Compassionate Hearts

Last night, I watched two movies that moved my heart and soul. I would like to share with you on the movies that I’ve watched on HBO.

Gran Torino and Trade. You can read their synopsis here and here.

I found both movies shared the same sentiment – the willingness to sacrifice for strangers who became unlikely friends out of compassion. Compassion could really take you a long way. Some people might think you acted stupidly. You hardly know the person or stranger that you are trying to help, but eventually helping them even if you are at risks of losing your own life.

Sometimes it makes me wonder; if a stranger could forsake his own safety to help you in your times of greatest needs, what more your family could do for you? And yet, why are some family members wouldn’t even want to help their own the same way a stranger do without conditions? It makes me think that, even if blood is thicker than water, sometimes when you get to know strangers and eventually became friends, there is an undeniable bond that makes you want to do everything you can to help the person. And also, how helpless one can feel when the authority abused power. Instead of hoping that the police would protect you, they ended being the perpetrator of malice and abuse. I was somehow also enlightened by what I’ve read this in the newspapers today. Justice and truth, sooner or later, would prevail.

After watching the movies, I said an earnest prayer for the Hmong people and asked God to stop the human traffic around the world.

I pray for justice in this world and also wish each and every one of us would be blessed with such compassionate friends who help us in troubled times of our utmost needs.

Ten Facebook Friends You Should Delete

So much have been talked about Facebook lately. I recently saw this piece of article and would like to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Most people have a least a few dozen ‘friends’ on their Facebook list, but do we need them all? Here are ten types of Facebook friends you should say goodbye to.

10. The Old Classmate Whom You’ve Never Spoken To

He or she was your primary school classmate who sits at the other end of the classroom and never spoke more than four sentences to you the entire year.

This friend added you because you were tagged to another friend-of-a-friend’s photo. After some initial chatter about a ‘reunion’ you’ve never spoken in the last half a year since.


*Geez. I have plenty of these. But it’s good to follow up with old classmates who actually have made some marks in your life, one way or another. As long as they don’t keep pestering me with invitations to play games, I am fine!

9. The No-updater

This friend had been on your Facebook list for more than a year and a half now, and you’ve never seen him or her update the page more than three or four times during the entire period.

Other than a generic profile picture, or – gasp – none at all, there are only a few other lines of similarly boring bits of information about this friend, like schools or workplace.

He or she never replies to wall posts, and never posts a message either. If you aren’t using Facebook, then why are you on Facebook in the first place, Friend?


* Haha! I know a few friends who never update coz they are using Facebook merely to stalk people. Haha!

8. The Health Freak

Most likely a female, she counts every calorie she eats, and bemoans that life is going downhill the moment she couldn’t resist temptation and swallowed a single M&M.

She also believes in reading her own health by studying what she poops, and posts all that information on her Facebook status on a daily basis.

Worse, she keeps sending messages telling everyone that almost everything you eat is bad for your health, and that you’ll likely get cancer the moment you touch those Mars Bars.

While we all know that not everything we eat is good for us, we don’t exactly need a constant reminder about that, thank you very much. And urgh, keep those poo analysis results to yourself. We don’t need to know.


* Have not encounter such people yet. Well, I am a glutton goddess. I don’t have such friends!

7. The New Parents

They’ve already uploaded 362 pictures of their newborn and are taking pictures every time the kid cries, coos, sleeps or gets changed – which really means all the time.

Worse, they start posting status updates of what their little tyke is doing every minute of the day, including those activities described above. Then they start using their baby’s photo as their profile picture.

Unless you’re really enthusiastic about babies or want to engage in a baby status war using your own kid’s pictures and status updates, this is someone you can skip.

Most of us aren’t interested to know how fantastic your baby is and how unique the kid is – a few updates are okay, but when it’s happening all the time, delete.

*As much as I am happy for them, I think it’s really annoying to keep seeing pictures of their babies updated on everyday basis. Usually, I would just hide such information from appearing from my news feed or ignore looking at them totally.

6. The 25-year-old Teenagers

These are the ones who flood their Facebook pages with every application possible, and fill in their entire profile page with glittery text.

Every other picture uploaded is of them trying on new clothes in some shopping centre dressing room, copying the latest Miley Cyrus style.

While they are certainly quite harmless, gaudy profiles and bimbo-esque updates aren’t going to make the best impression of your social circle to others. Heed this warning especially if you have work or business contacts on Facebook.


* Haha! Does playing ALL games in FB counts?

