Nothing You Can’t Solve

I’ve been watching marathon Supernatural for the past one month. I’m very intrigued by the idea of doing a deal with the crossroad demons. When things are getting shitty, don’t we all just wish we could do just that. You make a deal with the Devil, in exchange – you will live a great and extraordinarily fabulous 10 years and then, at the end of 10th year, the Devil will come for your soul in 10 years’ time. You will be dragged to hell by hell hounds! Okay, maybe can negotiate the way to go as well. No hell hounds, please. Maybe die in a terrible car accident. Haha! Kidding!

Sometimes when the going gets tough, you would just want to give up on living and take the easy route out. I guess that’s what has been playing in people’s minds when they got depressed. Once you are pushed to a corner, it’s either you make or break.

I thought of the past experiences which taught me valuable lessons that, all problems can be solved. Sometimes certain shitty things happened for a reason. It’s miraculous to see a series of unfortunate events  slowly unfold its mystery and turned out to be good instead.

Seriously, my life has been a great one – with plus and minus happy and sad experiences. There is nothing I cannot overcome with support from friends and family. Also, of course, to put your trust in the Divine – in my case, it’s God.

Having said that, there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing that cannot be solved. There is nothing too big for life to warrant it. Life is no bed of roses but it’s still a life!

8 thoughts on “Nothing You Can’t Solve

  1. Supernatural is an awesome series! Didn’t know you dig these kinda show. I’m eagerly waiting for Season 5. I assume you’re somewhere in Season 2 or 3 now? The plot keeps getting better and grander/epic. Demons at crossroadds and hellhounds are nothing compared with what’s in store for you as the series progresses🙂

    • I kena infected by my friends to watch Supernatural. I don’t really wanna follow series, coz I am simply too lazy to follow.. but then, it’s really good! I am on Season 4 now – episode 8. Going to do another 4 episodes tonight! Castiel! His presence delights me! Haha! I am watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, too! It’s awesome!

  2. OMG…Spartacus! I’ve finished watching it months ago. It’s really something, isn’t it? talk about realism and portraying the true face of Roman civilization at that time. I think you know what I mean *grins*

  3. Ooohh… kinda like Spartacus too…. but too bad we haven’t been able to catch it regularly … maybe we should get the DVD la…

  4. Yeah … you’re right abt the censorship…. apparently even TRUE BLOOD …. has a fair amount of “yummilicious” scenes that, of course, have not had the good fortune to grace our M’sian Astro TV screens….

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