Better Shut Up Lah!

Last Friday, I was at my friend’s pre-wedding buffet party. There were much merriment in the house with close-knitted family and friends. The buffet spread was great, especially when Mrs Yap cooked them all herself! Imagine rendang ayam at its best, stewed pork belly, crispy buttered prawns, yam cake, chai ngor.. (she’s my chai ngor sifu by the way), etc. Then, there was this little girl from next door came over to celebrate too with her mom and dad. She’s only 2.5 years old but the way she talked and walked, she sure looked like an adult.

She was polite enough to address everyone in the house. When she was about to address me, she didn’t hesitate and called me, “Fei Fei” on the spot. My friends laughed so hard. I too, chuckled away. Cilakak budak! Never give face! I thought to myself. Then I told her, it’s okay for her to call me “Fei Fei” but she better not start calling all fatties she might meet, the same.

Then, we were looking at my friend’s wedding picture. Curious, the little girl demanded to have a look too. Since I was engrossed in looking at the pictures, I ignored her. Then, she suddenly called me “Jie Jie” instead of “Fei Fei”. Her mom came in just when I teased the little girl, “Very pandai ah you! When you want something, you call me Jie Jie lah? Just now you call me Fei Fei?” The little girl looked disappointed and started to sulk.

The mom turned red and somewhat appeared to be apologetic. I was thinking, she must be very embarrassed that she didn’t teach the daughter how to behave.

“Oh! She was watching tv with this character Fei Fei in the series. So, she thought you look like Fei Fei. Fei Fei in the series ah, is pregnant. So now, she sees somebody looked like Fei Fei, she will call her Fei Fei. She didn’t mean it.” Her mom offered explanation rather apologetically.

My mind went blank for awhile.

What was that? What was her mom trying to tell me? Is being labeled pregnant far, far better than being fat? Hello? I know I am fat. I am ok if small children called me a fatty because I know one day, they will too, ended being as fat as or much, much grossly obese than me when they grow up. Karma is a bitch! LOL! Evil thoughts!

I was rather amused by her explanation. Hilarious! Sometimes, things are better off left at where it is. You know. Just laugh at it, and shut the fuck up if you have nothing better to say.

Well, I think at least, one thing came out good for sure. We know her daughter is not capable of telling lies.

6 thoughts on “Better Shut Up Lah!

  1. hahaha..she prob made up the story to make u feel better..aiya, can’t blame her lar..she prob didn’t realise her ‘pregnant better than fat’ rationale was worse!

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