Spending My Time

I have the feeling that the days are way too shortened. How time flies. Now it’s already going to the end of a quarter year! By the time my eyes reluctantly open to greet the day at 7.45 am sharp every morning, before I knew it, I am already on my way home to have lunch! Then, going home for the day to watch some meaningless soap operas on tv, and eventually going back to sleep and continue to have scattered dreams. And the cycle starts all over again.

It’s pleasant to know that, I’ve booked my flight ticket since last May during Air Asia sale and got the tickets dirt cheap. With seats allocation and meals both ways, I only paid Rm173 nett. So, I am going off for the weekend to Macau and Hong Kong again for the third time. I love Macau! At least there are some changes in otherwise routine days.

My friend in Hong Kong suddenly said, his mom and brother in law will be visiting him over the same weekend and apologized profusely for being unable to host us at his house in Yuen Long. I don’t care lah. This time Yung Kee’s roast goose is on him! Haha! A frantic last minute plan was executed. We were thinking of doing HK for a day but since a friend who hasn’t been to HK will be traveling with us this time, we decided to bunk into cheap hostel for a night. (Actually, it’s more about the food! Haha!) Instead of going to HK on Saturday, I will be making my way to HK on Sunday and going back to Macau on Monday night. Hope that the weather is agreeable with us. It’s not going to be pleasant to be traveling on ferry on stormy nights.

A friend complained that I haven’t been updating my blog religiously. Well, to make matters worse now.. my house wireless router decided to die on me. Haha. Kinda good also. No more gossiping at night to add on to my already overflowing demerits which secured me a spot in hell. Haha!

The book I read, the Gargoyles by Andrew Davidson – well, I must say, you guys shouldn’t miss reading this book. I’ve been spending restless nights reading it way past bed time. It didn’t appear to be a romance book at first – well, I’ve passed the age of wanting to read soppy romantic stories but, this one, is not the “usual” kind of romance. The wealth of emotions it portrayed is rather extraordinary. It really stirs your emotions as you read on and there is an unexplainable thirst after finishing one chapter. A thirst for more stories, more suspense, more heart breaks, more shocking moments, etc. that made you keep turning the pages. I cried in 3 parts while reading the book – page 360, 446 and 461.

“I love you. Aishiteru. Ego amo te. Ti amo. Ég elska Þig. Ich liebe dich.”

Well, here’s wishing you guys a good weekend ahead. Will find time to blog after my trip.

Another Good Weekend

What is a good weekend without good food and good company? After listening to Lil raving about Typica, I decided to join her in one of her coffee addiction fix. I think Typica need no introduction. A quick search online, you could see a few blogs (I particularly liked this one!) raving about this place. I must say, I agree with them all – in terms of coffee taste, ambiance, value for money and the desserts in the form of home made cakes compliment everything! I am definitely going there for many, many times soon.

My order, the iced drip Guatemalaaromatic bitter, invoking your senses!

To-die-for yam cake and lemon cheese cake!

After coffee, since we haven’t been to Petaling Street in ages, we decided to go there for dinner. It’s good to stroll down memory lane. When I was still in secondary school, Living Cabin was known as Silver Ho. And it has this very big shop inside Kota Raya. I can safely bet that most of us, who went tuition in the 90s, would have gone to this place after every tuition class to immerse ourselves in the wonderland of adorable things that some we couldn’t afford. I still have loads of stickers from yesteryears.. some of which, I’ve passed on to Sasha and Lok Lok.

The ever orgasmic claypot lou shu fan!

We went to have dinner at Nam Heong. I still remember this was the joint to go to after our every clubbing session to ease our hunger pangs after a vigorous dancing session. Sigh. Those were the good old days! We always order the claypot lou shu fan and yong tao foo and fried sui kao. Yummy!

Yong Tao Foo – I always order everything one piece!

On Sunday, we went to visit a friend who had just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Before that, we made our way to sample the nasi lemak at Village Park, Damansara Utama. Ann promised that this is nice, otherwise, she won’t bring me. True enough, the ayam goreng rempah is damn mouth-watering! So is the beef rendang! But then, we were all very thirsty after that. Ajinomoto kot? The weather was rather hot too, so we don’t really know and don’t really care.


I put up a status update in my FB to find out where to get a good cheeseburger around KL after being disappointed in Yogi Tree on Thursday night, a friend offered to cook for me! So this Tower of Babylon version of burger would round up my blog post for another good weekend! I am truly blessed! Hope your weekend is just as blessed!

Tower of Babylon burger

Office Clowns

The Tikus

I went to the pantry this morning to make my usual cup of Neslo when I overheard the Tikus talking.

“Saya sudah tak makan nasi. Dah satu minggu dah. Satu badan lemah macam tak ada tenaga. Pergi hospital, doctor kata, kena masuk wad. Saya cakap saya tak nak! Saya tak suka. Nanti kena cucuk jarum sana sini, sakit betul lah. Saya tak tau lah. Apa nak buat? Sudah tak minum susu sejat pun. Nescafé pun saya tak minum dah. Doctor cakap jangan minum kafein. Nescafé banyak kafein tau. Saya beli Nescafé Gold. Tapi tak sedap. Dah satu tahun dah saya tak minum minuman manis.”

