have seen a lizard as big as 1 foot in my old student house!! Super gigantic!

    hcpen: Thanks!!

    ai shiang: Yes.. I know what you mean. HAHAHA!

    shorthorse:😀 I think our old parents always remind us of their sweet courtship years, despite all the bickering.. I think it’s part and parcel of a married life.

    lingzie: Yes.. Damansara is in KL. Haha. Selayang is half KL.

    Ann: I know.. this is the story that acted as an ice breaker to start our friendship, remember? Haha!

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