I'm Back

No internet at home is really a bitch. It made it so difficult to update anything. But I was down with terrible sore throat, bad cough and slight fever yesterday that I had to stay home to rest for one day before going back to work today.

The trip to Macau and Hong Kong was pleasant because of the two lovely companies I had. Ahem! Let’s call them Ms Hantu (not because she’s behave like a ghost – err.. sometimes also lah – she is “obsessed” with  anything owls! So instead of calling her Ms Owl, I think Ms Hantu would be more appropriate. Haha!) and Ms Kanasai (KNS – her favorite hokkien word that kept spewing from her mouth every 5 seconds). Haha! As for me, they have nicknamed me CK – short for cilakak as they said they don’t feel right calling me an angel for the “snow angels” I made on bed when I was in semi conscious state. Haha!

The weather was rather chilly and foggy all the time in Macau, while in Hong Kong, we were there on Sunday but it was pretty hot. However, towards the evening that the weather got slightly chilly and on Monday, it was cold! Before going, we check on the internet and it said, 17C to 22C, so we gather we should wear more covered up clothes.. mana tau.. kena tipu. Further, a few friends who just got back from Hong Kong before us told us contradictory things – some say hot, some say cold. There was even a sandstorm reported in Hong Kong but we couldn’t really feel anything while we were there. Perhaps it’s the sandstorm that somewhat gave me the sore throat because of the polluted air to my slightly asthmatic lungs?

I will update soon on the trip when I gather some pics – as well as to wait for my house internet to be restored (Note to brother).

6 thoughts on “I'm Back

  1. did u send my regards to janice man in hongkong causeway bay and tell that i m ‘still’ in love with her despite the fact that i m also in love with another thai girl too?

  2. yuin: Thanks.. getting better.. especially after my internet at home is restored!

    takeshi: No lah.. but I saw ah Lek eating wan tan mee with his wife.

    shorthorse: Thanks!! Hopefully I would be out and about again this weekend!

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