Kaki Bodek

On Thursday, as I was preparing to go out to eat bak kut teh in Jalan Ipoh, my phone rang. It was my ex boss – the Ms Put-A-Foot-In-Her- Mouth.

Ex Boss: Halo! How are you?

Me: Err.. I am good. (What now??)

Ex Boss: Tomorrow are you free? I have this ticket to go to this seminar but I couldn’t make it. So am thinking of letting you go.

Me: Don’t want lah. I need to work.

Ex Boss: Aiyah, it’s FOC one!

Me: FOC or not, I also don’t want to go!

Ex Boss: Why not lah?

Me: Why can’t you go? Since you already registered for it?

Ex Boss: Coz my boss is coming back tomorrow from her holidays. Later if I am gone, she would pissed because no one there to brief her.

Me: Only 2 hours what. Your dept won’t close down lah.

Ex Boss: You don’t know my boss only. She can take 2-3 weeks leave. Go here and there holidays. For me, I take 3 days off during Chinese New Year, she already show color!

Me: So she can take leave but you cannot?

Ex Boss: Yes.

Me: What a moron! Change job lah! Go do Secretary/PA job. Less stressful.

Ex Boss: I don’t know how lah… secretary job.. have to fix appointments.. I don’t know how.

Me: HALO? It’s easier than writing minutes ok! Close eyes also can do lah the job! (On second thought, she’s totally clueless when it comes to internet. She might end up in deep shit if she doesn’t know how to look for info in the internet.. like flight schedule? LOL)

Ex Boss: No lah. I am not pretty mah. Cannot.

Me: But I am one (Thinking: Big mistake!).

Ex Boss: You different mah. You have different types of attractiveness. You have a very sweet mouth. Really know how to cheer people up. ..

Me: ….. Mmmmm (maybe this woman is not totally clueless after all…. )

Ex Boss: ….. and you are a kaki bodek!

Me: Geez! Since when I am a kaki bodek worr? I never bodek people ok!

Ex Boss: You very good at bodeking one lah! You buy me nasi lemak for breakfast what!


Ex Boss: No lah! It’s bodek!

Me: Ok . I have to go now. I can’t talk!

I hung up.

Wah… I was so fucking furious! Since when being nice is akin to bodek? This ex boss – seriously, she’s considered one of the nicest bosses that I ever worked with. At least, she would give me due credit if I had done a job properly and won’t hog the limelight. I am appalled that, all along, I was being nice to her and she thought I was sucking up to her?

Jesus Christ.

I believe in doing a task given properly, giving my 100%, show commitment (coming to work on weekends when the whole office is empty just to wait for proxy forms – I really hate it when the management like to have their AGMs on Mondays!), taking initiative to design a work flow so I could work efficiently and optimally, preparing documents way ahead of time without being told, etc.

I believe I do not need to suck up to my boss so that she could like me better. I am plainly a very responsible person and I think I am quite likable! Since she was also being nice to me – giving me the credits when it’s due, I was just returning her a favour. I offered to buy her breakfast simply because she likes to try something new. She would also return the favour buying me breakfast as well! I believe that a friendly and happy working environment would produce a productive worker.

I think, it’s the other way round! She’s the one sucking up to me instead! Because I did a great deal to make her work flow much easier! That is why she always wanted me back!

Anyway, I take it as, she’s just a katak di bawah tempurung. Since she hardly mingles around with people – most of her weekends are spent writing minutes while her boss flying all around the world on vacation, she probably misses me and don’t know how to put into words! Haha!

Next time, if she calls me again and complains about her boss, I have only one reply, “DAI SEI!”

8 thoughts on “Kaki Bodek

    • I guess so.. I think it’s good also that I am no longer working with her.. and probably pray hard that our paths don’t cross in future!

  1. warao…😆
    sorry gina I cudn’t help it… it was really funny…

    i used 2 buy my ex-boss brekkie too.. n if i was preparing something for lunch i’d make extra for her n altho other ppl fr other dept tot i was bodeking her but she knew i wasn’t (thank god)… jz tot she dun live wit her family it’d b nice to get a homecooked meal once in a while…😀

  2. aiyor, i think ah some ppl open their mouth to talk before thinking one…or they jz don’t have the brains for that. Sad to know, your good thoughts are seen as ‘bodeking’…geez,there are still ppl who does things without expecting anything in return.

    • Perhaps it says a lot about a person from the way he or she thinks.. so, maybe she’s the type who would suck up to you only when she needs something.. I think I have a few friends who are like that. Well, got rid of them! Good riddance!

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