Random Notes

I do not intend to elaborate what’s happening in Malaysia as the daily news is enough to leave us frothing in the mouths. However, I would like to highlight some news and poke fun at them. We need a little humour afterall in order to live our everyday lives here.

Two-tier petrol system

I’ve been receiving e-mails on this matter repetitively. I always ignore them. I know with almost certainty that it would never materialize. How the hell are you supposed to link petrol stations to NRD when you can’t even link the police station, JPJ and election committee to NRD?

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.” –Voltaire

Astro B.yond

When I visited my brother earlier this year at his house, I asked him if he has gotten the astro b.yond for his 42 inch LCD TV. It was a lucky thing that he is a miser and doesn’t believe in paying extra RM20 per month for the service. Thank God he didn’t! Astro’s B.yond subscribers will also have to manually reset the aspect ratios every time they change channels. Haha! Like that also can??? Imagine paying RM20 extra every month and then, having to do that all the time. It’s sure bad news for channel surfers like me! Read here to know what I am talking about!

Register as Voters

When you have reached 21 (Some of you maybe pushing 40 by now and have yet to register!), you should register yourself as voter. This is probably the ONLY undisputed right you could have in this country. Never mind if they can link petrol station to NRD but cannot automatically register those who have reached 21 to vote. While waiting for miracles to happen, why don’t you get your ass to Desa ParkCity Waterfront today (13/03/2010) and tomorrow (14/03/2010) to register? There’s a registration campaign going on there from 10 am to 9 pm. They also need volunteers to help out with the registration.

6 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth…..hahaha…..so true, dah 50yrs + independance but still living in the yesteryears…you’ll be surprise with the excuses ppl can come up with….if cannot make it there, any post office also can do it and it takes less than 20mins to complete the registration.

    hahaha…talk abt Astro B.yond, I Astro also dun have wor :p …so far is happy with wat I got now

  2. Cee: Eh? Welcome back to KL.😀 Yeah.. 52 years independent dah.. tapi getting backwards the mentality.. moving towards zaman jahiliah. I really don’t know what is going to happen to this country.. we better migrate to Vietnam or Cambodia.. sell nasi lemak. LOL!

    Good.. I am paying like Rm180+ for two decoders.. and then, cannot see when it rains.. shit!

  3. This Astro B.yong thing is a great disaster, but typically so Bolehlandish: all huff and puff but soon deflates into a flat balloon. Relieved I don’t even have Astro, whether beyond or otherwise.

  4. fishtail: Guess you are the smart one.. now.. my family cannot live without Astro… they are addicted to the Singaporean soap operas.. my aunt, the hokkien operas, the kids – Animal Planet.. myself – HBO.

  5. tats y, I’ve contemplated many times whether to get or not, actually still do…lol. Cos 1) i might end up sleeping late everyday watching Astro, 2) might get hook on the series and 3) being a anti sosial cos always have to rush home to catch it and not meet up with frens….hahaha…i’ve been that b4 with the korean drama, and its not good :p

  6. Cee: No point paying Rm60++ per month.. one year Rm800+ for astro lor if you think the current tv should suffice. As for me, there are many people in my house.. so we were on astro almost 20 hours per day. The kids wake up at 8 am and starting to watch tv liao till my dad watches his badminton/soccer games till 4 am. Haha!

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