Happy Birthday!

Well, if you count from the first day I blogged in blogspot, it would be 6th year today. How time flies! Blog is a good way to communicate and build network with people – sharing good things in life, hope to inspire others and be inspired. I guess it has been a rather pleasant blogging journey, well, at least for me.

When we were little, we wished that there were more candles on the cake so that we could get the thrills whenever we blow each of them out. Once you past 30 years old, that’s it lah. You wish people will forget your birthday. Or hoping that it would be just another ordinary day passing by without you having to think about it.  Hahaha!

To those who said, “Come on! Age is just a number!” My reply, “Yeah right!” There is no one day going by without feeling slight pains here and there, the aching back when springing out from bed (for me, I never spring.. I begrudgingly get out from bed every morning.. haha!), or the grinding feelings on the knees when climbing the stairs. Oh my! I am aging! Ok! Enough of negative talking!

Since my blog birthday coincides with my birthday as well, here, I present to you pictures of the lovely cakes my very thoughtful friends baked or bought for me.  It’s good to feel so loved. I thank my lucky stars for having such wonderful people around me and pray that good wishes and blessings will always be upon them! And of course, not forgetting the equally wonderful people – readers like you!

Banana choc cake covered with yummy chocolate ganache. May baked this! Thanks!

Colorful Jelly Cake which is exceptionally delicious especially when a cute waiter brought it out and sang, Happy Birthday in his husky, melodious voice! Hahahaha!!! Menggatal lah tu!

Super, SUPER delicious Suchan’s tiramisu – with a male model’s hand LOL!

Gong xi fa cai, again!

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