I withheld my laughter until I got out from the pantry. She must have forgotten about the 10 mooncakes she stashed away to bring home for herself during Mooncake festival last year. Maybe she’s delusional that the mooncakes are sugarless and yolk-less. She doesn’t eat rice one week before her check up and she believes that it would lower her sugar level. Every morning, without fail, I would see her having breakfast of nasi lemak or lontong or mee hoon goreng. She would wash it all down with a jug of teh tarik ais. Don’t say that you have skipped taking sweet things for one whole year. My eyes are watching you!!

Powderful England

Usually, I would check all the minutes (for grammar!) before passing them to my boss for signature, with the exception of the HR minutes. Sometimes, there are a lot of sensitive things inside which I think it’s best not to know too much. After all, the person who wrote the minute speaks Queen’s English! When the person got transferred, she handed the job to a new executive. Thinking that the executive graduated from New Zealand, I took it for granted. It was when my boss threw the minute out and asked to do amendments, I was very shocked to read the minutes. Just for fun, I would throw in a sentence for you to laugh at:-

3 Staff handbooks about finance factor are required. The 3 company will ABC, DEF or GHI for Company to pick only the good terms and conditions to compile as final handbook and transit all in Malay from English.

Catch no ball? LOL!

The best part is, when I amended the minutes and told her, I would e-mail her the soft copy for her reference, she got annoyed and asked me, why did I amend her minutes? I told her, her “England” is too “powderful” that I need to tone it down. I wonder if she gets my sarcasm.


Everybody in the world knows what is BTW. Ok.. maybe not. A fellow colleague thought BTW means between you and me. So she has been using between instead of BTW in her e-mails.

Between, Anne can you please let me know your decision?

LOL! Moron!!!


A fellow colleague looked somewhat like the character in Avatar. He’s tall, skinny with long limbs minus the hair with “USB port”, blue skin and long ears.

When he requested for approval to buy air tickets, I forwarded his request to the HR to make arrangement. Then, I wrote – Please arrange flight tickets for Avatar. The HR girl rolled on the floor laughing!

There’s never a dull moment in this office, I tell ya!

A Toast to Women

I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute. – Rebecca West

A few months ago, a friend just got divorced from her husband of almost 15 years. They have been high school sweet hearts and got married right after Form 5. She lived together with the husband’s family as they were still young and did not have the means to finance themselves.

Driven by love, she tried her best to keep the relationship alive. She was hardworking to make ends meet as the husband was still pursuing his studies. Eventually, they moved out from the family house when she managed to get a place on her own.

Instead of feeling thankful, he had such a wonderful wife, he took her for granted. He would gamble away all her money, sweet talk her to giving him more money for his follies. Eventually, she ran into heavy debts due to her husband’s gambling behavior. When she’s already at wits ends, holding so many jobs to pay off his debts, the idiot left her and disappeared with her belongings and emptied out their shared account. He was gone for five years.

Since she still loves him, she waited for his return. She was always sad and depressed. She has the kindest soul, and would never hesitate to help her friends if they are in need. But, she would refused if friends trying to lend her a hand. Over the years, she began to realize how foolish she was to have given up her youth and time for a man who never appreciated her. She eventually filed for divorce.

I read an interesting article from Chinese Chic which stated:

“Furthermore, a study I read about last month showed that men have less ability to feel remorse and regret for what they do (confirming my long held belief from life experience that men have less compassion/empathy GENERALLY (not saying every single male species or even a majority but just comparatively as against women). The study in the paper showed that men tend to feel guilt only towards themselves (selfish!) as opposed to women whom tended to feel guilt and care about how their actions hurt other ppl’s feelings.”

Having read that, I agreed that not all men are like that. I guess it takes time to see what a person truly becomes when the going gets tough. In any relationship, apart from love, one should also have trust and respect for each other. Otherwise, it would be too exhausting.

Here’s toasting to women who had been through against all odds and emerged triumphant in the end.

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. – Oprah Winfrey

Random Notes

I do not intend to elaborate what’s happening in Malaysia as the daily news is enough to leave us frothing in the mouths. However, I would like to highlight some news and poke fun at them. We need a little humour afterall in order to live our everyday lives here.

Two-tier petrol system

I’ve been receiving e-mails on this matter repetitively. I always ignore them. I know with almost certainty that it would never materialize. How the hell are you supposed to link petrol stations to NRD when you can’t even link the police station, JPJ and election committee to NRD?

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.” –Voltaire

Astro B.yond

When I visited my brother earlier this year at his house, I asked him if he has gotten the astro b.yond for his 42 inch LCD TV. It was a lucky thing that he is a miser and doesn’t believe in paying extra RM20 per month for the service. Thank God he didn’t! Astro’s B.yond subscribers will also have to manually reset the aspect ratios every time they change channels. Haha! Like that also can??? Imagine paying RM20 extra every month and then, having to do that all the time. It’s sure bad news for channel surfers like me! Read here to know what I am talking about!

Register as Voters

When you have reached 21 (Some of you maybe pushing 40 by now and have yet to register!), you should register yourself as voter. This is probably the ONLY undisputed right you could have in this country. Never mind if they can link petrol station to NRD but cannot automatically register those who have reached 21 to vote. While waiting for miracles to happen, why don’t you get your ass to Desa ParkCity Waterfront today (13/03/2010) and tomorrow (14/03/2010) to register? There’s a registration campaign going on there from 10 am to 9 pm. They also need volunteers to help out with the registration.