Cinta Monyet

It was just like yesterday, Sasha came to our house as a small bundle of joy. Eight years old now, she’s already attending classes for Primary Two. How time flies!

You wouldn’t have guessed the conversation that we are having with an eight year old these days.

Sis: Oh, you have two class monitors in a class?

Sasha: Yes! I am the girl monitor. This Wei Xin is the boy monitor. Wei Xin is very handsome and very good in his studies. He’s very tall and fair…

Sis: Oh uh… here we go again.. *Thinking this little girl sudah start to menggatal.. habis lah.

Sasha: How you came about marrying the Mechanic? You tell him you want to marry him?

Sis: Of coz no! Ladies should not ask the men to marry them! Must let the men ask! Cannot be so desperate one!

Sasha: Oh, then both of you met in school? Is he your classmate?

Sis: No, he’s my colleague.

Sasha: So you are not classmates?

Sis: No.

Sasha: Then how come you can marry each other? You meet, then you decided to marry each other straight away?

Sis: No lah! We met. We became friends. Then, became good friends.

Sasha: So, good friends then marry each other?

Sis: Not really. We also have to see if the guy smokes or not? Does he treat you and your family with respect? Does he respect your friends as well? Then if you like this guy, you marry him.

Sasha: Smoking ah? Like that very hard to find a man lor. Coz nowadays all men smoke!

Sis: Your dad is also a smoker. How come he could marry your mother?

Sasha: He no longer smokes lah! He stops smoking already! Lok Lok’s dad smokes a lot!

Lok Lok: He doesn’t, ok! My dad only smokes when he’s in the toilet!

In no time, we will be attending Sasha’s wedding. Mark my words. Maybe in a very near future from the rate she’s going.

12 thoughts on “Cinta Monyet

    • The little girl also said very hard to find non smokers as husbands mah. Hahaha! For the record, the guys in my house don’t smoke – except my dad and my uncle. My brother, cousin brothers and brother in law don’t smoke.😀

  1. kids nowadays do mature faster than we do…another thing maybe cos she’s surrounded by adults most of the time, so will tend to talk like one too. This reminds me of the Tan Hong Ming In Love clip….cute🙂

    • Children these days grow up way too fast! Must be their milk, DHA, AHA, apa A. Haha! Yeah. Bless Yasmin Ahmad’s soul for such endearing clip.

  2. wow…i’m really impressed with sasha. Sooner or later, she will be asking about the details of married life…

    • Wait till you have your own daughter and you tell me if you are impressed or not. I am not impressed. In fact, I find it worrisome if a girl that young is already thinking to pak tor. It’s not good news. Later, you will get bohsia, playing truant in school, unwanted pregnancies or worst, start having sex at young age without protection.

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