Another Good Weekend

What is a good weekend without good food and good company? After listening to Lil raving about Typica, I decided to join her in one of her coffee addiction fix. I think Typica need no introduction. A quick search online, you could see a few blogs (I particularly liked this one!) raving about this place. I must say, I agree with them all – in terms of coffee taste, ambiance, value for money and the desserts in the form of home made cakes compliment everything! I am definitely going there for many, many times soon.

My order, the iced drip Guatemalaaromatic bitter, invoking your senses!

To-die-for yam cake and lemon cheese cake!

After coffee, since we haven’t been to Petaling Street in ages, we decided to go there for dinner. It’s good to stroll down memory lane. When I was still in secondary school, Living Cabin was known as Silver Ho. And it has this very big shop inside Kota Raya. I can safely bet that most of us, who went tuition in the 90s, would have gone to this place after every tuition class to immerse ourselves in the wonderland of adorable things that some we couldn’t afford. I still have loads of stickers from yesteryears.. some of which, I’ve passed on to Sasha and Lok Lok.

The ever orgasmic claypot lou shu fan!

We went to have dinner at Nam Heong. I still remember this was the joint to go to after our every clubbing session to ease our hunger pangs after a vigorous dancing session. Sigh. Those were the good old days! We always order the claypot lou shu fan and yong tao foo and fried sui kao. Yummy!

Yong Tao Foo – I always order everything one piece!

On Sunday, we went to visit a friend who had just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Before that, we made our way to sample the nasi lemak at Village Park, Damansara Utama. Ann promised that this is nice, otherwise, she won’t bring me. True enough, the ayam goreng rempah is damn mouth-watering! So is the beef rendang! But then, we were all very thirsty after that. Ajinomoto kot? The weather was rather hot too, so we don’t really know and don’t really care.


I put up a status update in my FB to find out where to get a good cheeseburger around KL after being disappointed in Yogi Tree on Thursday night, a friend offered to cook for me! So this Tower of Babylon version of burger would round up my blog post for another good weekend! I am truly blessed! Hope your weekend is just as blessed!

Tower of Babylon burger

9 thoughts on “Another Good Weekend

  1. oh ya, my friends did purchase the cake from Typica Cafe…only I silap remember the place. It was at Shaw Parade, we had the yam cake n mango….i love the mango one😛

    This is what I called life, surrounded by good friends with abundance of good food and good laughter….hahaha….priceless.

    btw your picture of nasi lemak n burger making my stomach growling dy early early morning…lol

  2. Cee: Ah.. mango cake?? Can try the next time. Yes.. this is good life – 3Fs – food, friends and fun.. haha. I also salivating whenever I looked at the nasi lemak and burger. Haha!

    Lilian: Thanks for the treat.😀 Yes, we shall go again one of these days. Looking forward to it.

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