How Stupid Can One Get?

Not too long ago, we read with disgust that there are bomohs, soothsayers, etc out there to cheat and lie hapless elderly people of their life savings. A few years ago, my relative was one of the victims.

As usual, this distant aunt of mine went to the wet market one unfortunate morning. She was approached by three ladies in the market, telling her that her son is in trouble. If she didn’t do what they say, the son would die. Somehow, this aunt is very well known for being rather shrewd and stingy, we were surprised that she fell victim to their lies. She took the three ladies home and started to ransack her own house for jewelry and cash. Her son – the one that supposed to die, was at home when the mom came back with the ladies. He tried his best to ask what happened but his mom kept pushing him away. It was as if she was possessed. He yelled and screamed and tried to stop his mom but to no avail.

After making away with RM30,000, the three ladies left her house. Then only, the aunt suddenly woke up and realized she has been duped. But it was too late. They went to lodge a police report but as usual lah, what can they do? Not even offering comforting words. The best part is, some 2 weeks later, one of the ladies came back to look for my aunt but this time, the black magic/ voo doo/ santau didn’t work. The stupid woman was almost beaten to death. When they handed her over to the police, the police said, they did not have any evidence to lock her up and let her go! HOW FUCKING STUPID AND IDIOTIC!!!!

Yesterday, I was having dinner with my friends when I was told of some stories of being lied and cheated. A friend’s friend is single and in her 30s. She got to know a Caucasian man via internet and romance was “hot” online. The man promised her everything – the sun, the moon, the stars. He even said, he would come visit her soon. On the day he was supposed to arrive, he went missing in action and unreachable for days. Then, he called to say that he had fallen very ill. To compensate for his absence, he said he had delivered a present to her.

As usual lah, the package got stuck some place and needed money for clearance. If you are talking about RM100, then fine lah. This one is RM20,000!!! What fuck clearance can cost so much money?? Probably the “present” also not worth that much! Against all protests and advices from rational friends, this stupid woman quietly took a loan from the bank to pay for the “clearance”. Yes, you guess it right. The man and the money magically disappeared in thin air. Till today, she is still financing the RM20,000 she gotten from the bank to pay for her stupidity. If you ask me, she memang asked for it! Loh lei jin!

Another story was about a divorcee in her 40s. Same thing happened. The Briton promised to see her but he never turned up. She is all ready to quit her job, pack her bags and move to England. Seriously, if a man is very much in love with you, nothing will stop him from coming to see you! With cheap air tickets nowadays, he can practically fly to see you every month! Nothing can stop him! Oprah said it best – If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behaviour. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that’s not meant to be.

Well, not all men are out there to cheat you. There is this friend who got to know a Briton from the internet. Within three months, the man actually flew to Kuala Lumpur to see her. Knowing that their relationship is still new, he didn’t force her to quit her job to move with him to England. He gave her time to think things over and came to visit her again in Kuala Lumpur six months later. The relationship has been blossoming well. He knew that my friend is afraid of the cold weather, he bought her air tickets to fly to England this coming summer!

Well, if you ask me, how do I know for sure that this man is not after her money? Well, she’s relatively broke every month and lives from one pay check to another, in heavy debts with the credit cards which the man eventually helped her to clear and he even bank in money for her to use every month! And, really.. she’s not even drop dead gorgeous. Hahahahah!!! So bad! I really hope things would turn out to be good for her.😀

So women! If you feel unsure of your “relationship”, please get advice from your rational friends. Seriously, when you are in love, you would be  too blinded by emotions and passion to make any sound decisions. (Sometimes, I could never understand “what passion?” since everything is ONLINE! The only passion you get is probably with your fingers. LOL!).

Please! Listen to your friends! Even if the truth really hurts.

5 thoughts on “How Stupid Can One Get?

  1. hey gina, ur story for the clearance of d package sounded familiar… a fren told me d same story dat happened to her fren… no idea if she did d same thing or not or else i’d wonder if it’s even d same person…
    aih… wat has d world come to???😦

  2. Ann: Once they are blind, they will continue to be blind if they turn their backs on friends who have been with them through thick and thin. I feel very sad for such people.

    : I think it’s a scam lah. So, please tell your friends do not fall prey.. and indeed, sometimes things are just too good to be true… are actually lies, unfortunately.

  3. Alas, that’s the m.o. of confidence tricksters … to prey on ppl’s weakness & fears …… For me, scam artists no different from snatch thieves or robbers alike…. C.R.I.M.I.N.A.L.S!

  4. shorthorse: Yes.. I think all kinds of scams are crimes.. because they cheat people who worked hard and made an honest living. Sigh. Very sad, isn’t it?

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