Restoran Sin Yit Sing, Seremban

Our trip to Melaka didn’t end in Melaka, it continued till Seremban! The weather in Melaka for the past two days was erratic. It rained almost the entire night after our 15 minutes walk along Jonker’s Walk. Potong stim habis! We had to seek shelter in Nancy’s Kitchen till late at night, then had to call it a night. On Sunday, it rained again too towards the evening, so we went to Dataran Pahlawan to get away from the rain. So, we didn’t get to sample much food in Melaka (har har har..we had gone to 5 restaurants in a day and it’s still not much compared to my previous trips to Melaka in a day!).

We decided to get away from Melaka and headed to Seremban to this restaurant which from the way I see it, quite popular with the locals and outsiders alike. A quick search on the internet reveals the same. I think this shop has been around for sometime now.

We chose to dine al fresco because it’s less suffocating compared to sitting in the restaurant. However, the weather was still super hot and we actually sweated buckets even before the food arrived.

We asked for some recommendations and we had some dishes that Lil had tried and confirmed it’s good. So, we ordered the following:-

Fish head noodles – almost every table had this pot of fish head noodles. The soup is overwhelmed with grounded pepper but I somehow liked it very much! I think I haven’t tasted equally good fish head noodles in KL, apart from the place where I used to dine for lunch when I was working nearby Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. The soup is hot, with grounded pepper and it sent wild tingling sensation down the throat as you sip the soup. I had most of the soup to myself!

Fried fish paste enveloped in chicken skin – it was recommended by the very nice and patient waiter but we didn’t like it. The chicken skin is not as crispy as we hoped it would be and somehow, I felt rather geli eating the “soggy” chicken skin.

Kong Pou Dim Kai (Frogs) – this one’s rather good. The mixture of onions, sliced ginger, dried chillis and frogs gave out mouth watering aroma and rather tantalizing to the taste buds.

Coconut Chicken Soup – I would prefer it if we don’t take this together with the fish head noodles. I somehow felt the fish head noodles soup is more appealing to me! But this is a rather tasty soup if you like herbs. We should have just ordered one soupy dish and not two in a row.

Marmite grilled crab – this one’s a winner! It came last as we have finished our rice and everything else, we were thinking we could not finish it. The smaller crabs were all sold out, so we settle for one big crab. Unlike other grilled crabs around Seremban, this is grilled with marmite and it’s quite a delish dish and the crab’s meat managed to stay fresh and sweet.

I still miss the grilled crabs at Kedai Makanan Seremban though, especially the condiment that came with it. Perhaps another time.

What’s the damage? For RM129.00, I think it’s rather reasonable!

Restoran Sin Yit Sing
103, Taman A.S.T.,
Jalan Labu Lama,
70000 Seremban
Tel: 012-602 0122/ 012-678 0968

4 thoughts on “Restoran Sin Yit Sing, Seremban

  1. Ann: I think so too.. but getting older.. the stomach not as elastic as last time liao.. cannot eat much. Haha!

    Annie: I’ve never tried.. but I am going to try. He’s not my friend but you can try it coz it’s the original guy who first came up with mille crepe in Malaysia – I was told lah.

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