Road Idiots

I guess I am one of the lucky few people who don’t need to be on the road for long hours to get to work. If your work place is just 5 minutes away from your house, I tell you, you will never change your job. Haha!

Anyhow, this does not stop me from experiencing blood pressure rising moments on the road when meeting with these people (are they even human??) during one of my rare drives. Seriously, I salute myself (when I was working in the heart of KL) and some of you people who have to brave 1-1.5 hours jam to work every morning. For entertainment sake, I put up some drawings to illustrate how frustrating it is to encounter such morons and idiots on the road.

Don’t you just hate it when a moron hogs your lane when he was supposed to keep to his right in order to get into the lane he wanted? I supposed he’s not lost because there are MANY of such kind trying to cut the Q by going into people’s lane only to get back to their lanes to avoid waiting time.

Don’t you just hate it when a moron hogs the left turning because he cannot wait at the long traffic light and trying to cut into the lane as soon as the light turns green.

Don’t you just hate it when you are driving on the fast lane, then there’s this idiot coming at you from behind at even faster speed?? Like running 180 kmph on a 80 kmph lane??? The best part is all the cars in front of you are also travelling at 80 – 100 kmph only and there are SO MANY CARS on the road. Worse is when you are driving at night and these road bullies modified their headlights which can blind you!?

This happened awhile ago and I wrote about it. I think this is THE ULTIMATE cause of traffic jams in Malaysia. So many KPC on the road!!

Some people just like to hog the fast lane even when they are driving like 50 kmph on a rather clear road. Please lah. If you want to take all the time in the world, please go to the slow lane lah.  Better still, don’t drive,  please do everyone a favor and buy yourself a bus card. Like that, you can even sleep in the bus! You might cause accidents if some idiot coming at you as fast as running away from the meteorites in 2012!

I can NEVER understand people who drive 40 – 60 kmph on the fast lane.

This happened in my office. Imagine, the company compound is quite large, there are plenty of parking spaces. One would just need to walk a bit further away if one could not get a parking lot nearby office. However, there is this particular moron who always park at the passage way where cars would be passing by. This of course, inevitably caused inconvenience to others. The best part is, this moron would scream at the security guard whenever he asked her not to park there. What a moron, huh?

They say, if you repeat the same mistake twice, then you are stupid. How about if you repeat 10x? Haha! I rest my case.

Well, hope you had a laugh. We all need a little humor every day. What to do? God made jerks, morons and idiots and put them in this world to entertain Himself. Haha.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

* The rectangular shapes represent vehicles lah.

10 thoughts on “Road Idiots

  1. lol. memang some of this drivers deserved to be banned for life on the road. you can imagine my frustration when i have to deal with this shit not only on the highway but outside my house, coz there is a secondary school there. even the pedestrians schoolkids also morons wan.

  2. hahahhahahahhaaha

    ok la if i was you stuck behind or being inconvenienced by these blardee idiots, this wouldnt be funny. but i really love your doodlings!!:)

    seriously though, if i had colleagues soooo bodoh like your last two doodles, i sure slash their tires or scratch their cars or something already!! dunno why some ppl can be so tarak otak.

    i always tell the bf that i wish i was some ‘hak seh woi’ ‘tai kar jie’ then all these blardee morons on the road will sure kena kao kao from me (or more like my ‘leng’) muahahahahaha…

  3. lingzie: Hahahah!! I can imagine.. tai kah cher Lingzie. Hahahah!!! Yeah.. I always have this feeling of taking the club that Bamm Bamm used in Flintstone to club those people’s heads! Yes.. I agree.. the person who parked in the last two doodles memang tarak otak.. mungkin otak udang.. all shit inside.

  4. unkaleong: Hahaha!! Yes.. that too! Normally, I will also picit gas to fill the gap even if the stupid slow-at-first-then-last-minute-picit-gas fella trying to stop me from entering the gap.

    Wai Ling: Haha! What to do? God created such morons to remind us how normal the rest of us are.

  5. fishtail: Hahaha! Yes.. always happening.. what to do lah kan? I wonder if there is something to be done about it, probably alter their genetics to be more law abiding?

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