Favorite Scent

When I was in college, a friend gave me Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower as birthday present. I could say, that’s probably the first time I used perfume. When I was younger, I used to use powder. Then , the whole college were in some kinda craze. Everyone would go and buy perfume and compare them in school. Being poor students, we would always go for cheap perfume from Body Shop – those drops in small bottles, remember? And of course, imitations from other brands but bear the same fragrance, only less lasting.

Now, I am spoilt for choice. I am so used to getting perfumes on my birthdays that I stopped buying them altogether. Imagine getting a bottle of 100 ml per year? I don’t even use that much in a year as my current boss is allergic to perfume. Haha! I remember coming to work for the first week and he was sneezing the entire week or whenever I walked into his room. When I stopped using perfume, he stopped sneezing. For the record, I didn’t even use something pungent like Chanel or Christian Dior. I was only using Clinique Happy. A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions – it’s catchy tagline.

Happy has been my regular perfume. In between days, I do slap on some Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Moschino, Issey Miyake and Estee Lauder. I could safely say, my favorites, apart from Clinique Happy – would be Givenchy Oblique Fast Forward, which I gotten for free from my brother – he joined some contest, I think. It’s sad that it’s no more in production! It came in a casing of a cute little test tube with their catchy names – stop, fast forward and rewind. I wonder if you have heard of that? Another one of my favorite is Moschino Couture. They have new addition to their line – Cheap and Chic, Happy Fizz, etc but I would always revert back to Moschino Couture. My favorite Estee Lauder is Dazzling Silver and Intuition. I hardly use Chanel but I remember having a sample bottle of Cristalle and it smells really good!

So, what’s your favorite scent?

20 thoughts on “Favorite Scent

  1. i think tresor is quite good, but depends on each individual lah whether suit or not wan. some got body odor aka chao woo, so, hv to find one so that the both the body and the chemical can mix to create something extraordinary….lol.

    • tresor or trevor ah? Coz I remember one trevor from Lancome, if not mistaken! I think some people’s natural body smell are not suited for certain scents. So, have to choose carefully. Like my friend, Sharon used to tell me – she would smell like longkang if she use issey miyake. HAHAHHAHA!

  2. i hardly ever use perfume, but i do like Estee Lauder’s Romance and Stila’s Midnite Bloom. got these during a ‘phase’ where i showed a lil more interest in perfumes.
    im sure there are other really nice scents out there but i haven’t gone to sniff them out! lol

    • Yeah.. there’s a phase for me too. I could actually tell you what you are wearing by just taking a sniff off you. Haha! Now, sudah karat dah.

  3. my choice would be fresh, breezy….and I do try to stay away from those flowery ones (unless it was a gift). Its true how one perfume smelts diff on a diff people…so wats good for me, may not work on another. But then ah some ppl i know finish 1 bottle of 100ml in couple of months and to top it off, tat’s not their only bottle….cos it takes me months to finish mine. I wont be buying any soon cos better finish the bottles i have in hand, not good keep too long

    currently using Raplh Cool & Romance:)

    • I think I like citrus smell or anything fruity. And I wear perfume according to my mood and occasion. When I was working in KL, the receptionist could tell whether or not I am in the office by my smell. HAHAHAHA!!! So kua cheong! Last time can finish lah, in fact, this is probably my third bottle of Clinique Happy. Now, because boss allergic to perfume, I cannot pakai to work. So.. save money!

  4. i think moderate is the keyword here…i know some gals n guys too, who will overwhelmed you with their perfume…sometimes i wonder whether they spray it on or took a bath in it. If nice also ok, else will be gasping for some fresh air.
    ps: ppl with bad BO shud try not to use too strong too…cos when mix with sweat, it becomes smthg else.

    • Yes. I didn’t overly pour myself with perfume lah. Just that the scent linger around the office. I did ask my receptionist – good or bad smell? Hahaha! She said NICE! Hahaha! Lucky nice! I cannot imagine people with BO and strong perfume.. hahaha.. probably can act as natural chloroform to knock people out. Haha!

  5. Ummm… My all time favourite would be Glamourous by Ralph Lauren for days wen I have functions to attend… My other favourites would be Jadore by Christian Dior… lemme see…
    Gucci Envy… DKNY Apple… Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense… I don’t use perfume on a daily basis bcos although I love scents I too am allergic to perfume so I’d only spritz a teeny tiny amount for functions which usually gets camoflouged by d bf d minute he steps into my car…😦

  6. Wow! you have so many bottles of perfume…envy envy!
    I am using Estee Lauder white linen light breeze. But sometimes, I prefer hubby’s CK perfumes :p

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