Random Notes

No Mandarin orange kah?

This year, Chinese New Year falls on 14th February. Till now, there is no mandarin orange in sight. For the past few years, a month before CNY, my house would be packed with mandarin oranges, courtesy from our suppliers, vendors, contractors, clients, etc. The office is always very generous in giving out oranges given by our counterparts. Almost every day till CNY, we would be getting 3-5 oranges per day to bring home. So, we would end up with 1-2 boxes by CNY, so we save a lot of money! My family don’t really eat mandarin oranges. We just give them away for our visitors or bring them with us when we visit other people. This year, nothing. Tarak. Zit. Elek. Zero. Then some people say economy is recovering. Recovering my ass. Orange pun tarak.


Every day without fail, you will get all kinds of rubbish spewing from the mouths of our so called leaders. Like everyone else, for a very long time, we read papers these days not for news, but more for entertainment. Who needs gossip magazines when you have them every day in the national newspapers?

Busy Week

It’s already the 21st day to the new year. How time flies! For the past two weeks, I’ve been busy catching up with friends. Want to watch tv also no time! Sigh! So that explains the lack of updates. Simply no time and no mood, actually. And I am also mentally tired. I think I’ll write something when somebody pisses me off. Haha! I am getting very, very absent minded as well. If Kat didn’t sms me last week, I would have totally forgotten to pick her and Rob up from KLCC for dinner!

Credit card

I have yet to decide which credit card to forego because I don’t want to pay for the stupidly imposed RM50. EON Bank is solely for insurance because I could save the 5% interest if I pay monthly premiums to ING and 2% savings of total premiums if I pay annually. That’s a lot of savings if you bought a lot of insurance! Maybank, well despite it being an obnoxious bank, I kinda like the points redemption free gifts that came with the card. You get to redeem cool things with the least credit card points.  I think it would be good to have an international bank card if you are traveling, so I am keeping Citibank as well. Macam mana ni? *Scratch head*

7 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. aiyo, dun talk abt oranges….even wanna buy vege or meat or fishes for the CNY is a headache…..prices all soaring and some ppl will hoard supplies to be sold closer to CNY for a higher price.

    as usual, pushing the buck to the consumers….2008 inscrease the interest rate for CC, tis yr pulak pay additional Rm50/card….next wat?

  2. re: Busy week.

    Sometime it is easier to write when you have complaints rather than when you’re happy isn’t it? I am always quiet when I’m happy. Noise and loud when I’m irritated :o)

  3. ah no wonder you’ve been missing from the blogosphere.
    truthfully me also no mood to blog.

    talking abt no mandarin oranges in sight, we had soooo few calendars and diaries this year from suppliers etc. previous years we had so many extra ones we didnt know what to do with them.

    as for CC, i only have 2 (one master one visa) so i think im gonna keep them both la, altho the rm50 thing is a real pain!!

  4. Cee: I think sooner or later, we will revert back to barter system from the way things are going.

    ai shiang: Haha! I guess when one is happy, because he or she is too busy spending time with friends, going holidays or spending time at home with family. We usually need an outlet to vent anger.. so, we will tend to write more when we are angry.. so that, we don’t have to vent it out on our poor, hapless friends. Haha! So, I gather, you are always happy?😀

    javapot: I am Ms Hoarder.. So, I think I am going to hoard all my credit cards as well. Haha!

    lingzie: Yeah.. but not one week yet.. I just written a new piece. Actually I drew these things last month but no time to scan them till now. Haha. Yeah.. this year no hamper yet also.. normally quite a lot. But the number is dwindling by the years. My colleagues said, last time, they can even get one hamper all to themselves.. now one hamper to be shared by entire dept!

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