Living with Hypertension

Today, I found out that a colleague was hospitalized after the company trip because she didn’t properly take care of herself while on holiday. She left her bag filled with shopping goods and her medicine unattended and it got stolen! When she got back to KL, she didn’t go and see a doctor immediately and waited another day and now, she had to be hospitalized because of erratic reading of her blood pressure.

When I first suspected to suffer from hypertension, I was visiting my sister where she was warded for anorexia. I was having a massive headache. Felt as if my skull is going to split open anytime. When the nurses were there to take her blood pressure, she asked me them to take mine as well. It was a shocking 220/110! The nurse couldn’t believe it and she retook my pressure. She said to me – if I were you, I think I should be dead by now. Haha! But she didn’t even refer me to the doctors. I drove home, with extremely high pressure and went to see a doctor immediately. After 3 blood tests, I was confirmed suffering from massive hypertension and was on medication since.

I guess it’s really no joke to be walking around with such high blood pressure. I would have suffered stroke that instance if I wasn’t lucky enough!

Anyway, back to living with hypertension. Sometimes, when things happened, we would just conveniently blame it on our disease. Haha. Here are some jokes, I want to share with you people.

1. When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka and parts of Asia in 2004, my uncle and aunts were in Port Weld. They felt the tremors as well but they never thought it was an earthquake! They were having terrible dizzy spells and thought, they must have forgotten to take high blood pressure medicine that morning!

2. I felt the building shook last week when I was resting my arm on the table. Didn’t know if it’s my blood pressure acting on me but I could actually feel my entire body shook while sitting idly in my office’s cubicle.

3. A friend once told me, I have nothing in common with him. I said we do. Both of us are suffering from hypertension.

4. My mom is also on hypertension pills. She is given a 3x per day medication but being stubborn and she thinks she’s a doctor, she only take 2x a day. Only when she felt slightly dizzy, she would take the 3rd dose for the day. Once, it was too late that she had to be hospitalized and yet, she blamed it on the 3rd dose. She said, she felt fine till she decided to take the third dose. But she never blamed the lamb/ bubur cha cha she ate the night before.

5. A week before my mom goes for her quarterly blood pressure check ups, she would drink herbs, eat celery, taking medicine religiously and swear off ikan masin. Immediately after the doc said her blood pressure is good, she would come home and fried ikan masin for the entire week!

6. My colleague told me that, when they visited our sick colleague awhile ago in the hospital, her blood pressure jumped rom 170 to 190. LOL. I think must be because the boss visited her and she’s kanjiong!

7. All my aunts and my mom have hypertension. So, it’s really funny to see all of them taking tablets together after meal and compare dosages, colors of tablets, and bitched about their doctors. Whenever, they go holiday, first thing I asked them is – did you bring your medicine with you, instead of got your passport?

Living with hypertension sucks. So, you have to take care of your health before it’s too late.

Nothing You Can’t Solve

I’ve been watching marathon Supernatural for the past one month. I’m very intrigued by the idea of doing a deal with the crossroad demons. When things are getting shitty, don’t we all just wish we could do just that. You make a deal with the Devil, in exchange – you will live a great and extraordinarily fabulous 10 years and then, at the end of 10th year, the Devil will come for your soul in 10 years’ time. You will be dragged to hell by hell hounds! Okay, maybe can negotiate the way to go as well. No hell hounds, please. Maybe die in a terrible car accident. Haha! Kidding!

Sometimes when the going gets tough, you would just want to give up on living and take the easy route out. I guess that’s what has been playing in people’s minds when they got depressed. Once you are pushed to a corner, it’s either you make or break.

I thought of the past experiences which taught me valuable lessons that, all problems can be solved. Sometimes certain shitty things happened for a reason. It’s miraculous to see a series of unfortunate events  slowly unfold its mystery and turned out to be good instead.

Seriously, my life has been a great one – with plus and minus happy and sad experiences. There is nothing I cannot overcome with support from friends and family. Also, of course, to put your trust in the Divine – in my case, it’s God.

Having said that, there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing that cannot be solved. There is nothing too big for life to warrant it. Life is no bed of roses but it’s still a life!

Random Notes

I know I’ve been slacking these days in updating this blog. Well, please bear with me. I’ve been going through quite a lot of shit lately.

