Compassionate Hearts

Last night, I watched two movies that moved my heart and soul. I would like to share with you on the movies that I’ve watched on HBO.

Gran Torino and Trade. You can read their synopsis here and here.

I found both movies shared the same sentiment – the willingness to sacrifice for strangers who became unlikely friends out of compassion. Compassion could really take you a long way. Some people might think you acted stupidly. You hardly know the person or stranger that you are trying to help, but eventually helping them even if you are at risks of losing your own life.

Sometimes it makes me wonder; if a stranger could forsake his own safety to help you in your times of greatest needs, what more your family could do for you? And yet, why are some family members wouldn’t even want to help their own the same way a stranger do without conditions? It makes me think that, even if blood is thicker than water, sometimes when you get to know strangers and eventually became friends, there is an undeniable bond that makes you want to do everything you can to help the person. And also, how helpless one can feel when the authority abused power. Instead of hoping that the police would protect you, they ended being the perpetrator of malice and abuse. I was somehow also enlightened by what I’ve read this in the newspapers today. Justice and truth, sooner or later, would prevail.

After watching the movies, I said an earnest prayer for the Hmong people and asked God to stop the human traffic around the world.

I pray for justice in this world and also wish each and every one of us would be blessed with such compassionate friends who help us in troubled times of our utmost needs.

4 thoughts on “Compassionate Hearts

    • I think Clint Eastwood is a really talented person – he directs, produces and acts. I have recently watched a movie he directed – “Invictus”. Brilliant!

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