Random Notes

I know I’ve been slacking these days in updating this blog. Well, please bear with me. I’ve been going through quite a lot of shit lately.

Power in Prayers

I never knew I am going to write about this, but seriously, I believe in the power of prayers. For the past few months, things had been quite rocky and I am glad God has pulled me through thick and thin. For the coming hurdles, am sure God will always be there to comfort and show us the way.

It has been awhile since I attended church. But I think, there is no need to attend church. It all boils down to your relationship with God himself. I don’t want any dramas, gossips and bickering in churches. Seriously, I don’t like some of the hypocrites in churches. They think by going to church on Sundays would clear them from their sins, or for example, there are some robbers wearing protection amulets when they are robbing banks or gold smiths. If you watch Desperate Housewives, you will know what I mean. Bree Hodge is such a pretentious bitch by shunning Lynette and telling her to go to some other churches. I don’t need this kinda drama. Am glad God still and will continue to answer my prayers as long as I am earnest.

Being human

Had coffee with a friend who is single. It was funny to think that, if we live alone, we must remember to give spare keys to our own family members or friends whom we trusted in case if we kicked the bucket at home and nobody knew we were dead till a few days later when stench of your rotting body alarmed the neighbors. Haha! We also spoke of having enough insurance if shit happens coz nobody is going to give a rat ass about us if we were to fall sick or when we retire. We better save up enough to put ourselves in an old folks’ home! And not to forget to write a will! We ain’t gonna give a cent to the stupid government once we kick the bucket!

It’s also sad to hear about an old lady who transferred her house to her only son – only to have the latter sold the house within months and left the old woman homeless. Being married and having kids do not guarantee that your children would be filial! If we think, by getting married and having kids, and pray that they would take care of us when we are old – well, think again.

Weather is crazy

It’s been hot and cold and then hot again these days. So people, take care of yourself. Drink more leong char, go easy on the durians since it’s season now! And get plenty of rest.

9 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Hope you’re coping well. Life’s an adventure. You’re in the rear compartment of a pickup truck traversing through the African serengeti at the moment. Tempting and easy snack for most predators, but if you sit back far enough, you’ll appreciate the panaromic view of it all. Enjoy the ride!

    And yes, I dislike certain ppl who claims to be Christina and all that and talks down on ppl who don’t got to Church just because they do. It doesn’t mean you’re anymore holier than me.

    • Yeah.. don’t you just wanna smack such people on their faces? There are people trying to get me to attend church, then they themselves are treating other people at their disposal, thinking everybody owes them!

      Thanks, Han. The illustration again is .. very descriptive lah. I dunno why but I kept thinking about elephant dung since you mentioned Africa. Haha😀

  2. praying, being human and the weather ……………………… in contrast with hoping to be as hensem as takeshi….so friggin cosmetic hor? lol.

  3. I have to agree 105% that not all children are filial. Most of my friends have kids. Only a few including me who choose not to have any. Better so to earn enough to hire a nurse to look after me in my old age. No different than kids putting parents in old-folks home. Either way, they won’t look after the olds.

    See too many cases when children don’t care about their parents and only care because they’re hoping some inheritance will be passed on to them (especially sons). Why can’t parents see that? YEt they love sons more than daughters. Is it only chinese that has that mentality to love sons?

    • ai shiang: Well, having said that, it’s not that all children are in filial. I think, most of my friends are filial. It’s just that with the current living expenses, things getting more expensive, people are getting higher expectations – people’s perceptions have been altered tremendously.

      I think most of my friends with children now, are also aware of the fact that, they could not rely on their children in their old age – but they are happy because they are now experiencing parenthood, which I guess money can’t buy. A friend once told me, sometimes having children is for a selfish reason – hoping to see there are still some parts of you left in this world, when you are gone.

      I think the old Chinese custom on putting more affections on sons is slowly fading away. Now, getting a healthy baby is so difficult – so people just don’t bother anymore which gender!

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