Power in Prayers

I never knew I am going to write about this, but seriously, I believe in the power of prayers. For the past few months, things had been quite rocky and I am glad God has pulled me through thick and thin. For the coming hurdles, am sure God will always be there to comfort and show us the way.

It has been awhile since I attended church. But I think, there is no need to attend church. It all boils down to your relationship with God himself. I don’t want any dramas, gossips and bickering in churches. Seriously, I don’t like some of the hypocrites in churches. They think by going to church on Sundays would clear them from their sins, or for example, there are some robbers wearing protection amulets when they are robbing banks or gold smiths. If you watch Desperate Housewives, you will know what I mean. Bree Hodge is such a pretentious bitch by shunning Lynette and telling her to go to some other churches. I don’t need this kinda drama. Am glad God still and will continue to answer my prayers as long as I am earnest.

Being human

Had coffee with a friend who is single. It was funny to think that, if we live alone, we must remember to give spare keys to our own family members or friends whom we trusted in case if we kicked the bucket at home and nobody knew we were dead till a few days later when stench of your rotting body alarmed the neighbors. Haha! We also spoke of having enough insurance if shit happens coz nobody is going to give a rat ass about us if we were to fall sick or when we retire. We better save up enough to put ourselves in an old folks’ home! And not to forget to write a will! We ain’t gonna give a cent to the stupid government once we kick the bucket!

It’s also sad to hear about an old lady who transferred her house to her only son – only to have the latter sold the house within months and left the old woman homeless. Being married and having kids do not guarantee that your children would be filial! If we think, by getting married and having kids, and pray that they would take care of us when we are old – well, think again.

Weather is crazy

It’s been hot and cold and then hot again these days. So people, take care of yourself. Drink more leong char, go easy on the durians since it’s season now! And get plenty of rest.

Do We Turn A Blind Eye?

I wonder if you still remember I put up an ad for a dog adoption in my old blog years ago? It’s a female shih tsu named Cherry. Am glad to say that Cherry managed to find a loving home and lived a good 5 years with the owner who loved her to bits and died at old age of 10 two years ago.

I am glad that the owner decided to give the dog up and not subject the dog to inhumane torture like what we read in the newspapers. Are people getting more and more inhumane? How could you even let your dog, who has been with you for so many years starved to death? And the authorities must be joking for imposing only such minimal penalty as measure of deterrent as if animals do not have rights on earth!

Well, I am not on a crusade to save all animals from torture or abuse. But if things are happening in front of your eyes, what would you do? Do you just turn a blind eye?

My neighbor has two dogs, a cocker spaniel and a mixed terrier. The poor things are locked up in separate cages. They are never allowed to come out from their cages. I checked with the aunty why do they keep those dogs in cages and never walk them? She said they are not free. So I suggested to just let the dogs walk about around the house compound instead of caged up like that. She said, the dogs will shit everywhere! I told her, “They will die!” Seriously! I can never understand people who bother to have dogs and yet don’t bother to clean up their mess or imprison them!

Scooby in his chamber of torture

Every Saturday, they will be given a bath. Since they are not allowed out from their cages, the owners just hose them down with water; with the dogs inside the cages yelping for help! It’s really disheartening to wake up to their noises every Saturday morning during the hosing down! Later, the dogs seemed to get used to it and they no longer bark. They just sit right there and let the owner hose them down with water.

Instead of using towels or hair dryer, they would be let to dry in the sun. This is the most depressing part of all. As the sun got hotter, the dogs would just bark and bark till they no longer has strength to continue barking. They would just lie in the cages and let their skin burn in the sun. Sometimes I notice the owners forgotten about them, and they are out there till feeding time.

Yet, these dogs would bark whenever a stranger came to the house to alert their owners. Sometimes, I can never understand why dogs are such loyal animals even when they are mistreated. Such a dumb ass!

Yes, no doubt they are being fed and bathed but, not giving them space to walk around is even worse than being left roaming free on the streets. I didn’t want to call MPS because I know how the dogs are being treated there! Even worse off!

On last Saturday, the dogs were barking crazily – perhaps they were cold because they were not toweled dry after a bath, guess what did the owner do? To shut them up, he threw a fire cracker at them!! Both my mom and I were appalled!