5. The Overly Emos

We all understand that is’ perfectly all right to post one of those “This is the most stressful day of my life!” status messages once in a while.

But if every message this friend posts are of the same nature, you’re looking at an overly emo, probably permanently unhappy person.

Life is hard as it is and we’re not exactly too very eager to be reminded that it is a drag or that the world is going to end.


* Yes! Be off with negative energy and emo people! We don’t need such people in our lives!

4. The Bragger

Likely and ex-university classmate, he or she had quite a bit of success and is now living it up. That’s good, until said friend wants to tell everyone about his or her achievements.

When you see status messages like “Just got another 6-month bonus! Woot!” or “What car should I buy with this huge commission I just got? I don’t have a budget because I’ve got enough to pay for a house – in cash!”, you know your friend had crossed the line.

You know what, Friend? We might reply with a congratulatory message or one of envy the first few times or so, but everyone’s going to get tired of your bragging once this goes on for too long. Then you need to know that in actual fact, your Facebook friends don’t really care.


* LOL!!! Luckily, I don’t have such friends. Usually, I don’t keep such people as friends. Thank God I can choose my friends!

3. The Spammer

Your friend “just invited you to challenge him or her in Bejeweled!”. Your friend “is looking for part 8 of the Secret Map of Doom, do you have one?”. Your friend is “asking you to join his or her clan in Mafia Wars!”.

When we aren’t playing games on Facebookl we have a reason. It’s either

[a] we’re too busy working (not like you, slacker!); or

[b] our bosses are looking over our shoulders (of which at this point in time we’re in deep trouble); or

[c] we’re simply not interested.

If we’re not taking up your offers to join you in your latest Facebook game quest after multiple invitations, it’s more than obvious that we’re not interested in playing.

And if you keep sending these invitations, they will be considered spam.


* My answer is (C). Normally, I will just ignore permanently. Please do not ask me to play games because I have better things to do in my real life.

2. The Stalker

The Digital age is all about instant communication though online interaction, and these friends are exactly that – except for the fact that they’re a little too extreme.

Messages will usually start with “Hey how are you doing?” and should you be foolish enough to reply, a barrage of notes will follow.

“Hey, want to meet sometime?”

“What are you up to lately?”

“Seen that latest movie? Haha, I like it, do you?”

“Hey why aren’t you answering me?”

“Haven’t heard from you since 2 days ago, hey answer me!”

While we all enjoy being connected to our friends on Facebook, these people are part of the rare sub-species of humans who don’t understand the meaning or have a need for alone time.


* There are such friends who stalk other friends and kept asking why a particular person is ignoring them. Well, please read the above… and also, if the person you are trying to contact is ignoring you, it’s obvious he or she is doing it on purpose, so stop asking around if he or she still keep in touch with me.

1. The Ex

You got dumped few months ago, and now he or she is apparently having the time of her life.

The Ex is very happy with new-found love, or has found a new bunch of suitors and is posting updates about ever romantic date of hot encounter on Facebook.

Worse, there are plenty of pictures to accompany the status updates, and you can’t help but flip through the photo galleries and stare at what was once yours.

Delete. And move on already.

*I never pak tor. So, I don’t have such problem. HAHAHA!

Source: Digital One

School Gangsters

Many years ago when I first moved to Selayang from a small town, Taiping, I was in for a shock the moment I stepped into the “new” school. Blackboards had holes in them – according to my new fellow classmates, they told me that the students did it. They made holes in them by punching them.

I even witnessed broad daylight fights and scuffles. When I ran inside my classroom to inform the teacher, she just shrug it off and remained sitting on her lazy butt. When I told her, there is a group of boys fighting outside the classroom and one of them had a bloody nose, she just shook her head and carried on with her day dreaming. I was disgusted.

Not only the boys, I saw two girls fighting ala Hindustan style – they actually rolled all over the small garden nearby my class and fell inside the drain. One of the girl’s baju kurung was torn right to her navel!

Before you say, “Wah, what school is that? So gangster one?” I think every school has a certain degree of gangsterism whether we admit it or not.

I still remember the first two weeks I was in the new school. I was told by a group of girls that I should pay RM2 protection fee every week to our school “Tai Kah Cher” (Big Sister) or else. I asked them, “Or else what?” They said to me, they could not guarantee my safety if I do not pay up. With almost a calm face with icy stare, I hissed and demanded the “Tai Kah Cher” to come claim the money from me herself, if she dares. Of course, I cruised throughout school without much problem.  I guess it must be a lie.

