Spending My Time

I have the feeling that the days are way too shortened. How time flies. Now it’s already going to the end of a quarter year! By the time my eyes reluctantly open to greet the day at 7.45 am sharp every morning, before I knew it, I am already on my way home to have lunch! Then, going home for the day to watch some meaningless soap operas on tv, and eventually going back to sleep and continue to have scattered dreams. And the cycle starts all over again.

It’s pleasant to know that, I’ve booked my flight ticket since last May during Air Asia sale and got the tickets dirt cheap. With seats allocation and meals both ways, I only paid Rm173 nett. So, I am going off for the weekend to Macau and Hong Kong again for the third time. I love Macau! At least there are some changes in otherwise routine days.

My friend in Hong Kong suddenly said, his mom and brother in law will be visiting him over the same weekend and apologized profusely for being unable to host us at his house in Yuen Long. I don’t care lah. This time Yung Kee’s roast goose is on him! Haha! A frantic last minute plan was executed. We were thinking of doing HK for a day but since a friend who hasn’t been to HK will be traveling with us this time, we decided to bunk into cheap hostel for a night. (Actually, it’s more about the food! Haha!) Instead of going to HK on Saturday, I will be making my way to HK on Sunday and going back to Macau on Monday night. Hope that the weather is agreeable with us. It’s not going to be pleasant to be traveling on ferry on stormy nights.

A friend complained that I haven’t been updating my blog religiously. Well, to make matters worse now.. my house wireless router decided to die on me. Haha. Kinda good also. No more gossiping at night to add on to my already overflowing demerits which secured me a spot in hell. Haha!

The book I read, the Gargoyles by Andrew Davidson – well, I must say, you guys shouldn’t miss reading this book. I’ve been spending restless nights reading it way past bed time. It didn’t appear to be a romance book at first – well, I’ve passed the age of wanting to read soppy romantic stories but, this one, is not the “usual” kind of romance. The wealth of emotions it portrayed is rather extraordinary. It really stirs your emotions as you read on and there is an unexplainable thirst after finishing one chapter. A thirst for more stories, more suspense, more heart breaks, more shocking moments, etc. that made you keep turning the pages. I cried in 3 parts while reading the book – page 360, 446 and 461.

“I love you. Aishiteru. Ego amo te. Ti amo. Ég elska Þig. Ich liebe dich.”

Well, here’s wishing you guys a good weekend ahead. Will find time to blog after my trip.

9 thoughts on “Spending My Time

  1. I have to agree, time seems to pass so damn quick these days. It’s like I’ve not done much yet , it’s going to be April soon!

    How come when we were growing up, time passed so darn slow I wonder? Couldn’t wait to grow up :o)

  2. have a great trip Gina!!! i only wish you can tapao back the steamed milk puddings from leitaria i son for me!😛

    and thanks for the recommendation on the book… i’m always looking out for good books to read🙂

  3. please say hello for me to my once flame, janice man, if u meet her in causeway bay…hehe. sigh, so the miss HK.

    (btw, yung kee nice meh? nahh)

  4. Gina… I want “Tung Keong”!!!😆 Have a gr8 trip babe… n thanks for d book recommendation… imma go out n buy it pronto since I have run out of novels to read…🙂

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