Actually, I have posted this awhile ago and was met with a scathing remark on what a coward I am for not doing anything about it. Well, thank you for the comment because it jolted me to finally pluck up the courage to ask the owners to give away the dogs since they are mistreating them. As I am rewriting this, I am glad that, I finally found the Cocker Spaniel a new home. A very caring colleague offered shelter when I mentioned to her about how the dogs were being mistreated.

So, yesterday, Scooby has found a new home. Before my colleague came to fetch the dog, I tried to give it a bath but it was too difficult. His legs fur were too tangled and dirtied. I followed my colleague home because the dog only wanted to follow me. When he got into the new home, he was so excited, running around the place, sniffing their shoes, trying to find his new spot in his new home. He wagged his tail like crazy.

This morning, my colleague told me that, her husband would take the dog to grooming because Scooby is just too stinky (What do you expect when the previous owner only spray him with water and left him in the sun to dry off) and he stinks up the entire house! Both husband and wife woke up 30 minutes earlier today to take the dog out for a walk and to relieve itself! Such dedication!

Scooby in his new home!

I think Scooby has found a good home finally. I shall try my best to convince my neighbor to give up the other dog as well! Here’s to betterment of mankind and animals alike!


I have been watching Supernatural Season 1 for the past two weekends. The show isn’t that scary, but I still choose not to watch them at night. On Sunday, there’s still one episode left for Season 1 only, so I decided to finish it that night, so I watched till way past midnight. It was then, a pen on my table decided to drop. I didn’t even move a muscle. The pen just dropped. It caused me to startle but then, I tried not to think so much about it.

The next day, I went to office – since it was a World Cup final day, I thought most of my colleagues were absent because of late night sleep. Then I found out, about 4-5 of them had taken compassionate leave because of passing of their family members during the weekend. It was really shocking. I think since early this year, there were too many deaths in our company. Even today, as I was writing this, one of our associates also died because of sudden sickness.

Is 2010 a very bad year? There seems to be a lot of deaths! If you read the newspapers, I think there are far more accidents this year compared to yesteryears.

Whether you want to believe it or not, I think there must be something going on these days! A colleague related her story to me.

Earlier this year before Chinese New Year, her husband went to Singapore to work. So, she was left with her two children and maid at home. She bought a loaf of bread for the family. Normally, only the husband and the son would be the ones eating bread whereas she, her daughter and maid would not eat bread as they don’t fancy eating bread.

The next day, half of the loaf of bread was gone. She remembered the son only took two slices the day before. So, she asked the maid if she took the bread. The maid said she didn’t and went about doing her work. My friend just let it be.

A few weeks ago, at about 7 pm, she went to collect her children from her mother in law’s house, but found that her parking spot was taken by a neighbour. So she parked on a small plot of land in front of the mother in law’s house. As she was letting the children into the car and the maid helping out with the bags into the car boot, the maid screamed. Suddenly the car which was parked at her usual spot started to move backwards by itself. The maid’s face turned pale. They watched as the car moved slowly backwards till it hit a road pavement and it stopped.

Then, the neighbor came out looking for his car and they pointed the reversed car to him. My friend jokingly told him – “You must have forgotten to pull the brakes!”

The neighbor looked confused and went inside his car. He started his car and then wound down his window and told her – “I did pull the brakes! And it’s working fine!”

My friend didn’t think too much about it and she drove home. After she tucked in her kids in bed, her maid spoke to her.

“Just now when the car was moving, I saw a black shadow inside the car! I didn’t tell you earlier because I didn’t want to scare the children!”

“Aiyah.. maybe your eye sight is failing you!”

“But ma’am, I am sure I saw a shadow!”

“Why do you have to tell me this in the middle of the night!”

“Ma’am, you remember a few months ago, you asked me if I had eaten half loaf of the bread, and I swear I didn’t!”


“That morning, as I was sweeping the floor, I saw a black shadow in the kitchen. It was looking at me! I told it not to bother me and if it wishes to eat, please go ahead and eat things in the kitchen! And it ate half of your bread!”

My friend was stunned and she cursed. She said she could accept it if the maid saw the black shadow in the neighbour’s car! But now, the black shadow was in her house and it took the maid more than 6 months to relate the story to her!

I guess I won’t be watching Supernatural Season 2 this weekend. Geez.. all these stories are giving me the creeps!