Snapshots of Hong Kong

Again, I’ve been to Hong Kong 3x – there is nothing bringing me back to HK, save for the fact that, I have a friend in HK, that’s about it. And of coz, the food. This time round, we were rather lucky because, we have Ms Hantu with us who is really a gem when it comes to hunting down good food. We get to sample some of the best in Hong Kong.

I don’t have much to write about Hong Kong. I really enjoy the scenery at Avenue of Stars. We spent almost an hour here this time, just sitting and enjoying the breeze, people watching and helped a few to take photo of the Hong Kong night skyline. Simply breath taking!

On our way to Avenue of Stars, we bumped into Cherie Chung, perhaps, she’s a Cherie Chung lookalike. I don’t think Hong Kong stars would just walk about places like that with the many paparazzi swarming them! Anyway, we bumped into Ah Lek too when we were having the best wan tan mee along Wellington Road. He was just sitting behind us with his wife, and he had two bowls of the noodles!

Apart from going around the city, this time we had the privilege to visit Yuen Long. It’s indeed a very kampong place! Anyway, we had a short walk around the heritage trail at Ping Shan, Yuen Long. Nothing much. Just some old temples, buildings where the ancestral halls are being placed and worshiped and some really, really old buildings. The pagoda was undergoing restoration while we were there. I think the only thing notable here is probably the beef noodles and also its cheh chai meen, which I didn’t eat because I was simply too full and already started to suffer from sore throat!

I guess I’ve nothing much to contribute on Hong Kong apart from some snapshots. So, enjoy!

Right after we got off the ferry, we walked by this fire station

A short trip to heritage trail at Ping Shan, Yuen Long

A good find along the MTR on our way to the Peak

I think they are depicting the Hong Kong journey from the past to present

Along the road at Lan Kwai Fong, waiting for our egg tarts

Another great find along the MTR after a meal of wan tan mee!

5 thoughts on “Snapshots of Hong Kong

  1. Cherie Chung? Seriously (ala Grey’s Anatomy😉 …. Wow.. that’s a name I haven’t heard for a long long time…… does she still look as hot as before?

  2. shorthorse: She looks as good as she was when she was famous! I think confirm it’s her coz of the sun glasses at night.. nobody wears sun glasses at night unless you are famous.

    jasmine: Haha! The picture will let people know liao.. look at how steep Lan Kwai Fong can be!

  3. shorthorse: I think I saw in tv once, a guy wearing sunglasses at night.. then the mentor sort of told him off – “You are not famous yet. You don’t need shades at night”.

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