If you read the newspapers today, it’s rather appalling to find teachers, authorities and residents in that Rawang school do not even have the power to stop a group of hooligans from terrorizing them. It takes a rape case to open up the plight of the helpless students in the school. Being parents, I think the first thing I would do if my children were in that school, is to transfer them out to other schools. I simply do not understand why the people living nearby who are terrorized by these students didn’t even report this to the authority. Maybe they did. Perhaps, the authorities are helpless or maybe – too lazy to bother. After all, they think, after age 15 or 16, these students would be expelled and it’s none of their business anymore.

There is a secondary school near where I work. You wouldn’t have known it’s a school. You could have mistaken the school as a prison for the amount of barb wires around the 12 feet brick wall surrounding the school! This doesn’t deter the students from being delinquents. I think they love it even more because they have excuses not to go to school when they are deliberately late. So, they hang out behind my office where a lot of abandoned shop offices are to sniff glue, smoke, draw graffiti and even pak tor! Our colleagues took the liberty to chase them away and also reported to the police but they would repeat the same thing, over and over again thereafter.

Perhaps, the government should send these people to national service to discipline them up. I couldn’t imagine these children being replacement for our aging workforce in near future (Is there a future for such children?).

Favorite Scent

When I was in college, a friend gave me Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower as birthday present. I could say, that’s probably the first time I used perfume. When I was younger, I used to use powder. Then , the whole college were in some kinda craze. Everyone would go and buy perfume and compare them in school. Being poor students, we would always go for cheap perfume from Body Shop – those drops in small bottles, remember? And of course, imitations from other brands but bear the same fragrance, only less lasting.

Now, I am spoilt for choice. I am so used to getting perfumes on my birthdays that I stopped buying them altogether. Imagine getting a bottle of 100 ml per year? I don’t even use that much in a year as my current boss is allergic to perfume. Haha! I remember coming to work for the first week and he was sneezing the entire week or whenever I walked into his room. When I stopped using perfume, he stopped sneezing. For the record, I didn’t even use something pungent like Chanel or Christian Dior. I was only using Clinique Happy. A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions – it’s catchy tagline.

Happy has been my regular perfume. In between days, I do slap on some Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Moschino, Issey Miyake and Estee Lauder. I could safely say, my favorites, apart from Clinique Happy – would be Givenchy Oblique Fast Forward, which I gotten for free from my brother – he joined some contest, I think. It’s sad that it’s no more in production! It came in a casing of a cute little test tube with their catchy names – stop, fast forward and rewind. I wonder if you have heard of that? Another one of my favorite is Moschino Couture. They have new addition to their line – Cheap and Chic, Happy Fizz, etc but I would always revert back to Moschino Couture. My favorite Estee Lauder is Dazzling Silver and Intuition. I hardly use Chanel but I remember having a sample bottle of Cristalle and it smells really good!

So, what’s your favorite scent?

Cinta Monyet

It was just like yesterday, Sasha came to our house as a small bundle of joy. Eight years old now, she’s already attending classes for Primary Two. How time flies!

You wouldn’t have guessed the conversation that we are having with an eight year old these days.

Sis: Oh, you have two class monitors in a class?

Sasha: Yes! I am the girl monitor. This Wei Xin is the boy monitor. Wei Xin is very handsome and very good in his studies. He’s very tall and fair…

Sis: Oh uh… here we go again.. *Thinking this little girl sudah start to menggatal.. habis lah.

Sasha: How you came about marrying the Mechanic? You tell him you want to marry him?

Sis: Of coz no! Ladies should not ask the men to marry them! Must let the men ask! Cannot be so desperate one!

Sasha: Oh, then both of you met in school? Is he your classmate?

Sis: No, he’s my colleague.

Sasha: So you are not classmates?

Sis: No.

Sasha: Then how come you can marry each other? You meet, then you decided to marry each other straight away?

Sis: No lah! We met. We became friends. Then, became good friends.

Sasha: So, good friends then marry each other?

Sis: Not really. We also have to see if the guy smokes or not? Does he treat you and your family with respect? Does he respect your friends as well? Then if you like this guy, you marry him.

Sasha: Smoking ah? Like that very hard to find a man lor. Coz nowadays all men smoke!

Sis: Your dad is also a smoker. How come he could marry your mother?

Sasha: He no longer smokes lah! He stops smoking already! Lok Lok’s dad smokes a lot!

Lok Lok: He doesn’t, ok! My dad only smokes when he’s in the toilet!

In no time, we will be attending Sasha’s wedding. Mark my words. Maybe in a very near future from the rate she’s going.