Lor Mor

Some people say that, in order to combat senility, it’s good for elderly people to play mahjong because mahjong is a game which helps you to exercise your brain. The thing is, I don’t think it’s working for both my dad and my aunt.

Last week over lunch, there was a ruckus going on about some keys. A few days ago, my aunt’s friend handed over the keys to the house nearby our house she intends to rent out. So, my aunt handed the keys to my sister to arrange for prospective tenant. After the new intended tenant saw the house, my bro-in-law gave back the rental house keys to my aunt.

When we got home one day for lunch, my aunt said that the rental house keys are very special. All the four keys could open the doors and gates to our house! We were shocked. I was thinking of the worst. Perhaps most of the locks we bought share the same pairs of keys? Made in China mah.. what do you expect? It can’t be! There must be some mistakes!

I was anxious. So, my bro-in-law went upstairs to fetch the mysterious keys which could open all doors to the rental house as well as my house. Then he found that, those keys are actually OUR house keys and NOT the rental house’s! LOL!

Then my aunt kept insisting that, that was the set of keys handed over by my Bro-in-law after visiting the rental house! My BIL also insisted that he handed the set of keys to my aunt that day right after the visit to the rental house.

My aunt went about looking for the house keys while we ate lunch. Then, my sis said, “Later you see. She will come and ask us to call the intended tenant if he took the keys!”

My sis was right.

Couldn’t find the keys, my aunt told us to call up the intended tenant if he has taken the keys. We laughed so hard and almost choked on the chai ngor. Then, I shook my head feeling amused, seeing my aunt is indeed starting to  lose her memory! Earlier, just as we got home, my mom was asking my aunt, why on earth she left the mop behind our kitchen cabinet. The wet mop was supposed to be placed in the bathroom and not behind the cabinet!

My mom was gloating because her elder sister is getting senile even with her rigorous health regime of taking calcium supplements, exercise and eating moderately. So, I suggested to my mom that my aunt should eat more leftover rice, big fat pork and salted fish, like my mom for better memory!

We had a good laugh. We also brought up another lor mor joke about our fourth aunt in Taiping. She cycled to do marketing in the morning. At 3 pm, she alerted us that our house bicycle was stolen! We looked high and low for the bicycle around the house but couldn’t find it. My fourth aunt insisted that she had just used the bicycle this morning and shouldn’t be missing! Then we found out, she left the bicycle at the grocery shop all morning and walked home, forgotten about the bicycle totally! Lucky it’s a small kampong, so the bicycle was not stolen. We called the shop keeper and he said, yes, there’s a red bicycle with basket parked in front of his shop.

Apparently, gingko biloba is merely a placebo. It doesn’t have the properties to improve memory as claimed. I guess, losing memory runs in the family.. so I better start writing down things if I want to remember them and perhaps I pray that I would die first before I start losing memory!

So where were the keys? They were nicely tucked in my aunt’s own pants pocket and she even took a nap and she didn’t feel a thing!

*Lor mor is in hokkien, which means senile.

7 thoughts on “Lor Mor

  1. fishtail: The professor must be you. Hahahaha!

    unkaleong: I think anyone wearing glasses would have the same problem lah.. Look at fishtail. Haha! Same here… even worse.. I think once, I was wearing my glasses but I still go around looking for it till my late grandma said to me – you have them on. LOL! Tragic..Time to change glasses liao.

  2. Am guilty of all the above….. To add to that I have also turned the car around many times, thinking that I forgot to switch off a)the iron….. b)the fan …. c)the thermal pot ….. d)the lights … etc etc ….. Once I even drove off & then looked down & realized I forgot to wear shoes. …. (was only wearing slippers)….. I guess I would be what Chinese call ‘no head fly’ (mou tau wu ying :D)

  3. shorthorse: I think your case is not “lor mor”. It’s more towards obsessive compulsive disorder. Heheh! Last time I used to go back to the car park to check if my car is locked.. now I don’t give a shit liao. Haha! Once, I wore uniform to work on casual fridays… lucky I live nearby where I work, so I go home to change before being laughed at, at work.

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