Do We Turn A Blind Eye?

I wonder if you still remember I put up an ad for a dog adoption in my old blog years ago? It’s a female shih tsu named Cherry. Am glad to say that Cherry managed to find a loving home and lived a good 5 years with the owner who loved her to bits and died at old age of 10 two years ago.

I am glad that the owner decided to give the dog up and not subject the dog to inhumane torture like what we read in the newspapers. Are people getting more and more inhumane? How could you even let your dog, who has been with you for so many years starved to death? And the authorities must be joking for imposing only such minimal penalty as measure of deterrent as if animals do not have rights on earth!

Well, I am not on a crusade to save all animals from torture or abuse. But if things are happening in front of your eyes, what would you do? Do you just turn a blind eye?

My neighbor has two dogs, a cocker spaniel and a mixed terrier. The poor things are locked up in separate cages. They are never allowed to come out from their cages. I checked with the aunty why do they keep those dogs in cages and never walk them? She said they are not free. So I suggested to just let the dogs walk about around the house compound instead of caged up like that. She said, the dogs will shit everywhere! I told her, “They will die!” Seriously! I can never understand people who bother to have dogs and yet don’t bother to clean up their mess or imprison them!

Scooby in his chamber of torture

Every Saturday, they will be given a bath. Since they are not allowed out from their cages, the owners just hose them down with water; with the dogs inside the cages yelping for help! It’s really disheartening to wake up to their noises every Saturday morning during the hosing down! Later, the dogs seemed to get used to it and they no longer bark. They just sit right there and let the owner hose them down with water.

Instead of using towels or hair dryer, they would be let to dry in the sun. This is the most depressing part of all. As the sun got hotter, the dogs would just bark and bark till they no longer has strength to continue barking. They would just lie in the cages and let their skin burn in the sun. Sometimes I notice the owners forgotten about them, and they are out there till feeding time.

Yet, these dogs would bark whenever a stranger came to the house to alert their owners. Sometimes, I can never understand why dogs are such loyal animals even when they are mistreated. Such a dumb ass!

Yes, no doubt they are being fed and bathed but, not giving them space to walk around is even worse than being left roaming free on the streets. I didn’t want to call MPS because I know how the dogs are being treated there! Even worse off!

On last Saturday, the dogs were barking crazily – perhaps they were cold because they were not toweled dry after a bath, guess what did the owner do? To shut them up, he threw a fire cracker at them!! Both my mom and I were appalled!

Actually, I have posted this awhile ago and was met with a scathing remark on what a coward I am for not doing anything about it. Well, thank you for the comment because it jolted me to finally pluck up the courage to ask the owners to give away the dogs since they are mistreating them. As I am rewriting this, I am glad that, I finally found the Cocker Spaniel a new home. A very caring colleague offered shelter when I mentioned to her about how the dogs were being mistreated.

So, yesterday, Scooby has found a new home. Before my colleague came to fetch the dog, I tried to give it a bath but it was too difficult. His legs fur were too tangled and dirtied. I followed my colleague home because the dog only wanted to follow me. When he got into the new home, he was so excited, running around the place, sniffing their shoes, trying to find his new spot in his new home. He wagged his tail like crazy.

This morning, my colleague told me that, her husband would take the dog to grooming because Scooby is just too stinky (What do you expect when the previous owner only spray him with water and left him in the sun to dry off) and he stinks up the entire house! Both husband and wife woke up 30 minutes earlier today to take the dog out for a walk and to relieve itself! Such dedication!

Scooby in his new home!

I think Scooby has found a good home finally. I shall try my best to convince my neighbor to give up the other dog as well! Here’s to betterment of mankind and animals alike!

8 thoughts on “Do We Turn A Blind Eye?

  1. Well done Gina! I’m feeling very happy for Scooby too! Cocker Spaniel needs a lot of attention and they are really smart. And they love to play with ice.🙂

  2. Wow… I salute you for walking the talk!!!! Good for you … very inspirational … Am really happy for Scooby… it’s a dog’s life … in a good way now for him!

  3. I am SO happy that you decided to do something about your neighbor’s cruelty! Now can we stuff them in a cage and throw firecrackers at them? How sad that these people can’t see the error of their ways and that the dogs were made to suffer. You go girl – I hope your example will inspire others to do something about animal cruelty, too.

    I know you said you’re not on a crusade, but in a way, I am. I publish a series of books to share the love and joy adopted dogs bring to people’s homes. Our next book is about Cockers! Please encourage the person who adopted this Cocker to send a story in to us at A significant portion of our profits goes back to rescue groups. Woof!

    • Seriously, the neighbor is kinda considerate towards us. It’s unfortunate that they don’t extend the same consideration to animals. Yes, I will try to get the new owner to write about Scooby.😀

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