Good Deal, Great Meal

I think this restaurant needs no introduction for Selayang folks. It has always been packed for as long as I remember. In the receipt, it was stated Shun Jie Seafood Restaurant, but the signboard shows Hoi Yuen. So, I was not sure of the real name of this restaurant. This is the same restaurant that I have blogged about good vegetarian meals and prawn mee in the mornings.

I have yet to try ordering dishes. So, this CNY, I took the opportunity to have a meal there.

I didn’t know what to order and what’s good, so I asked the waitress to give us some recommendations. She recommended the following:-

Kong Lam Har (RM82)

Steamed Patin fish (RM44.50)

Gwei Fei Tofu (RM11)

Sambal prawn French beans (RM13)

When she suggested “Kong Lam Har”, I was apprehensive because it’s going to cost a bomb! I asked for the price for 100g. When she said RM8, I was further surprised! Casa Venicia is selling 100g at RM25!! I quickly snapped up the offer and instead of eating half prawn per person, we ended having one whole big prawn to ourselves! I asked for 3 big prawns and it’s 1 kg already! Casa Venicia’s prawns are better but then, I think this is quite alright for my taste (also, the waitresses here are far, far more friendly!). My other two friends felt that the prawn was a bit hard and elastic. Hahaha!!!

As for the fish, I think they have other selection of fish too. But being CNY, we rather stick to a safe (cheap!) choice, which is the patin. It came up to RM44.50 for 850g. Takeshi complained that patin was too fatty. But I like patin fish. Fatty is good what. Ada Omega 3! Haha! We saw a lot of tables serving assam tilapia. Perhaps, that is the shop’s specialty? Perhaps, I shall try that in my next visit.

Their specialty tofu is a winner! It has slices of abalone on top of egg tofu, covered in thick oyster sauce and generous chunky garlic!

The French beans in sambal prawn is also delicious! The prawns are finely chopped and the French beans are not overly cooked to maintain its crunchiness. Sambal is not too hot either so, I guess it’s good for people who cannot take too spicy food.

Overall, it was a damn good meal. For RM156.50 for 3 during CNY where prices of goods soared like crazy, I think it’s a fairly good deal as well. Good deal, great meal!

Hoi Yuen/Shun Jie Seafood Restaurant
No. 1, Jalan SJ 1,
Taman Selayang Jaya
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

Closed on Thursdays.
*The seafood is only served at night. This restaurant serves equally good noodles for breakfast and lunch.

7 thoughts on “Good Deal, Great Meal

  1. unkaleong: Kiong Hee Huat Chai! You can try the black pepper prawns if they don’t have kong lam har. And their kung pou mantis prawn is very crispy one! *Yum*

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