CNY and Bday Makan-Makan

Gong Xi Fa Cai for Tiger Year 2010!

Since my birthday and Chinese New Year coincide on the same day this year, my friends decided to throw me parties a week in advance! It’s always very thoughtful of them! Thank you very much!

“Sing Long” Yee Sang from Jusco, RM19.88. If you notice, no “fish”. You have to add on yourself. Haha!

Over the lunches and dinners, we had yee sang as well. I was told that yee sang is only being eaten in Malaysia. I’ve always thought yee sang originated from Hong Kong! A quick check on the internet revealed otherwise. My friends were not totally right either. In fact, I read from the Wikipedia that, yee sang was actually eaten by fisherman in Guongzhou, to celebrate their catch on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, also known as “Renri” – “Human Day”. Hahahaa! Direct translation sucks! This delicacy existed since the Song Dynasty! Then, in the 1960, a Singapore chef in Lai Wah restaurant formulated a new recipe for the yee sang that we enjoy today. For more info, you may click here.

Well, I think this blog has been deprived of food pictures lately, so, here are some of the stuffs that my friends cooked over the weekend. So, salivate away! Haha!

Vegetable penne pasta with sausages and garden salad

Fresh Yee Sang from Sek Yuen, 1 mai for RM40

Nam Yue fried chicken

Guilin mee hoon with minced pork & mushrooms

Pita bread with chopped ham and cheddar cheese

Gong xi fa cai, fellow readers and friends! May you be blessed 10,000 folds this Chinese New Year with immaculate health, abundant love and endless prosperity!

10 thoughts on “CNY and Bday Makan-Makan

  1. Oh! your birthday is on 14 Feb? That’s easy to remember :o)

    I had CNY and my birthday on the same day too long long long ago. It never seems to be in January anymore.

    Happy Birthday is advance! Don’t forget to drink lots of water, those food look quite “heaty”

  2. Oh i like the look of that ‘guilin mee hoon’!! Haha..also, wow, u were born on valentines day?! what a great day and easy to rem somemore, can have romantic and b’day celebration every year then! no excuse for ur hubby to forget!

  3. ai shiang: Yes.. also, my Chinese bday fall on the 15th day of the Lunar year as well. Double Valentines! I guess that is why I am pre-destined to be alone. Haha! Thanks for the wishes.

    Wai Ling: Haha! Yes.. don’t say I never warn you!😀

    hcpen: Yes.. it’s very nice. I got the meehoon from Guilin, then my friend cooked it.😀 Have to soak overnight though coz it’s really hard! Haha! Provided someone wants to marry me lah.. otherwise no point also. Hahahha!! Thanks!

  4. ….*melelehing* ….

    Wow, your friends can really cook up a storm .. ummm CNY cum b’day meal man! The food looks divine…. as if they were being served in a restaurant! Happy B’day, Happy Valentine’s Day & Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance …. 10,000 folds of blessings for good health, good wealth & all things nice to you too!

  5. shorthorse: The two yee sang not cooked lah. They are bought.. yes.. I have good friends who are great cooks! You can tell by my size! Hahaha!!! Gong xi fa cai to you and Tony too!

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  7. Wishing you an advance Happy Birthday!! Since it falls on the 1st day of CNY, may you receive everythg in double….double happiness, great health and lots of wealth…🙂

  8. wishing you an early Happy Birthday!!🙂
    wah this year you triple celebration ya… hehehe…
    wishing you great health, abundant wealth, prosperity, joy & happiness and lots more holidays!! (so we can read about them…hehe)

    ps: that guilin meehoon with mince pork and mushrooms looks really good!! my kind of dish!😛

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