Notes on Macau

St Paul’s Ruins – seriously don’t understand what’s the fuss over a piece of wall. Haha!

Well, I’ve been to Macau 3x and I had blogged about it 2x. So I guess you guys must be pretty bored lah reading the same old shit. Haha! Some more this time no Katak story to entertain us.. it’s a pretty pleasant trip, nothing bitchy. Haha! Most of our times are spent eating, eating and eating! And of course, making fun of each other. So, this time I am going to put some important stuffs in point forms that you should not missed if you are traveling to Macau soon.

The wobbly egg tarts at Cafe Kam Ma Lon

1. Café Kam Ma Lon – I remember this shop as we walked past it the last round. I noticed the big bun is still being displayed in front. This shop serves delicious, wobbly egg tarts and pork burgers in crispy buns! Don’t miss it! Details here.

2. Cheong Kei Restaurant – this was also recommended by Ms Hantu and even with my sore throat, I down the bowl of noodles goodness and fried fish balls coated with rice flakes. It’s indeed a taste to remember.

My favorite street in the whole of Macau – Rua de Felicidade

3. African Chicken – I think it’s pretty standard dish served in every Portuguese restaurant. We had it at this Portuguese restaurant along Rua de Felicidade. Seriously.. Rua de Felicidade will always be my favorite street in Macau for the amount of gastronomy adventures it gives! African chicken might taste a bit weird the first time you sink your teeth on its meat. It just tastes better as you eat more. I don’t know how to describe the taste of it – but it’s nothing like I’ve ever tried before.Taste like a bit of sweeten creamy curry, a bit of mint. Quite extraordinary!

4. Taipa – we visited this place just for the pork burgers. But it was worth it! The snake lining up to the counter to take away buns is really crazy! After that, do try to go to the Food street to sample the gelato. Try the serradura. It’s really good!

The famous pork chop bun in Taipa

5. Ah.. I talked about food only lah.. anyway, this time round, I managed to go to Guia Lighthouse. We took the bus no. 6 as recommended by the guide book but we didn’t know where to stop. It was a long walk on the way up that we decided to take a cab instead! So, in order to get there, try taking the cable car at Jardim de Flora. It only costs MOP2 one way.

6. I still think the brand Tai Sam Pa serves better almond cookies than the much favored Koi Kei. When I bought my almond cookies at this Tai Sam Pa shop along the walkway to St Paul’s, the lady boss commented that Lord Stow’s egg tarts won’t be as tasty by the time we bring them back to Malaysia. Well, the bitch is wrong! They are still nice, despite its crust lost its crunchiness! The filling is creamy and bursting with fragrant butter flavor!

7. You really have to go to Macau with a big appetite and drink a lot of water or leong char with the amount of pork burgers and egg tarts you will be having! I fell sick after all the dosages but it was the chow tao foo in Hong Kong that delivered the final blow. My nose bled after that. Goodness!

8. I think that’s about it. Open your eyes and see! There’s always a surprising delicious find in every nook and cranny in Macau. Explore! Enjoy! Bon Appétit!

PS: Macau Immigration has proven once again that they are bunch of idiots and morons again (Remember the magnets?) On the way back from HK to Macau via Ferry, the immigration officer who stamped my  passport – stamp it with overflowing ink.. and it messed up my passport page a bit. If not for the immigration card, I think the whole passport will turn blue! Some more the fucker rudely threw my passport  on the counter. That happened to Ms Kanasai too. Memang kanasai these people!! And they were very rude to other people too. I saw them scolding one couple – one of them is a skinny black woman and then, they took them into the investigation office. Dunno what the fuck is their problem!

8 thoughts on “Notes on Macau

  1. African chicken? It reminds me of the black chicken we chinese usually have in herbal soup. Is it that or is it just the recipe that named the dish African chicken?

  2. The immigration really sounds super crap huh? These people perhaps being under paid and over worked, that’s why they’re kanasai I think. Most government employees are like that.

  3. im surprised that the immigration staff is sooo rude, since they get so many visitors.
    but when we flew in to macau last year i do remember waiting FOREVER in the queue just to get our passports stamped. like seriously very long lo!!

    i miss macau’s steamed milk puddings, egg tarts and pork chop buns!!!

  4. AiShiang: Naah.. it’s a Portuguese style of cooking – chicken deboned, then marinated in spices and broiled together with potatoes. It’s quite delish! The immigration officers are real dickheads. It’s a shame coz Macanese are really polite, helpful and nice people.

    lingzie: That time when we got to Macau from HK, there was not even a long Q. I think less than 15 foreigners and the rest were all Macanese. And yet, they took awhile to process your passport and throw them back at you. Damn fuckers! Really a shame to Macau Govt!

  5. Great….from food blog now it’s a Guide’s to Macau one. Good good….can be a guideline for those who’s not been there….hehehe…like me :p

    But I hate immigration officers who’s like this, c’mon la….u guys gives the visitors the 1st impression on you country. No need to be overly sweet, but be polite is all we ask.

  6. Cee: I did write guides on Macau back in 2009. Can refer lah. Hehe! I also can give you personal tips. Just ask when you need it okay?

    Yeah lah.. the immigration officers memang cilakak. Maybe they have a stick perpetually stuck in their asses!

  7. Great….from food blog now it’s a Guide’s to Macau one. Good good….can be a guideline for those who’s not been there….hehehe…like me :p

    But I hate immigration officers who’s like this, c’mon la….u guys gives the visitors the 1st impression on you country. No need to be overly sweet, but be polite is all we ask.

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