No Expectation

I am getting lazier and lazier by the day. I think most part of it is probably due to my weight. Well, if you have to carry a full weight of a beached whale on your body the whole time, trust me, you don’t want to go anywhere. You just want to stay put at home, in front of the tv, and eat potato chips.

The Cantonese series, Rosy Business gave me a valid reason not to go anywhere during weekdays. I actually prefer to stay home and continue watching that drama series. I wish it would never end. But it’s coming to an end this Thursday. Oh, I so dread the day it ends!

Gone are the days of gallivanting. Somehow after you hit mid 30s, you would be so lazy to even look presentable. Haha! I just simply don’t care anymore. I still remember when I was in my 20s – fuah, I think the biological need to find a mate is stronger. I was very interested in guys when I was in college. Now, I am more interested to catch every episode of Glee and getting enough sleep. I simply don’t have time to feel lonely or sad or depressed for not having a boyfriend. Haha. Sometimes, when I happened to stumble upon teenagers’ blogs, it reminded me of how naïve and silly I was in yesteryears. Most things which seemed to be too big of a deal are nothing to me now. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

Is it good or bad not to have any expectations in life?

12 thoughts on “No Expectation

  1. somehow i think what u opin here has more rational and more meaning to life than just having a partner. it is not totally wrong to hv a partner but, i think one should not force the situation to happen, altho yes, one should create his/her oppurtunities. from what i hv experienced and gone thru, i think there must b a certain threshold of expectations, otherwise, there wont be any achievements. life will be pretty mundane too. altho i m saying here is not to expect a great level of reciprocation, but a certain tolerable amount of expectation seems quite natural. Well, of course, i personally never expect anything when i donate or give my seat up for those old folks, but isn’t it natural for us to at leassst, expect a simple thank you when u assisted a colleague or expect someone to say sorry for not returning yr call or late for an meeting? fuyoh….like forum sahaja…wtf. lol.

    • Memang macam forum! Haha. Anyway, I think it’s really unfair when one don’t have expectation of self, but then have high expectations for others.. food for thought.

  2. Ah! You’re watching Rosy Business too huh? I’ve finished it. I bet you don’t want to know the ending, don’t want to spoil it for you :o)

    Perhaps a good idea to join the gym? I find it hard to go for a run in Malaysia. The air is too heavy or dense.

    • I know the ending coz I was watching bits of it on the internet. Hahaha! Am glad the bastard son got burnt to death!! What an apt punishment for him!

      Gym ah… toll cost, petrol cost.. then you go and see a bunch of phoney people there.. ahh… I am so over it. Haha! Perhaps get a treadmill.

    • Probably learn to expect less. To end suffering is to end desire. I guess it’s part of growing up. It gives you the discernment to accept things you cannot change.

  3. I think it’s ok to have no expctation in life as long as you are happy..🙂 honestly, I am lazier as I get older. I totally understand the sentiment of staying home watching TV especially during week days..🙂 and all the more for Glee!!

  4. First time I’m reading your post, Gina. A very interesting read, I like to read about people’s thoughts.

    It’s good to have expectations in life. In some way, it provides some menaing to life when we achieve something.

    The TV is something we can watch anytime, and that includes when we are old and unable to walk.

    For now, enjoy your youth (mid 30s is still young, even for the female species). Go smell some roses, go do a little travelling etc… in short, do those things that you will not be able to do when you get REALLY old, like when you hit your 70s.

    My 2 cents. Embrace life! It’s fun ONLY if you believe it is so.

    • ShingoT: Thanks for dropping by. Yes, yes.. I think I am just lazy. Lazy to have expectations. Lazy to change. Haha. I do travel.. quite frequently. Yes, I am having a lot of fun. I am just lamenting that, why are some people placing so much importance to find the other person till they make their own lives miserable. We are born into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing, except perhaps, a mark or two that make a difference in other people’s lives.

  5. Having no expectation in life is something all of us go through some phase or other….. but don’t stop dreaming & reaching for the skies. I have learnt that it is important to remain motivated tho by setting some personal goals here and there. We are always in danger of being swept along aimlessly in the drift of life …. As it is, you have your blog, you speak Japanese, you are widely read …. that speaks volumes for you in the personal goals dept … Keep it up Gina … who knows, you might wanna set a personal record for how many movies you can sit through in one single session … ahahahah!

    • Haha. Perhaps I am at the phase where I just couldn’t care less of what is going to happen. Some form of contentment till somebody or something come to shake things up – or perhaps, since I like to take charge – probably I would do something about this complacency. My Japanese sudah give back to teacher liao… I think I’ve yet to exceed some of my personal goals but I think I compensated them with something else which I never imagine. Yes.. it’s dangerous to be swept aimlessly in the drift of life – but you know what? Just put on your safety jacket and helmet. Hold onto your paddle and paddle on like mad for the hellish ride!

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