Best Employee

I wrote about this ex boss here. Since I am a nice person (ahem!), I still keep in touch with her. About a month ago, she called me to offer me a job. Her immediate boss will be transferred to another department and would let her head her own department. So, she’s very excited to hire her own assistant. She asked me if I am interested to assist her again. I told her, why not? As long as the pay is good, I wouldn’t mind. She said she will let me know and the interview would just be a formality process. She wants me in the department. BADLY.

So, I had sleepless nights thinking of the impending new job.

What will happen to my current boss if I leave? Nobody is indispensable lah, please! Can he hire someone as efficient as me? Don’t flatter yourself! *Vomit* Oh, there go my long hours of sleep and jam-free journey to work! And I don’t even have to drive! You are just one bloody lazy pig! Ah, I will miss my mom’s cooking! Pig! Pig! Pig!

Then, right after my Guilin trip, she called. I haven’t really thought of moving yet. Then, she made me lose sleep for no reason.

“Sorry, I don’t think we can pay you. My company is now having cost cutting. We have to budget. So, I don’t think it’s fair to you.”

“It’s ok!” partly relieved that I don’t have to make decision. She had made it for me.

“So can you help me to find a staff?”

“Ok, I will forward details to my friends.”

“Thanks. I prefer somebody who is UNMARRIED.”

“…….” Speechless.



“Why don’t you call our spinster colleague back in the finance institution??” Sarcastic.

“I don’t want her lah. I want someone younger. You know ah, unmarried people easier to deal with lah. No need to take leave because of children or husband. Later children sick lah this and that. I am also married so, I prefer somebody who is not married.”

“…..” fucking speechless.

“Then also someone who can stay back late after work one, don’t mind to stay back. Then, someone who doesn’t play politics. You know someone like you. I hate people who do office politics. If can ah, I sudah hire you lor! I really like you. You fit all  my requirements!”

“Oh yeah? I am the best employee ya? Thank you thank you! I am so honored!” – me thinking aloud. “Ok ok… I better go liao. No battery lah my phone.” Fucking pissed.

“OK thanks ya. You let me know okay if your friends are interested.”


To the hell with her!

I simply don’t understand why she believes that unmarried people don’t have a life?? Being unmarried made a person less human is it? Is being unmarried a cardinal sin is it? That is why she can punish unmarried people by working them to death?

If a person is not allowed to go on leave, then please implement a job without annual leave lah! Or better still, go hire a robot lah! Don’t even need coffee or toilet breaks! Definitely won’t gossip also! Cilakak!

12 thoughts on “Best Employee

  1. Eeeee yer ….. aren’t you glad you jump into this flaming hot pan? It’s your current bosses’ gain & your ex-bosses’ loss…….. ! God was looking out for you…🙂

  2. Ann: I think she really belongs to the old school thinking.. but then, I heard in some countries, they even fire their employees for getting pregnant. Haha!

    hcpen: In this line, there are more females and males.. I guess even if male also, probably she will impose same criteria… haha!

    ponytail: You are right.. memang good luck to her. I bet she will call me again in no time to ask me for help.

    shorthorse: Yes.. I am glad I don’t have to work with someone with the mentality of a katak di bawah tempurung!

  3. aiyo…i dunno to whether to read her comment is a compliments or an insult. Being unmarried doesn’t equal to having no life…and c’mon, everyone plays politics even the makcik cleaner in the office.

    Which world is she living in now….she don’t require a human worker, but a machine ….

  4. unkaleong: Precisely! I also leave earlier than others in my office. Hahaha!!

    Cee: She’s probably still living with yorais in zaman dinosaur lah, from the way things coming out from her mouth. Leadership by example? Haha.

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