My 100 Titles

Since we are still at it, I might as well come up with my own 100 titles – the books I’ve read.

This list shows what I’ve read the past 10 years. So, it’s like only 10 books per year. I should read more. I do not include the books that I’ve read half way. The list also does not include books that I’ve read and disliked. Haha. So it’s rather exclusive. Wah… I am such a nerd!

1. About A Boy, Nick Hornby ( I watched the movie 7x)
2. Adrian Mole From Minor to Major, Sue Townsend
3. Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years, Sue Townsend
4. Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years, Sue Townsend
5. Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction , Sue Townsend
6. After Dark, Haruki Murakami
7. After the Quake, Haruki Murakami
8. A Scarpetta Omnibus: Postmortem, Body of Evidence, All that Remains, Patricia Cornwell
9. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Sidney Sheldon
10. A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini
11. A Wild Sheep Chase, Haruki Murakami
12. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, Haruki Murakami
13. Bridget Jones’ Diary, Helen Fielding
14. By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Paulo Coelho (My first Paulo Coelho’s book!)
15. Chronicle of Death Foretold, Gabriel García Márquez
16. Dance, Dance, Dance, Haruki Murakami (I love this book!)
17. Dr. Mahathir’s Selected Letters to World Leaders, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad
18. Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho
19. Empress Wu, Lillian Too
20. Falling Leaves, Adeline Yen Mah
21. Farewell to my Concubine, Lilian Lee
22. Flowers in the Attic, VC Andrews
23. Forrest Gump, Winston Groom
24. Four Blondes, Candace Bushnell (Occasional chic lit!)
25. Francis Ford Coppola, David Bergen
26. I know This Much Is True, Wally Lamb (I love this book!)
27. In Evil Hour, Gabriel García Márquez
28. Just Cause, John Katzenbach
29. Kafka On the Shore, Haruki Murakami
30. Like the Flowing River, Paulo Coelho
31. Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles, Will Clarke
32. Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel García Márquez (Read with a broken heart for better effects)
33. Master of the Game, Sidney Sheldon (My first Sidney Sheldon book!)
34. Man and Boy, Tony Parsons
35. Man and Wife, Tony Parsons
36. Memoirs Of A Geisha, Arthur Golden
37. Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel García Márquez
38. Middle Sex, Jeffrey Eugenides (Quite tragic)
39. Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami (I love this book!)
40. Number 10, Sue Townsend
41. One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
42. One for My Baby, Tony Parsons
43. Rebuilding Coventry, Sue Townsend
44. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki
45. Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing, Coleman Barks
46. Saving Fish from Drowing, Amy Tan
47. She’s Come Undone, Wally Lamb
48. Shifu, You’ll Do Anything for a Laugh, Mo Yan
49. South of Border, West of Sun, Haruki Murakami
50. Sophie’s World, Jostein Gaarder (Super susah to read!)
51. Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami
52. Strange Pilgrims, Gabriel García Márquez
53. Survival in the Killing Fields, Haing S. Ngor with Roger Warner (I cried my eye balls out reading this!)
54. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
55. The Bonesetter’s Daughter, Amy Tan
56. The Bride Stripped Bare, Nikki Gemmell (Love! Love! Love!)
57. The Cider House Rules, John Irving
58. The Confession of Max Tivoli, Andrew Sean Greer
59. The Devil and Ms Prym, Paulo Coelho
60. The Edge of Reasons, Helen Fielding
61. The Elephant Vanishes, Haruki Murakami
62. The Fifth Mountain, Paulo Coelho
63. The Firm, John Grisham
64. The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom
65. The Gargoyle, Andrew Davison (Love! Love! Love!)
66. The Girl in the Picture: the Story of the Story of Kim Phúc, the Photograph and the Vietnam War, Denise Chong
67. The Girl Who Played Go, Shan Sa
68. The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
69. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Sue Townsend
70. The Hundred Secret Senses, Amy Tan (My first Amy Tan’s)
71. The Hour I First Believed, Wally Lamb
72. The Interpretation of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri
73. The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan
74. The Kitchen’s God’s Wife, Amy Tan
75. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini (So sad!)
76. The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch
77. The Malay Dilemma, Mahathir Mohamad
78. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim Edwards
79. The Opposite Side of Faith, Amy Tan
80. The Outcast, Sadie Jones
81. The Pilgrimage, Paulo Coelho
82. The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, Iris Chang
83. The Secrets of a Fire King, Kim Edwards
84. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾, Sue Townsend
85. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche (This one I read till my kepala also almost pecah and took me many years till now, and am still reading it)
86. The True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole, Sue Townsend
87. The Unaccustomed Earth, Jhumpa Lahiri
88. The Valkyries, Paulo Coelho
89. The Winner Stands Alone, Paulo Coelho *Just finished reading this week!
90. The Witch of Portobello, Paulo Coelho
91. The Wind Up Bird Chronicles, Haruki Murakami (My first Murakami book! And there’s no turning back!)
92. The Zahir, Paulo Coelho
93. Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom
94. Underground, Haruki Murakami
95. Veronica Decides to Die, Paulo Coelho
96. Who Moved My Cheese, Spencer Johnson
97. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami
98. What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You, Farish A. Noor
99. Wild Swans, Jung Chang
100. Yasmin Ahmad’s Films, Amir Muhammad

