Old Jokers

This weekend, my sis told me stories which had me in stitches.

Story #1

My third aunt was here for a short visit. She was watching tv in my sis’ room. Awhile later, she went downstairs to help out in the kitchen to prepare lunch. Then it was my sister’s turn to watch some DVDs. She couldn’t find the remote control. So, she resorted to manually operated the DVD player. Then, she found my aunt’s handphone in the room. So, she left it on the bed and went to take a shower.

As soon as she got out from the shower, the remote control miraculously appeared on her bed. She went downstairs to have lunch and told my third aunt that, she has left her handphone upstairs in her room.

My third aunt said – “Yes, I took it just now. I mistook the remote control as my handphone so I took it downstairs. It happened to me before. When my handphone is ringing, I would always answer the remote control!

Story #2

There’s a renovation going on at the new neighbour’s place 2 houses away from mine. The neighbor was kind enough to assist us with our house repair – the roof leak and also the bathroom leak. So, his handy man has been coming to our house to help out.

At first, my mom was commenting on the handy man’s appearance.

“The handy man looks like a drug addict. He’s so skinny and dark! But today, I see him as if he has put on weight and he actually looks very good now!”

Then, my first aunt said to her, “Of course. You are referring to two totally different people!”

There are two different handy men with the same built had been coming to our house and my mom didn’t realize it.

I tell you .. if heart attack doesn’t kill me, these old jokers in my house would!

6 thoughts on “Old Jokers

    • It’s really funny when one gets older and forget about things. I am glad we are able to spend time with our mom and aunts at their golden age – laughing over petty things like that. Haha.

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