School Gangsters

Many years ago when I first moved to Selayang from a small town, Taiping, I was in for a shock the moment I stepped into the “new” school. Blackboards had holes in them – according to my new fellow classmates, they told me that the students did it. They made holes in them by punching them.

I even witnessed broad daylight fights and scuffles. When I ran inside my classroom to inform the teacher, she just shrug it off and remained sitting on her lazy butt. When I told her, there is a group of boys fighting outside the classroom and one of them had a bloody nose, she just shook her head and carried on with her day dreaming. I was disgusted.

Not only the boys, I saw two girls fighting ala Hindustan style – they actually rolled all over the small garden nearby my class and fell inside the drain. One of the girl’s baju kurung was torn right to her navel!

Before you say, “Wah, what school is that? So gangster one?” I think every school has a certain degree of gangsterism whether we admit it or not.

I still remember the first two weeks I was in the new school. I was told by a group of girls that I should pay RM2 protection fee every week to our school “Tai Kah Cher” (Big Sister) or else. I asked them, “Or else what?” They said to me, they could not guarantee my safety if I do not pay up. With almost a calm face with icy stare, I hissed and demanded the “Tai Kah Cher” to come claim the money from me herself, if she dares. Of course, I cruised throughout school without much problem.  I guess it must be a lie.

If you read the newspapers today, it’s rather appalling to find teachers, authorities and residents in that Rawang school do not even have the power to stop a group of hooligans from terrorizing them. It takes a rape case to open up the plight of the helpless students in the school. Being parents, I think the first thing I would do if my children were in that school, is to transfer them out to other schools. I simply do not understand why the people living nearby who are terrorized by these students didn’t even report this to the authority. Maybe they did. Perhaps, the authorities are helpless or maybe – too lazy to bother. After all, they think, after age 15 or 16, these students would be expelled and it’s none of their business anymore.

There is a secondary school near where I work. You wouldn’t have known it’s a school. You could have mistaken the school as a prison for the amount of barb wires around the 12 feet brick wall surrounding the school! This doesn’t deter the students from being delinquents. I think they love it even more because they have excuses not to go to school when they are deliberately late. So, they hang out behind my office where a lot of abandoned shop offices are to sniff glue, smoke, draw graffiti and even pak tor! Our colleagues took the liberty to chase them away and also reported to the police but they would repeat the same thing, over and over again thereafter.

Perhaps, the government should send these people to national service to discipline them up. I couldn’t imagine these children being replacement for our aging workforce in near future (Is there a future for such children?).

7 thoughts on “School Gangsters

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  2. What my school used to do was to give the worst gangsters and the most academically gifted students the same job: Become a prefect, why don’t you?😛

    (Or as they say, sometimes it takes a thief to catch a thief. A gangster to rein in the other gangsters too, maybe?)

    • My secondary school is a mediocre school – lotsa bullies but nothing life threatening. People were still pretty mild then. I didn’t become a prefect because it’s really ridiculous – I think you have to be in school an hour earlier then have to stay till end of the day- meaning, you cover both morning and afternoon school, if I remember correctly. Most of my friends who were prefects quit themselves! Yeah, perhaps that’s a good idea.. can plant a mole in the group to track their whereabouts and activities.

  3. I know understand why you are so streetwise…. muda muda also, can handle bullies!!!!! Thumbs up to you!

    • I can handle coz I am BIG mah. Hahaha! Imagine small kecik miao like you. If you kena, I am not sure if you can handle. That is why I cannot stand watching movie with students bullying another student by slapping them around – I would have made the bullies lost whole row of their front teeth!

  4. i think i was very fortunate. my school was really very tame comparatively. maybe its cos it was an all girls school. the school mates i had back then were all very ‘kuai’ one… and we didn’t have fist fights or anything or that sort. i think my group of friends were all rather academic, we didn’t hang out or go out after school, only meeting each other during tuition. i remember the first time we went together after school was in form3 for a movie. someone’s parents dropped us off and it was like wah very big freedom like that! lol

    • I was from a good school also.. Convent Taiping. Then I moved to KL to a coed school – it was an eye opener!! And I have my introduction to gangsterism.

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