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Best selling list, here.

16 thoughts on “My 100 Titles

  1. wah, really man. i m lucky, simply because i hv at least ONE intellectual friend in my list, and that’s absolutely ginger….ROFL!!!!

    btw, if u ever wanna get me a present for my bday ker apa apa, do get me a book. but i prefer a non-fiction book. i dont mind autobio or historical stuff or travelogues and jus last sunday, i was flipping thru Mao Tse Tung by Jung Chang. and the best part is, if u present it to me, i can lend u to read too! whatcha say? ROFL

    • Haha! Thanks, Amir. By the way, I dah tengok Six Shorts, LKT, Malaysian Gods and the Big Durian (half way coz the VCD sudah calar). Going to watch Orang Kampong this weekend.

  2. Sad la Gina… I only read abt 12 books out of ur 100… dat aso 2 pending in my read list… currently reading haunted grounds… I think my slowest read to date…😛

    these are d ones I’ve read from ur list:
    13 (Read d 2nd installment too)
    30 (not a fan of short write ups but this was one of my favs)
    36 (prefered it to d movie😛 )
    54 (emmmm…)
    64 (read it 3x)
    65 (bought it… on one of my nxt read list)
    76 (bought it… on one of my nxt read list)
    78 (found it boring in d beginning but really grew on me towards d end)
    81 (emmmm….)
    88 (dis was interesting)
    93 (loved it… read it x number of times😛 )
    95 (another one of those dat bore me at d beginning but garnered my interest towards d middle and the end)

    • Haha! Dunno if it’s good or bad.. a reader also, suddenly turn up after 2 years to comment.. still commenting on the same thing… imagine. Hahah! Buy 4D also not that cun!

  3. i could not get hold of those amirmuhammad’s shorts. i wanna watch and evaluate myself despite the negative and positive hypes…lol. can pinjam?

  4. So many books from your list that I had wanted to read…no time but slowly lah will be there. Thanks to you that I managed to read a few from your list, but certain titles I may or may not have read. Goodness gracious, I can’t remember. But I had read a few books from Adrian Mole’s series when I was studying at TAR college, borrowed from the library. I found the books real funny and easy to read. Difficult to put the books down once you start to read. Wonder if I would feel the same sentiments about the books now after so many many many years.

    • annie, probably not… I tried reading Adrian Mole again because I was looking for something funny to read then I find I couldn’t go on. Haha. Maybe signs of old age. I still like to read Archie, Betty & Veronica comics though.

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