I have been watching Supernatural Season 1 for the past two weekends. The show isn’t that scary, but I still choose not to watch them at night. On Sunday, there’s still one episode left for Season 1 only, so I decided to finish it that night, so I watched till way past midnight. It was then, a pen on my table decided to drop. I didn’t even move a muscle. The pen just dropped. It caused me to startle but then, I tried not to think so much about it.

The next day, I went to office – since it was a World Cup final day, I thought most of my colleagues were absent because of late night sleep. Then I found out, about 4-5 of them had taken compassionate leave because of passing of their family members during the weekend. It was really shocking. I think since early this year, there were too many deaths in our company. Even today, as I was writing this, one of our associates also died because of sudden sickness.

Is 2010 a very bad year? There seems to be a lot of deaths! If you read the newspapers, I think there are far more accidents this year compared to yesteryears.

Whether you want to believe it or not, I think there must be something going on these days! A colleague related her story to me.

Earlier this year before Chinese New Year, her husband went to Singapore to work. So, she was left with her two children and maid at home. She bought a loaf of bread for the family. Normally, only the husband and the son would be the ones eating bread whereas she, her daughter and maid would not eat bread as they don’t fancy eating bread.

The next day, half of the loaf of bread was gone. She remembered the son only took two slices the day before. So, she asked the maid if she took the bread. The maid said she didn’t and went about doing her work. My friend just let it be.

A few weeks ago, at about 7 pm, she went to collect her children from her mother in law’s house, but found that her parking spot was taken by a neighbour. So she parked on a small plot of land in front of the mother in law’s house. As she was letting the children into the car and the maid helping out with the bags into the car boot, the maid screamed. Suddenly the car which was parked at her usual spot started to move backwards by itself. The maid’s face turned pale. They watched as the car moved slowly backwards till it hit a road pavement and it stopped.

Then, the neighbor came out looking for his car and they pointed the reversed car to him. My friend jokingly told him – “You must have forgotten to pull the brakes!”

The neighbor looked confused and went inside his car. He started his car and then wound down his window and told her – “I did pull the brakes! And it’s working fine!”

My friend didn’t think too much about it and she drove home. After she tucked in her kids in bed, her maid spoke to her.

“Just now when the car was moving, I saw a black shadow inside the car! I didn’t tell you earlier because I didn’t want to scare the children!”

“Aiyah.. maybe your eye sight is failing you!”

“But ma’am, I am sure I saw a shadow!”

“Why do you have to tell me this in the middle of the night!”

“Ma’am, you remember a few months ago, you asked me if I had eaten half loaf of the bread, and I swear I didn’t!”


“That morning, as I was sweeping the floor, I saw a black shadow in the kitchen. It was looking at me! I told it not to bother me and if it wishes to eat, please go ahead and eat things in the kitchen! And it ate half of your bread!”

My friend was stunned and she cursed. She said she could accept it if the maid saw the black shadow in the neighbour’s car! But now, the black shadow was in her house and it took the maid more than 6 months to relate the story to her!

I guess I won’t be watching Supernatural Season 2 this weekend. Geez.. all these stories are giving me the creeps!

15 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Aiyo…..i getting goosebump reading tis entry. I try never to see any horror or scary movie during the night, especially at night. Cos later my imagination will run wild…but if cant be help, I’ll try to watch some comedy so I wont think abt it too much later…hahaha….weird. Anyway I don’t watch Supernatural cos it can get too creepy sometimes and by time finish is midnite…too late

    • I think I accidentally switched on the tv for Supernatural and suddenly, there’s a ghost appearing, so I quickly fumbled with the remote and changed channel! Haha! But then, I have watched entire Season 1 and I don’t find them scary at all. It sure makes you think a bit before you close your eyes to sleep.. but it was okay. Some more the two guys are so damn gorgeous lah! LOL

      • ya same thing here, especially at night watching tv alone….i’ll quickly reached for remote to chg channel…hehehe. I think the initial episode where thy were fighting the diff demons or solving the mysteries, it was scary but towards the end, it was more watchable or bearable to watch. Yes agree totally esp Dean :p

        yeah reading what asstha have to say, having a fren who has the 3rd eye or can feel is not good. I’ve told them, if anythg PLS don’t let me know….I rather be oblivious.

  2. =.=
    i never watch horror movies… too much info for my already overactive imagination…
    hving frens with d 3rd eye is also bad for my heart… it’s now a written rule dat if she “sees” anything at dat point of time pls dun tell me… she can tell me wat she saw after that… i’m such a wuss sometimes…

    • Eyeh.. having a friend with the third eye is probably the most unfortunate! Unfortunate for him or her and for you! Haha! I used to have overactive imagination after watching a ghost movie but now, I just close my eyes and sleep. Haha.

  3. Should watch! Am also scared of horror shows, but supernatural gets better later! Angels and Demons fight! even angels and angels!!!😛

    • Yes yes.. I am in the middle of Season 2 now – watched 7 episodes last night alone! Going to have another round of marathon tonight and tomorrow night!

    • Entertaining? Wah.. you must be a very brave babe! Haha! I think ghosts do exist. Ghosts are manifestations of spirits of people who could not come in terms with their deaths. So, they lurk in between realms till they go insane and start terrorizing people. Wah.. I sound a bit like Dean now. LOL!

  4. eeeeee.. this is why i dont watch horror movies. and have only seen one or two episodes of supernatural!!

    but 2010 seems to be going pretty well for a few friends of mine. one friend just got pregnant, a few others are changing their jobs and advancing their careers, one has found the love of her life and is planning to marry next year… and for myself, i started a new part time venture…so i guess we should be counting our blessings!🙂

    • lingzie: Like they say, you win some, you lose some. There is not hard and fast rules.. I guess it’s not a really good year for me – a lot of shit happening lah.. sigh…

      anyway, am glad things worked out for you. Yes, we need to count our blessings. Thanks for the reminder.😀

    • asme: Indeed it is haha… I don’t find myself scared..You mean the Exorcism of Emily Rose? That’s freaking shit!! Remember watching it in the cinema.. and friend almost practically tore my blouse because she was too scared and kept on grabbing my sleeve!

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